Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Goal: Lunchtime Hard Core Club Workout, PM- 18 mile ride

Results: 16 mile group ride

Diet setbacks: few midnight snacks when I couldn't sleep (goldfish and peperoni's)

Thoughts: Another day in paradise at work so I am glad I have training to take my mind off things.

I made it home in time for the group ride today. Last week I missed it and rode by myself. The only downside to the group ride is I can not control the mileage. I planned for an 18 mile ride, but we only road 16 miles. I really enjoy when I can get out and exercise with others so I suck up the mileage because I had fun.

I still worked hard. I stayed with the group the entire time, not getting left on any hills. I actually rode 2nd for a few miles, not sure if that person helps pull the group or not, but we had to slow down for the others to catch up at one point. A little through two thirds of the ride I kept have to slow down to stay with my group so I made a sprint for the faster pack ahead of us and stayed with them for the rest of the ride. Of course it is possible that they were having an off day but it sure makes me feel like I am making progress.

Oddly, the average pace speed for the ride was 11.4 mph, I usually ride faster than that on my own. The big difference that I found is that the group does a lot of coasting that I don't do. I pedal though almost everything the entire time I ride alone.

I looked at the numbers for the my training last week and can't believe I trained 6 hours and 45 minutes for a total of  43 miles. The week previous week was 5.5 hours and 19 miles. I still feel I can do more. I am getting in three runs, two swims, one ride, and one ride/run brick. I feel like I can do more but don't want to over train. Any suggestions?

I am thinking for the month of September in preparation for my October tri I may add an extra run, maybe speedwork or a hill run. I also plan to add a little more pool time n the last two or three weeks before the race. This way I am not having any feelings of being off come race day. I would like to add an extra bike workout but since these are a longer workout I ma not sure I can fit it in anywhere.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Long Run Sunday

Goal: 10 mile run.


Diet setbacks: see below.

I am very excited today I got up and did my 10 mile run. This is my longest run since 2003. Summer 0f 2003 I ended the summer by being able to run 10 miles several times a week, however I negated my work by not eating enough.

My carb intake was very high today, but considering I did burn like 3,00 calories I am ok with it. In fact some of the intake was on purpose to recover from the run.

The run made me very happy. My goal was for LSD and to run in 12:00 miles, I took off right before 0700 with nothing but garmin for distance purposes. I made up my route as I went. 10 miles at a 12:00 pace should be 2 hours even. I completed in 1:55 with an average pace of 11:54. I think this acceptable. I only had one split of 12:00. it was 12:50 and the majority of the mile was up one of the steepest hills in the area. It makes me want to go run that hill more often to build strength.

All of the pain in knees, hips, etc from last week was gone. I did wear my fancy brook running shirt that I bough years ago but don't wear because it is too short, now that I did wear it the fabric rubbed my nipples until they bled.

It was amazing how so much work was so relaxing today and almost seemed effortless. It was getting a little long as it went by but that ok too. Having run the 9 miles last week I told myself in my head that only one mile of this would be knew and 1 mile is easy.

I can't wait to run my 11 miler next Sunday because that will be my longest run ever.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Goals: PM brick

Results: Brick

Diet Setback: lots of Mexican food, fruit loops, chicken club sandwich

Thoughts: This is gonna be a quick one as I am ready for bed. Today was another one of those days at the office. On the way out I got reamed by a member of management who is mad because I won't do his job for him. I don't even work in the same department. He doesn't know what he is doing so he wants others to do his work for him.

The whole day had that theme so I went out for lunch and gorged on Mexican food. It didn't help that I couldn't bring lunch because I ran out of lunch food. I am sure I will pay for this as last nights over eating left me 2 pounds heavy.

After work I got in my brick. I started with a hill workout riding one of the hardest hills in the area four times. I rode 5.25 miles in 27 minutes. Afterword I changed shoes and CB and I completed by brick. I ran at an easy pace (12:15), then we walked for about 1.5 miles and I did 4 100m sprints with 1:30 breaks. Completed 2.5 miles in 34 minutes.

Tomorrow is my off day, but I have a desire to get something in just to burn calories. Once my lawn work is don I hope I can get my kayak or mtb out. Maybe hit a trail.

I wish everyone good training, better races and a fun, safe weekends with your loved ones.

Just another day- 082610

Goals: 6 mile run, eat healthy

Results: 6 mile run 1:11.

Diet setbacks: 3 diet mountain dews and some overeating of good stuff.

Thoughts: I went to sleep with work on my mind so I was only able to sleep until 3:30. I tossed and turned until 4:30 and then decided to just get up and bang out my run. I completed a 1 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo run, and 1 mile cool down. The cool down was almost a walk. All in all, it felt good. It was still cool enough outside that it was enjoyable, however I could feel the humidity rising through out the run. Not happy with my time, the pace for the tempo was to be just under 11 minutes.  I stayed in my zone per the garmin but still ended up with being about 30 minutes over for total time. I am not sure how this happened (but i will discuss my remedy later).

Another day at work feeling like I would rather be somewhere else. I did tell my boss how I felt and he told me to remember work is just 8 hours of 24. Bear with it and make the best of the other 16. I reminded him  that I work 8 hours, am here for lunch for an hour, spend an hour driving, and an hour getting ready. That is almost half my day centered around this job. Therefore i should be doing something I enjoy. Add 8 hours to sleep and that only leaves me three free hours a day for workouts, dinner, and family time. I need a change or something to get my mind off the funk (MattyO- thank you for the advice the other day about watching what I put in blogosphere, I do consider that when I write about work and have not said anything I have not said in public at work. Nothing here should be a surprise to my management, if I start applying for other jobs then it may become an issue.)

In the mid day I started feeling like some family time could really lift my spirits, so I made a movie date with my wife for after work. This made sense sine I had the time from getting my run done in the morning. I got home before her, cooked dinner, and we laid on the bed and watched night at the museum 2 and hung out. She was in a good mood and I can say I enjoyed it very much. We had a healthy dinner but I gorged and was left feeling sick. Plus I washed it down with three diet sodas and that made it worse.

As always she fell asleep after laying still for about an hour, so i worked on my tri obsession. I put together a gear wish list. Nothing extravagant just some entry level stuff. I did notice a personal quirk that I wondered if anyone else has. When I look at gear I have the strong desire to make it match. I feel like I will clash if i wear a zoot visor, orca top, under armour shorts, desoto belt, etc.. Does anyone else feel that way and try to make their kit match brand wise? I am not worried about shoes and socks so much, but I do feel that same way about bike parts. Some of the profile designs stuff look good and is affordable, anyone have thoughts on this brand?

Once I was well into my gear craze I started thinking of my bike. My bike, although old, is a tri bike so I am happy. I have some things I want to change for better fit or performance. I have been planning for some time to get Shimano Sora shifters off ebay to replace the down tube shifters. I have had the hardest time with this though. My bike is 2x7 and I have had a hard time finding a shifter for the cassette. shifters for 8's are there but 7's are hard to find. I priced shimano cassettes and they aren't too bad so I have thought about just changing to an 8. What are your thoughts on this, would it be of any benefit to my riding? I also want to shorten my stem and get wider bars. I read an article that your bars should be about the same width as your back/chest/shoulders. I have thought they felt small so I finally measured. My bars are between 38cm and 40cm, while by shoulders/chest/back are 45cm wide from the bony bump to the other bony bump. This confirms my thoughts. Would be best bet be a 44cm bar? One fo my friends at work swears that I will  feel a world of difference if I change to carbon bars as well. Once I decide I would also like to find some fun bar tape. Any suggestions?  Once I get all this done I am thinking of getting some add-on aero bars.

After all my gear thinking I had the hardest time going to sleep so I did one last thing. I entered my latest mile time into the McMillan running calculator and updated all my planned paces. I also shortened the ranges in my Garmin. Before I had it set so that when I wanted an 11:00 pace I could be as fast at 10:30 or as slow as about 11:30 . With the zones tighter I think it will help me be closer to my goals. I am loving the garmin for putting in preplanned workouts, but I am hoping it will be my bread and butter for learning how to pace myself.

I am truly happy to have spent a little family time tonight. I am looking forward to my workout tommorow because I am going to do my Friday brick but I am going to increase my workload from last weeks walk to a 5 minute easy run and then walk as suggested by triathlon mag this month. I am going to end the walk with 4 stride intervals and CB will be joining me for the walk. A little extra time together! Hopefully Saturday I can get her out on a trail with me somewhere. If not I may do some MTBing or take my kayak out.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Throlo Sock Winner

It is Thursday..you know the day after Wednesday!

Wednesday was the last day to enter for free Thorlo Coolmax socks!

I complied a list of entrants and used http://www.random.org/ to choose the winner

#7 was.........

Email me at Tucker_lr (@) yahoo (.) com and let me know what size size and height socks to put in the mail.
 (let me have your top two choices for height just in case they are out of one). 



Goal: 1000m long swim, eat healthy

Results: AM 400m swim, PM 500m swim

Diet setbacks: 2 slices of pizza, three brownies, and two classes of coke

Today is the kind of day that makes me glad I have fitness in my life to use to address stress. Over the three months since I began this blog you may have read once or twice that I do not like my job. I am usually in my office reading 20 blogs a day because I am bored. I was at my wit's end last night, I actually began praying for a new job or to be exposed to the essons I am suppose to elarn from this one.

My job is provide counselling to inmates and to run the incentive wage program at our facility. Incentive wage is inmate jobs within the facility. I do not hire or supervise the inmate's I just organize their hiring, paperwork, training, etc. I am like HR for inmate janitors and cooks. Although my co-workers would argue, managing my program and counselling 75 inmates is not a momentous task (this may be because I have had a larger workload before). I can usually do my job in 4 half days per week. In fact, and I apologize for the political incorrectness, after I learned my duties I even told my supervisors that I could be replaced by a retarded monkey.

Things have gotten worse lately. Not only is my job essentially useless, I have not been able to do it because the individuals I work with could care less. The work supervisors of the inmates are all of higher rank then me so when they do not care about Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), protocol, or paperwork it makes my job harder. Since they out rank me I can't order them to fix thier issues. Unfortunately, many of them are under-qualified for their positions and have gotten them via politics. Such is working for the government.  I know for a fact that I am better prepared for many of their jobs and could do the work with less effort. Some of the position would still leave me bored because, I have a fast learning curve for most things like this.

I learned that I could not go to my management to for help with my issues because they lack testicles. I bring a problem to their attention and I get responses like we can't reprimand her because she has been reprimanded too many times and she might try to file a law suit for discrimination, or we can't talk to him because he will pull the race card, or everyone knows he is in over his head so we don't want to put more on him. Put more on him? This is more this is learning how to do your duties that are already assigned!

By the end of my shift my head was pounding because I am was frustrated that my work is pointless, no one will help, and this job is not meeting my personal needs. Personal needs, how can a job meet personal needs? No, not those kind of needs! In a work environment I need a few things to remain happy (or enough of them to make me content). First, a mental challenge. Second, ability to be physically active. Third, a job with a purpose. Fourth, the ability to create. Fifth, money. I will not be happy with any one component alone and honestly money does rank last (so long as is in line with the duties and pays my bills).

This job meets none of these. I do not know where to go from here. My first high school jobs left me feeling a similar way. Through high school and summers in college I worked at Domino's Pizza, a grocery store, and many years in construction or landscaping. These were not intellectually challenging but at the times I knew they were not permanent.  Actually, I like construction because I got to be outside and build things.

In college I worked as a resident assistant and graduate hall director. These weren't as bad but with the speed I learn things I burnt out quickly. Luckily, they were also temporary.

Since leaving grad school, I first worked as Correctional Officer. I left this position because there was no mental challenge and I worked with a lot of people who did not care about public safety and barely had a general education. It is hard to sit with someone for 12 hours who the deepest thought they have is so did you hear Puff Daddy got a mohawk, I hope they show it on the news tonight. I left and became a Parole Officer, chance to make arrests, clean up the streets and make more money. Turned out I was working with the same quality of people, just with college degrees, and the job lacked a purpose. I learned quickly that we were only there for show, no real justice was being done in our system (in fact I tried to start a blog about the injustice in the system but writing it just made me mad http://ncppo.livejournal.com/ ). mY wife wabntes me to go back to parole because the money was better, but I can't convince her it not worth it to me.

In October I started this position as a Correctional Case Manager, less pay, but less stress. That is the only positive thing I can say. It sucks when in three jobs I have been told by a supervisor in each one that my expectation are too high.

I need a change, but I do not know to what. Very many of the jobs in my field (FBI, US Marshals, Secret Service, etc.) that i think I would like I am to get i can't due to my debt from college loans. I would love to find a jobs that allows me to use some of the skills I acquired during my master degree program. I laugh whenever I look back at being told in grad school not to accept a starting position making at least $40k. I took a position making half that when i got out of school.

I need a life change that allows me to meet the majority of the needs I listed above, but I do not  know how to get there.  I have though of going back to school but I need to pay the bills and don't need any more student loans. I have though about Thins I might enjoy doing, teaching civics in high school or middle school, teaching criminal justice or political science in college, web design, teaching martial arts, being a full time back country guide, airline pilot, military intel. or spec ops, or a photographer (the photo journalist type). If you want to call BS on any of these please feel free, I encourage others thoughts to help me evaluate my own logic. (I would also list pro athlete but I'm realistic enough to know that won't happen)

I feel like I am having a mid-life crisis at 27. I feel like I have so much potential that is being wasted. Once my potential is being capitalized and my earning matches my work, I have a backlog in my head of all the material things I would some day love to own, but those are secondary to reaching my potential and I think the desire for crap just comes from not having much ever.

Anyways, on to training and diet. I left work and headed straight to the pool for bubble therapy. I just wanted to let the water relax me. My goal was to make up the 1000 meter swim  I didn't complete this morning, but I only got in 500 meters before the pool closed. Before work I made my first attempt at this workout but there was an unposted geriatric physcial therapy class taking up the entire pool (not aqua aerobics).   The life guard said I could swim the short way, 44 feet each way. By her calculations I would need 75 laps to complete my workout. I forgot my goggles so  made it just over 400 meters before I quit.

After my PM workout I went home and attempted the Hard Core club workout, the last 9 times I have tried it something work related has come up and I didn't get the chance. This time I realized i left my list of exercises at work. I remembered the crunches, the push ups, side, hip, and supine bridge, plank, shoulder taps, and stretch. It was still decent, but would have been better for the whole workout. Not feeling very great I polished off the left over pizza, brownies, and coke from my wife's church group meeting.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Goals: 2 mile recovery run, 500m speedwork swim, eat healthy

Results: 2 mile run in 19:27, 500m in 22 minutes

Diet Setbacks: BBQ sauce, one small bowl of baked beans and one small brownie

Thoughts: Today I headed to Marion, NC for some work related training. One of the highlights of going to Marion is heading to countryside BBQ. In general, I do not like BBQ pork, but whatever they do to theirs I love. I have only ever found two BBQ places that I like- Countryside in Marion, NC and Dan's BBQ in Cary, NC. Unfortunately, They do not have very many healthy options for sides,so I had green beans and baked beans. the baked beans may not be in tune with my diet but the serving is about 5 or 6 spoonfuls so I am just not going to worry about it. In addition, it is not a regular habit, just a one time treat.

After work I headed straight to the pool. I swam 500 meters via 50 meter warm and cool, 8x50meter sprints with 1:00 minute breaks between. This is my first week of 50 meters repeats, moving up from 25's. this was tough. I only did two or three completely using crawl, for the others I had to sub in some breast stroke. I am not happy with my splits, but I am still gaining experience. The splits were 1:05, 1:11, 1:15, 1:12, 1:19, 1:16, 1:12, and 1:16. Considering that my splits were over one minute, I should probably change my breaks to 1:30 or 2:00 minutes because as it is my rests are shorter than my work sessions.

After dinner back to the street for my run. This was to be my recovery run with a pace of 12 minutes per mile. I started out at a comfortable pace but when I looked at the garmin I was running at a 10:00 pace. I kept pushing it and I finished my first mile at 8:49. This is the fastest mile I have recorded OUTSIDE since high school. I am VERY ecstatic and it is encouraging and make me feel like I am doing something right. I had to slow down for the second mile because the last quarter mile is uphill, oh yeah this run wasn't flat my any means, but after slowing down to a 16:00 pace and dry heaving a little I pushed on finishing my second mile in 10:38. The overall time of 19:27. This is also my fastest 2 mile since I started training outside. It feels great to see progress, even if I didn't hit the goal for my workout. If I can keep this average pace up for a third mile I will can break my 5k PR at my next race.

Between my workouts I picked up the the July issue of triathlete. This one has a special on off road tri's. Oddly, in my last post I said this mag is over my head, this month has a lot of stuff I get. I scanned it last night, but can't wait to sit down and read it in depth tonight.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Riddle Me This

I often think of things I want to ask while I am riding, running, or driving. You know times when I can't write them down. I tried to sit down and and write some of them out today. (note: As I began to write them more came out I hadn't thought of, and then a few more non training related came out just to get to know others.)

In no special order:      

Can you recommend a good triathlon training book, or if not a running or a cycling book?

Does anyone else's knees turn red when cycling?

After what length (time or distance) workouts do you use recovery drinks?

Do you use any supplements (i.e. mito caps, race caps, CLA, Multi-vitamins), if so what do you use?

Have you tried G1 or G3 from gatorade?

Triathlete magazine seems over my head every time I pick one up, any good suggestions for training mags?

Favorite speed work workout overall?

Favorite speedwork workout for running, cycling, and/or swimming?

Do you have sponsors, how did you do it?

When did you start running, what pace were you at when you started, how long until you saw improvements?

What is you favorite piece of workout gear?

What is your favorite healthy/training food?

What food is your weakness?

Have you entered for free socks?

082310 and the weekend

Win Free Socks-----Ends Wednesday.

Goals: 17 mile bike ride, eat healthy

Results: !7 mile ride in

Diet setbacks: none really

Thoughts: This weekend left me exhausted. I travelled to Raleigh to join up with my team for my PADI  Rescue Diver certification. We did two practical tests each day that took about 15 minutes each. Afterward we made a few dives with another class. I was disappointed that I did not get to make any recreational dives and see anything new. Maybe next time. Water was very murky but 86 degrees down to 20 feet. It was the first time I have ever dove without a wetsuit. That was my favorite part. Although I am not the best diver, I enjoy it because as a child who grew up with respiratory issues and I have to face my fear of not having air every time I dive.


This morning the Prison Emergency Response Team was activated for an escape at another facility. I was given an afternoon reporting time so I wanted to get the cough I have had since I came back from Guatemala checked out. After the Doc listened to my lungs he ordered x-rays and blood tests because he thinks I have pneumonia. He brought the x-rays and said that it was not clearly enough pronounced to diagnose, but was probably there last week. He thinks my exercise/use of my lungs, may have minimized it.

The escapee was caught before I had to go in so I went for my long bike ride, I appear to have been left my group. I rode for a while and a began getting tired. I knew I wasn't going to be able to come back because I was not be going to make the climbs on the way back.  I planned to call my wife ad have her come get me. She was busy and I had to ride back. I felt very proud as I caught a second wind (as I usually do) and made it back easy. My last two climbs were hard but I did them as well or faster than usual. I even made most of the trip back in my big ring. VERY PROUD OF MYSELF!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Enter to Win Free Thorlo SOCKS

Goal: Morning Ride (speedwork or Hill Work), PM Modified Brick, Eat Healthy

Results: PM brick

Diet Setbacks: We'll talk about this later

Thoughts: This is going to be short and lacking depth, my apologies. It was another one of those days. I woke up this morning (after only being able to sleep a few hours) and I was still feeling sore from last night's run. So I decided to put the kybosh on the morning ride.

Work was a full day and left very little time for goofing off, although I did work in a little goofing off.

One short note about the food. I did have a hamburger, fries, and diet coke today. I could not get enough food to stay full today ,so at lunch I hit McDonalds. Not part of my diet, however I think considering my long run and upcoming brick it was justified. I will see when I step on the scale tommorow morning.

After work was my modified brick. I call it a modified brick because I planned to walk instead of run afterwards. Two reasons for this. First, as this is the first brick in a month or so I wanted to start easy. Secondly I will be gone for the weekend and I was able to convince CB to walk with me.

I originally planned for a 16 mile ride but rode 14 mile with warm and cool in 59:59.  I attempted 6x1 mile intervals trying to keep above 15 miles per hour (trying to get back into it) with 1 mile rests. If someone has some good workouts on the bike please let me know, I want to increase my sustained speed, not so worried about my top end sprinting. This was an awkward workout because my planned routes kept being changed due to construction and traffic. This lead to unplanned stoplights, hills, and turns, messing with my splits. In fact, I have not even looked at the splits yet. When I returned home I met CB and we walked 2 miles in the neighborhood. I forgot about the two pain I was having last night until we were walking. Next week I will move to three miles with running around/or slightly slower than race pace but with rest in between. I plan to work up to running four miles after my ride. Hopefully at race pace.

That's pretty much it for my Friday night. The next two days I will be out of town and away from the computer as I complete my rescue diver certification. I can't say I am looking forward to it. I haven't had a weekend at home since July.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

081910 or Another long post.

Hmm....start with..........Hmm.....

Lets go with my first ever give away....

Since my birthday was last weekend I decided I wanted to give a gift to a follower.

This is my way of giving back because of your feedback and blogs I received training and nutrition tips, inspiration, and hours of entertainment (I have watched the video from Jeff @ dangle the carrot a dozen times this week, I laugh every time).

It may not be much but I am going to giveaway two pairs of  Thorlo CoolMax Socks.

With all the brands out there smartwool, sockguy, defeet, nike, etc., etc., why Thorlo?

I currently reside in Statesville, NC. Thorlo is a local company. The socks are made here, the grandchildren of the owner go to my wife's school and they have pledged  the the socks will always be made here. I enjoy supporting local business!

So with that in mind 1 entry for following me and leaving me a comment that you like socks.

That's all. No facebook, no twitter, no poems. If you want to do any of those, feel free, but no extra entries for it.


I posed my question last week about socks because bike socks are my reward for breaking (and staying under) 219 lbs. I have been under since the 9th. (I may even get my next reward soon if all goes well through the weekend). I decided to pick up one crowd favorite and one pick for me.

The sharks won overwhelmingly. I chose the Gorillas as my pick. Although I may buy all of them over time. And as luck would have it, a promoter I raced with earlier this year did an E-expo including a 30% off coupon on Sock Guy Channel Air socks the coupon code is SetUpChlAir if anyone else wants to use it.

Lastly.......my daily report

Goal: 16 mile ride, 9 mile run, Eat healthy.

Results: 9 miles in 2:03.

Diet Setbacks: 1 pack Nutty Buddy bars

Thoughts: Today was a day from hell. I messed up my alarm clock so I missed my morning workout and overslept in general. Luckily my wife helping me with some morning chores so I got to work on time. With my partner on vacation and my boss sick (Dollar you still suck), I got a lot of extra work dumped on me and ended up with more work than I could finish in 8 hours. Plus, I had to lead a tour and attend a staff meeting, about 4 hours total. Do that math- 8+ hours work and 4 available hours. I ended up staying over 30 minutes, bit eventually just had to walk away.

This day just made my run feel that much better. I was actually looking forward to it, to let the days stress melt off. My goal was 1:45 and even though it took 2:03 I am ok with it. My goal was for a negative split and that didn't happen either. The gamin said my first mile was around 11 minutes and the second was 12 minutes. Oddly, everytime I looked at my speed it run sub 10 minutes. I think there were some hills that threw my time off. The next mile was slower, but then they got faster (still slow, but this was LSD so I deal). At mile 8 it all fell apart. Mile 8 was a around 18 minutes and mile 9 was around 16 minutes. My goal for Disney is 2:45, this is not too far off, but I may need more hill work and endurance

Even though I am not happy with my times why am I so accepting because this is my longest run since summer 2003. This was HARD. I even realized my 7 miler was substituted for my first tri and I skipped my 8 miler. I jumped straight from 6 miles to 9.

I have discussed speed but there was more to it.  My first three miles were in the rain and felt very cool despite the rain jacket. At mile 5 my left knee started hurting. Mile 6 my right knee started hurting. Mile 7 my back started hurting and I ran out of water. Hip pain throughout as well (in an odd place  on both legs). I also learned a few things. This was my first run with my new GoLite Hydroswift (thank you  Endurance Isn't Only Physical). I learned that adding an ounce of water to your hammer gel is for the full bottle, not just 2 oz's. Also make sure it is closed tightly before holstering, because its carried upside down, or in your next few steps it will spray ALL over your legs. Around 7.5 miles I was running past my house so I called my wife and she put a fresh bottle of water in the mailbox for a bottle exchange. Best mail order bride EVER.

I had so many questions about long runs during my run but I can't remember now. I still feel off, time for a snack and more water.


Goals: 900m swim, eat healthy, hard core club workout.

Results:900 meters in 23:25.

Diet Setbacks: None that I can think of. :\

Thoughts: Remember that comment I made about yesterday being uneventful? Well, aapparently I messed up my karma. I never got the chance to start my Hard Core Club Workout, because right around the time I was going to head down to the weight room there was a fire in our segregation unit. Not a fire drill, an actual fire. My duty in a fire here is to station myself at a certain central location and await further instructions. I am not a first responder within our building because of my full time duties (this ironic because the combinations training from my volunteer fire/rescue work and my duties on our Special Response team give me more knowledge and experience then most, if not all, the first responders). While stationed in my position, they called for all available fire extinguishers to the location of the fire. The location I was standing at has the largest number of extinguishers int eh building, so I grabbed one and ran. The run was about 125 meters. I noticed all the other guys were gassed ad back to walking at around 75 meters. Also, at one point a training class in the front of the prison let out to assist and a wall of blue uniforms cam running, they were another 100 yards from where I started. I made the observation that over half stopped running after the first 100 meters, and only two were left running by the time we got to the location of the fire. This made me think two things: 1- I am glad to have at least the minimal amount of conditioning that I have; and 2- this is evidence that we need a new fitness standard.

On another work note, by partner is on vacation and my boss has gone out on medical again (this is after being gone for the first 7 months of this year and Dollar if you're at home reading this...YOU SUCK!!) this means I am getting swamped at work.

Since today was my late day at work, I was able to do my long swim before work. 900 meters in 23:25 it felt a little awkward but I got it done. The middle 400 meters was done with fins and just legs; I need to build the endurance in my kicking. On another note i realized i will be out of town the day of my long run so I will try to move it to tomorrow afternoon and my make up bike ride to tomorrow morning. Two long workouts on the same day, this may be interesting...If I live to tell about it.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of reading on recovery drinks. I read about a lot of different supplements and hear just as many people say chocolate milk. I read on one forum where someone suggested Ovaltine. I looked into this and it I am going to try it. It is cheaper than most supplements, has less carbs and fat than slimfast, and basically makes vitamin enriched milk. I NEED more vitamins, I don't take any and not sure i get them all.

Lastly, I recently joined the Distance Dreamers group. I am looking forward to keeping up with everyone as they prepare for their events and I prepare for my first half marathon. I will being doing this in order to improve my running for tri season and to prepare for my goal 70.3 next fall. After my last tri in October I will dedicate the rest of the season to running and cross training (i.e. bike and swim) I hope to stick to speed work in the other two events. If you look below i have the Charleston half marathon listed. i put serious thought into this and decided to make a change. I though about coastal winds in South Carolina In January....this sounds too cold for me. Instead I now aiming for the Disney World Half Marathon..Florida sounds a little more pleasant. And why wouldn't I want to go to The Happiest Place on Earth for my longest race ever. Lucas.......What are you going to do after your first half marathon....I'm going to Disney World!!!

Anyways the Distance Dreamers question of the week was "Do you run with other people - who, where, when and why (or why not)?" I run alone, but not out of choice. If I could find a group to run with slightly faster than me who could push me I would love it. I just have not found that yet. I have tried. I have also learned that I do better with a group it gives me a reference point and if the group moves faster i will push harder to not get dropped.

When i sat down to write this I had several questions i wanted to post to try and get feedback from others but as it has taken me 8 hours to type this due to other issues that keep popping up, I can not remember them....oh well, maybe tomorrow. Have a great and boring day everyone!

P.S. I know I am not normally gramatically perfect, but i feel like this post is the worst ever. Please forgive me as I have been running all day and my head hurts.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Goals: 200 meter swim, 2 mile run, eat healthy

Results: 200m swim with 4.25m sprints, 2 mile run in 23:29

Diet setbacks: 1 small bag of chips, 1 oatmeal cookie

Thoughts: First to address the food;  I aalways bring a lunch and two snacks to work. My 2pm snack was a cup of yogurt. I was craving something salty, however. I did have a left over bag of chips in my desk so I at those instead. I justify it with the fact that I have eaten so well lately and considered the intensity of the  workout the night before and I had two workouts coming the same afternoon. The cookie was a hold over until dinner and it was a Kashi  oatmeal cookie, no icing, no frills. I think that one will be ok. All in all a decent diet day.

My swim today was decent. I wanted to do more sprints but I figured first week back on speedwork I should take it easy. My time were 25s, 33s, 29s, and 31s. I can not wait to see these get lower.

The run was a 2 mile recovery run. I had a target pace of 12:00 per mile and ran the first one at 11:50 and the second at 11:23.  although it was a recovery, in my competitive nature I wanted a negative split. I ran one lap around my block and then ran the second lap to my in-laws where I was meeting my wife for dinner. As I passed our house she was loading the dogs in the car to drive over, so I ran up quickly and grabbed my dog (not that I show favorites between the two or anything) and she ran with me. She loves to run! What makes the split more impressive is that the terrain from the second lap is much tougher. Hills the whole way.

Sorry that this post was boring, I was mostly an uneventful day. I enjoy that because I need one of those every once in a while.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Goals: group ride and eat healthy, maybe some sore work.

Results: 5 mile run w/ 4x800

Diet Setbacks:  NONE- pretty ideal day of eating.

Thoughts: Today was another day like the few I had last week. Due to a prison emergency I ended up riding shotgun (literally, two pistols and shotgun) on the prison bus. This meant staying late and missing my group ride. Not feeling like I had enough time go ride my 16 miles, I needed to re-think my workout, with the pool getting ready to close, run was the only option but not enough time for my long run. I went with swapping my speedwork and long ride.

The 4x800 were ok, not as fast as I would have liked, but faster than my normal trot. I wanted to try my new toy so I programmed the workout into the garmin and it took almost as long as the run. I had to walk the rest because my HR was in the 190's to the total 5 miles took me 1:01:01.

I hope this is not another week were I have to adapt a lot. I don't like breaking from my structure. Hopefully this week i will also get back into doing some strength and core training. Anyone have any good strength training workouts for triathletes?  Most of my co-worker lift for size so I usually work out alone, lunchtime is pretty much a muscle man circle jerk in our weight room.

On a front other than training, CB gave me my birthday present last night. It is not my birthday but there was some mail issues with it. She bought me a used Zeagle Ranger BCD from EBAY. I hope to go get it serviced today. It looks pretty used, a lot of sun and water fade on it. Although those sound like gripes, I am happy to have it. For me diving is like triathlon, I get what I can afford. The more I get into these two sports, they seemed to be filled with a lot of people who have more money than sense. I have a lot of used gear for each. For diving I have fins from a yard sale, regulator from the used rack at the shop, and now a bcd from EBAY. in triathlon, I have a gifted 15 year old bike, used cycling shoes, and clearance running shoes. Despite having education, I fail to find jobs that pay what my grad school advisor said I should make, but luckily I grew up without a lot so I am already well adjusted. At least I'm not getting hand me downs, goodwill shoes, and food from school food drives anymore. Considering the amount of time it takes me to save for new shoes, I can't imagine how long it will take me to save for one of those fancy road or tri bikes. I am done with the semi-rant and please know that I am content with the equipment I have.

Monday, August 16, 2010

081310 and the rest of the weekend

Goals: 8 mile run, make up speedwork run or long bike ride if possible.

Results: AM- 2.5 mile run in 33 minutes, PM 3 mile run in 33 minutes

Diet Setbacks- I ate like a pig one meal everyday all weekend, but ate well the rest of each day.

Thoughts: This was a busy weekend, to the point that I didn't get the chance to write about this until now.
Friday morning I was up and outside at  to make up my long run. I only ran 2.47 miles, the humidity was unbearable! Even with two water bottles it seriously hindered my performance. After work I tired it again, although i was moving at a better pace I couldn't last with the heat.

Saturday was a busy day full of errands and such. So busy I do not remember most of it. What I do remember is that I drove to Charlotte to the REI and bought my new Garmin Forerunner 305. I am excited for my new training tool. I really wanted it for the pace alarm, I hope it meets my expectations.

Sunday was a day full of SCUBA diving drills for my rescue diver certification. I got to Raleigh early and packed my running shoes so I thought I would bag a run while I waited on the rest of the class. I tried out my new toy, I can't figure out how to turn on the pace alarm, but did set it for an interval run. I ran 1 minute with 1 minute rest, 5 times. I ended up with just under 2 miles and ran all my 1 minute repeats at a sub 7 minute mile pace. I did not know I could move that fast. It felt good. The down side of the day was that I was told that I needed to work on my breath holding for diving (actually for diving emergencies). I was told to do intervals on a treadmill and hold my breath while running, work up to being able to hold my breath for 1 minute while running. ONE MORE THING TO ADD TO MY TRAINING!

Anyhow, back to work. If anyone has any tips or tricks for the forerunner please share! And pick out some socks for me if you haven't http://fatlete.blogspot.com/2010/08/just-for-fun.html .

Friday, August 13, 2010



Goals: 8 mile LSD run, eat healthy

Results: FUBAR

Diet Setbacks: 1 bite of a brownie

Thoughts: it has been another off day. It was so hot today that I decided to clean our spare bedroom while I waited for it to cool off.  This room has been cleaned 2 other times since we moved in, but every time the day after I get it done we fill it full of something we need to store (boxes, tools, lumber, furniture, etc). This time it took me two hours to get it cleaner, but it still has some remodeling stuff in it, some boxes we need to sort through, and all of our office stuff. I don't want to unpack the office stuff yet because I want to paint and packing it up again seems moot.

By the time I had moved everything out organized, rearranged furniture, and put stuff in the attic for storage I realized it was a little too dark for me to begin a run of that length.

The theme for the week had been adapt and overcome, after assessing changes in my training schedule twice already this week, now I have to do it again. My new goal is to get up and run at 0500 tomorrow morning. I will lay my clothes out before bed in order to make sure it happens. I am almost getting annoyed from changing things so much this week.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just for Fun

I am looking forward to picking out a new pair or two of socks soon. I prefer Sock Guy socks for cycling and today I was bored at work so I was e-window shopping looking for my next pair or two. Here are a few of my favorites. Please give me your opinions on which ones I should get, I may decide to use reader votes as the basis for my purchase.........

Because after studying in the UK twice, it became my second favorite place in the world.

If you saw the way I ride my mtb you think I was a crash test dummy.

Because it's FUBAR!!

I love mud!

For the luck of the Irish

No explanation needed

Just for fun

A- I'm a diver B- These are fun

I love Apes...something to do with my fraternity

Who doesn't like ta-ta's?

Just because

Great Charity and part of the purchase price is donated back. I hope to race in the tough mudder in TX this winter in support of it.

All pictures and even more socks at http://www.sockguy.com/


Goals: get back in my routine, 800m swim, eat healthy

Results: 800m swim with stroke drills in about 20 minutes, 7 mile ride in 33 minutes

Diet Setbacks: A few pieces of brownie...but I'm ok with it

Thoughts: Decent day eating- eggs, low fat yogurt, salad, and special K, had about 3 pieces of brownie but given my activity level I think it was ok.

Weird day overall, I was going to take a trip to Raleigh to begin my rescue Diver course, this involved taking a half day from work. I got in and a supervisor asked why I was there, apparently I requested the entire day off. I worked the half day but a coworker created drama that took up 3 of the 4 hours I was there. I had a few errands to run afterwards so while I was out I called the Chief of my rescue squad to find out what time we were leaving. He said that the other guy coming us wanted to leave at 4:15, this meant that I would need to leave right that minute. My Chief told me that the instructor hadn't put the class on his calendar and wasn't even going to be there. He then told me not to worry about wasting my time with the trip.

Now what to do? I am off work, do I go back? Work is 30 minutes away, so no! Now I have time to finish my errands/yard work before CB's has her church group over for Bible study/garden party and after that I'll go for a long ride. 90% done with my yard work she tells me the bible study has been cancelled.......now all that extra work in unecessary.

Work out time, YEAH BOY!! Got in my 800m swim mixing in a different stoke drill every 100 meters. I changed and went for my long ride, I wanted to avoid the hills of my normal route so I decided on an out and back a flatter way 5 miles in and I get stuck in traffic because they are paving the road. New problem, I don't know this side of town and don't really know how to detour, only option is take the one turn I know will take me home. turned the 15 mile ride into 7 miles. I got home and and needed to reassess my training calendar for the week. Friday is a brick workout. I decided I will do my long ride Friday and start my bricks next week. I think this change is a good decision, I can still get in all my workouts, and this will allow me to readjust this week, after being off last week, and be back in my groove when I begin bricks. Seems like a WIN-WIN to me!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Back!!

After over a week I am back at last. I got home and to bed about 0300 Monday morning and back to work at 1100am the same day. I am still not caught up on my rest.

I spent from 08/01/10 until 08/08/10 in Guatemala City teaching rescue and fire fight skill to the Guatemalan Army Rescate (rescue), Fire fighters, and USAR.  Guatemala is a very poor country that receives most of its aid from volunteers and missionaries. Being faced with storms from the gulf and pacific, volcanoes, earthquakes, sinkholes, and floods on top of normal traffic and other emergencies it is important they have the skills to respond. We trained them in Helicopter rescue, rope rescue, fire fighting, and vehicle stabilization/extrication. In addition to the training we also donated a stocked fire truck and ambulance, this will be coupled with the stocked rescue truck we donated last year. I participated as member of my rescue squad- Rescue, Extrication, and delivery Specialists or better known as the REDS Team and the trip was arranged my the organization Paramedics for Children.

Picked up at the airport by the army in a Deuce and a half truck

The 11 of us stayed in a bay styled barracks. This was hard for me because I am on the verge of being a neat freak, and I I don't get along with other men.

Don't let the shower fool you, no hot water (it was about 50 degrees), no water pressure, and if someone flushes or turns on a sink it stops.

The Entire Team and Soldier 2nd Class Douglas Godoy (our handler/gopher)

Our student, some of the hardest working, well motivated people I have ever met, I will miss a lot of them

I got traveler's stomach the second night and was up all night, I think I am considering barfing right here.

I taught stabilization. this is the skills needed to keep a car safe so the extrication team can cut aways the doors and roof as well as how to lift a car to free victims trapped under it. We had a new group everyday, but by the last day you could tell they were tired.

Me and the VP of Paramedics for Children and one of the next Congresswomen for Guatemala

Up to six armed soldiers went with us everywhere we went, usually with atleast two plain clothed soldiers as well. When I say everywhere I mean, to the an estate we visited in the mountains, the Presidential Palace, Antigua, Wal-Mart, and Hooters

We were surprised on the last day and taken to one of the palaces where a ceremony was held awarding us the title of Ambassador of Peace to Guatemala. We were told this is not an award usually given to outsiders.

By the end of the trip I was ready to get home, ready assault all of my team mates but one (hows that for a peace ambassador), and sick of the black beans we ate for at least two meals a day. I did however, enjoy not eating no processed foods for the week, except for Hooter.

Now that I am trying to get into my routine, I am looking towards my tri in October as my motivation to train. I also am supposed to have a 5k Friday night, but we will see if I feel rested enough. I skipped my long ride Monday and rested, I hope to make it up Saturday, I got in some stoke golf in the pol yesterday for 400m, and ran a slow 2.1 miles. It was slow but did not feel hard at all. Nice run to start back with. I am taking a half day at work today in order to drive to Raleigh to begin my PADI Rescue Diver course. I am going to try to get in a half mile swim before I leave though.

I am trying to find my motivation at work and don't feel like doing anything. Today I will finish catching up, I could have had everything done Monday but I have been taking easy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pre-trip post

This is the post fromt he day I left for Guate, Hopefully, I am back to work now and hopefully I can get in a workout tonight and an update post on my trip.

Goals: make it through the day and work out if possible get in a workout.

Exhausted musings: the last few days have been crazy. Its nuts how much extra work I have to do just to take a week off. It almost makes me want to stay. Or not!
I have had to work sun up until after sun down. Wednesday I had a 8 mile ride planned. No go, but I was able to get half the lawn mowed. 1.8 miles per my gps. Thursday I had a 600m swim planned in the am and 6 mile run with a tempo workout. I did 4 mile bike ride in the am and packed. Friday, I had a 8 mile lsd run. I had limited time so I decided to run 4 miles with some 400m repeats. Total time boiled down to the slowest mile paces I have ever ran. I also had a few more workout mixed in, not my plan but I was able to get something in.

This is the first time I have had time to sit down and blog, I am in the air heading to atlanta. I scheduled this week as my rest week, hopefully I will get a few runs in with the Guatemala army. I am not worried about weight this week because I have no control over anything! Its hard for me to relinquish control.

Any how, I look forward to reading up on how everyone is doing when I get back. I hope everyone has safe weeks with their families. Good training and even better races!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Currently in Guatamala. Just paid for 5 minutes internet to write my wife, staying on a military base so internest is hard to come by. Wrote a post the day before I left summing up my last few days prior to the trip and my feeling about going.

Dont Know whre it went.

Look forward to reading everyones blogs on the 9th when I return.

I hope everyone stays safe with there families, has good training, and better races.

Adios mu chachos!!