Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 5 of HIM training.

This has been open on my desk top since Sunday, I am going to post it despite the fact I will be posting again this Sunday.

S: 5950.00 M, 2h 29m

B: 63.50 Mi, 4h 00m

R: 22.50 Mi, 3h 45m

Swim- Now that I am kicking consistently I am feeling better about the swim. For the first time I finished a workout faster than the prescribed time. I am usually 5-15 minutes over. I did short my swim meters about 400m for the week. I was running out of time before work so I shorted a cool down.
Bike- I have been bidding on trainers since Christmas and lose consistently. I won two on Monday. Yes, TWO! I won a Blackburn Trakstand and a Kinetics (not Kurt Kinetic) wind trainer. I am trying to resell the wind trainer and no one is buying. The Trakstand came on Friday and since I had an hour ride planned I did the spinervals that I won the week before. FUN TIMES. On Sunday it was 20 degrees so I rode on the trainer for 2.5 hours while watching CSI on DVD. WORST RIDE EVER. I am definitely looking for a new saddle.
I also won Aero bars this week. Can't wait for them to arrive.
Run- Short runs were cake. I did my long run via the Run/Walk as Chris K suggested. Since my HR strap wasn't working  I ran by feel. I ran comfortable/slow and running this way I managed to average 9:59 miles. Much faster than normal and amazing considering I walked every fourth minute. The normal soreness I get during long runs didn't start until after 15 and it NEVER got bad. However, after I was done I was sore like never before. That maybe because of the first time at this distance. I also still need new shoes and can't get them until I sell the trainer.
Long Run Thoughts- Swimming. Boredom. I want to try a freestyle snorkel.
Next week I will stop using the plan and start using a coach. This may be interesting. Not sure what the plan is for next week but he mentioned time trials.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I also endorse the run/walk program, that is how I do all my training

Did you say time trials, I freaking love the race of truth, if I was closer, I would come out and ride with you

JohnP said...

Nice win! pics when they arrive!!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Looking good Luke. Been thinking of using a snorkle too since I am having trouble finding the exact head position I should be in....

Tri-James said...

The TT's are to set your baseline. They take practice to perform well. But give them everything you have (with good pacing).

I am betting that all future workloads will be based off of these.

mackenzie said...

exciting with the aero bars and trainers! i am interested in aero bars myself, but haven't researched it yet.

Kovas said...

Sounds like things are getting interesting over there!

TRI714 said...

Dude, go to Vegas you cant loose.

Chris K said...

I am not expert, but I did read the Jeff Galloway Run/Walk book and, as I recall, he suggested shorter run intervals. Instead of running every 4th mile, maybe try run for 10 minutes, walk for 5. Over and over again. Or, run 8, walk 2. Sorry, I usually don't give advice. I swear.