Wednesday, June 30, 2010

happy birthday to my wife

I have been planning this post for a few days and as I sit at midnight in a theater full of tween girls I realize I have the time to write (via blackberry). Since my purpose is to use this forum to discuss progress and motivation I have been thinking about how she relates to motivation for me.

In terms of fitness, although we differ on opinions of healthy cuisine (grilled chicken vs nachos) and exercise (running vs walking to the mailbox), she still never complains if I spend an hour or two of the four I'm home everyday to train. However I must sit down for dinner with her first. She will workout on sundays with me and she even comes with me some mornings at 0530. She stayed up after midnight to come to my first race. She doesn't gripe too much about the office being unoccupiable because of my bikes. In college she came to all my fights and I could see her cringe in the crowd as if she was being hit when I got hit. She cheered louder then anyone else there the days my hand was raised by the officials in victory and put up with the way I punished myself when I didn't.

Away from training I have long thought that it takes a special woman to be married to guys like me. She complains minimal about not being able to move the seat in my truck because of emergency kits and search packs. Never says a word if I hang a bullet proof vest in the bedroom or leave a gas mask in the dining room. She kisses me goodbye when I get up in the middle of the night to go find missing kids, dive for dead people or any other rescue sortie. She even tries to act like she's not worried when I track escapees or respond to riots.

Although only married since october, we have been together for 9 years. She has always been like this to me. When debating proposing with my friend denise, I came to the conclusion she is my biggest fan. When all of her friends married rich guys with low iq's and no personalities she married the poor boy with ambition in his eyes. She woke up at 5am for years to proof my papers. When I finished grad school she was the only person at my graduation. Afterwards when I worked minimum wage construction she made sure I had food. She drove across the state to let me drive her car for my first interview when no one closer would. She bought me the dog that turned out to be my best friend. I was living at home and working 20 hour days. With a pitbull puppy at home I had to leave at a decent hour.

I am being positive today and considering where any of us would be without our support systems. She is mine, I guess since she does all this for me I can sit through this movie and not punch any kids in their throats like I am compelled to do.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Goal: Am run, eat healthy (with incentive)

Results: pm run- 1.92 miles in 23 minutes

Diet setbacks: 20oz Coke

Thoughts: In terms of goals, this has not been a bad day but I do not have good thoughts about it. Tomorrow is my wife's birthday and one of her birthday activities is going to a midnight showing of Eclipse tonight. I swear she is not 15 years old. I am not really looking forward to the movie or all the people, but I am looking forward to POPCORN and SODA (or pop if you'd like), so this has been my motivation to eat extra clean all day. I stuck to lean proteins, good carbs, and the like but I had to sneak the soda. Right after I got my lunch out of the fridge the shift lieutenant volentold me to go assist in another area of the prison. I was away from my office and my lunchbox for two hours and not knowing when I'd get to go back I grabbed a coke after the first hour to tide me over.

The combination of being sleepy and my legs hurting led to  postponing my run to lunch. Due to the above situation I didn't get to make it at lunch. When I got home I finally got it done. This was the most disconcerting part of my day. I have chosen my new training plan (which I will discuss in a separate post) and this plan calls for heart rate zone training. I ran trying to keep my heart rate between 144 and 154 per my plan. This resulted in me running just faster that 12 minute miles and feeling like it was more of a shuffle than a run. Yesterday I wrote about my long run feeling slow, this is even slower!! I am now trying to figure out if I should push harder and long as I feel comfortable or should I back off and stay in my zones? I am searching for articles on the subject. Anyways, time to go get dinner (I have already planned it and know it is healthy so it won't be a setback) and then it's off to the movies.


Goals: Lunchtime core workout, pm swim/run brick, eat healthy.

Results: I got it all in. Lunchtime I did week two, day one (column three) of the 200 sit up challenge and the 100 push up challenge. I also did some bench press, 160lbs, and squats, 200lbs, for maintenance. In the evening I swam 750 meters in 23 minutes and rode 9.2 miles in 46 minutes.

Diet Setbacks: NONE!!! I filled my day with vegetables and lean proteins. After my brick workout I made myself a banana split with sugar free frozen yogurts. No chocolate or any other condiments.

Thoughts: This was a very good day!!!! During my swim I completed the first 400m crawl, did 100m breast stroke, and then the last 250m crawl. The first 400m were the farthest I had ever swam crawl non-stop. For my ride I did part of the course the local print triathlon uses. I am feeling better about shifting in terms of knowing when to change gears, still want to change shifters. I have lots of hills to work with but am still only going about 4-5mph uphill. During the rest of the ride I average 12 mph and even maxed out during one nice flat section at 28mph. Overall, I am showing marked improvements in both swin and cycle. I do not feel I have gotten any better just more comfortable, but regardless it is very motivating to see improvements. Hopefully my run will improve over time too. The only problem I had for the day is development of pain in my neck and back between my shoulder blades during my ride. After looking at pictures of other riders postures I think that my stem is too long and is leaving me to stretched out. This may explain the hand cramps too if I am putting all my weight on my hands. Once I have my bike fitting (maybe Thursday) maybe they can tell me a little better. Unfortunately, I do not have an adjustable stem do to the age of my bike so I will have to see what the cost of a replacement stem/spacer combo is.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend in Review

After the 20 hour shift, four hours off, and then return to work for a few hours I was finally able to go home. After a quick nap I got a chance to participate in one of the lifelong highlights of my life- teaching karate. Using some of my paid community service leave from work I did a favor to a local camp director (my wife) and came and talked to some some children about history of the martial arts, weapons, when it is appropriate to fight, broke some boards, and then taught the kids ho to break a (rebreakable) board.

After I was done and camp was over, I was invited to a week end staff dinner and pool party. I had brought my bike with me so I left my truck and equipment with my wife and rode the 8.25 miles to where dinner was being held. I did this in 43 minutes and was pleased. This was not a flat ride as I live in the North Carolina foot hills. I am happy because I am feeling more comfortable on the bike. I still have hand cramps and shifting is shaky but this will be resolved in time (after a replacement of the shifters). It was great when i got there to float in the pool. This is the first time in as far back as I can remember being in a pool for other than training.

This is my planned rest day and I usually do yard work and then clean the house. I actually delayed my real work, rested, and ate an omelet. Then I got sick and never made it to do any cleaning or yard work.

My day's plan was to do a medium run in the morning and in the afternoon some speed work. Up with the crack of dawn to beat the heat and .9 miles into the workout I realized I was still sick and went back to the house. Later in the afternoon I tried again but changed it to a long run. I ran for 60 minutes and completed 5.75 miles. I had mixed emotions about my run. I understand the basic concept of long slow distance runs, but I never feel good afterwards. I love logging large numbers of mile, but when I do these runs I never feel like I am not working hard enough. I know that if I push harder I won't finish, but since my running is so slow normally; if I slow down for a long run I feel like I am walking. Clearly, at 10 minute miles I am not walking but it just feels like I should be pushing harder. I also forgot my bodyglide and was miserable later. Any tips on long runs is much appreciated and is it normal for my core to hurt afterwards (next day)?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Daily report 06/24/10.... which actually ended 0400 on 06/25/10

Goals: AM bike ride (just for fun), lunchtime core workout, PM Swim class, PM run.

Results: 5 mile bike ride.

Diet setbacks: lean protein until early afternoon and then nothing until my 0300 trip to burger king.

Thoughts: the day started out very smooth, up at 0500 for a bike ride. Still trying to acclimate myself to the new bike. Then off to work after some egg whites and water. After a few hours at work I had a grilled chicken breast and another a few hours after that. Right about the time for me to have my last snack and protein shake of the work day I got tapped. In a prison when there is a problem, any trained staff can be tasked to it, and so it happened. Around 3pm I was asked by the shift captain to take a trip to the emergency room transporting a sick inmate. We arrived at the hospital just after five where we stayed until relieved shortly after 0300. Clearly, this interrupted my swim class and run. I also never got in my lunch workout because I forgot my gym bag for the 5th day in a row.

I often say that I feel like earned the right to eat crap after a hard workout, but yesterday after running for over 20 hours on only about 300 calories, I could have eaten my partner and not thought once about it. We both had the same thought when we were relieved...WHERE'S FOOD?!? We pulled in every fast food joint with a drive through on our way back to the facility, just to see if they were taking orders and after 20 minutes we found one. EUPHORIA. Needless to say I had no problem sleeping last night. I even got back up and am at work on time. With 10 hours overtime from yesterday alone, plus overtime from the rest of the week, plus only planning to work a half day today anyways, they told me to go home as soon as I finish my email.

I was planning a half day today because I am speaking at a summer camp today for community service, but now I must decided if I am going get my run in or nap and a run, or just a nap before my speaking engagement (sounds fancy!!). This also throws a kink in my plan because I had planned to have my wife drop off my props and materials at the camp this morning and then ride my bike there this afternoon, but getting home so late prevented me from putting my stuff together and I waited to the literal last minute to get out of bed this morning.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Take Two

Last night I was having a a little trouble falling asleep so I decided it was a good time to go throw a wrench on my new bike. I adjusted the cant on my seat to slightly up, moved it .25 inch forward, raised the seat a half centimeter. I also reset the bike computer, as best I could figure out using google on my blackberry, and adjusted the rear breaks. Good news, there is a fine tuning screw; it is just in different place that on a MTB. That is exciting to me. I like to have my brakes tight, I do not use them a lot so when I need to I want them to respond quickly.

This morning I set out to ride for 30 minutes just to check my adjustments and acclimate to a road bike. I tried not stray too far from home since it was early and dark. Don't worry I have a flashing red LED attached to my butt! I ended up riding 27 minutes and 5 miles on the head per my computer, ending right back at my driveway. I hit a top speed of 15mph and avg of 10.1. I hit one MAJOR hill, and stopped at 4 intersections. My speed is still slower than my goal. I was averaging 11 mph on my mtb so I was hoping that the road bike would bump me up to 12-15. I have a goal of at least 15 mph average.  This way I can finish a sprint ride in around an hour.

Still having a few problems:

  • The largest problem is my hands cramping and it makes me readjust every few minutes,
  • still haven't found a comfortable hand position that lets me feel I have good control either,
  • shifting is worrisome as I have to stop pedaling and take a hand of my already shaky bars to do it,
  • climbing still seems harder on this than my mtb often getting passes my old women using walkers, and
  • now after changing the cant on my seat I have a little too much pressure on my "undercarriage" but I can probably fix that.
All in all, it was an improvement but is it was still like do that thing I referenced last time for the second time;  a little longer, little less awkward, but still feels like I am doing something wrong.  As always, any help is appreciated.

Daily Report 06/23/10

Goals: am run, pm swim, eat healthy.
Results: am run- Lactate workout (from 5 min on, 2.5 minute break, 6 min on, 3 min break, 7 min on. 2.4 miles. PM Swim- 1200 meter swim 35 minutes.
Diet setbacks: Good all day until skittles and mountain dew before bed. I felt I earned it today. Can anyone tell I have a sweet tooth?
Thoughts: Decent day. Run seemed like I didn't push hard enough. I am still looking for a running group. My swim goal was 1000m in 35 minutes. I completed in 27 so I switched strokes, slowed down and kept swimming until I reached 35 minutes. I even raced a guy wearing fins and kept up. The life guards noticed but the guy didn't. My hands and shoulders hurt when I was done, but I felt great!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Maiden Voyage......and help wanted!

I have decided to name her Lucile. She seems retro to me so Lucy, Lucile, Leverne, and Shirley were my top pick for bike names. Yesterday Lucile and  I went for our first ride.

After all the anticipation I am not very satisfied and that sucks. I felt it was similar to the way people describe sex for first time, short and awkward. I was not comfortable and had many issues. I did get a top speed of 27mph which was kinda of scary on the stretch of downhill I was on, but I know I could have ran that faster. Though if I fall on this road it will be a very bad day. In 30 minutes I rode 4.87 miles per the bike computer (4.4 per I am not sure the computer is correct and I am pretty sure I reset it completely after my ride. Looks like I will be buying a new one. I will be looking for one that has trip distance, odometer, pace, time, stopwatch, and number 1 is affordable.

Here are some the issues that I had. I have some general bike knowledge since I have been mountain biking for years but some of this is new to me. I am hoping that if I list the issues some of you who ride can provide me some insight. I do realize some it may just take getting used to so here goes:

  • The ride in general felt very squirrely, I swerved a lot, especially when I had my hands up top but I figure that is because of narrow hand placement outside of the stem.
  • I could not find a comfortable hand position. The space between my thumb and index fingers kept cramping. The seat has a slight forward cant. I will change it back to level to make sure that I am not putting too much pressure on my hands. I rode with my hands at the bars, in the middle of the curve (is it hood?) near the brakes, and at the bottom of the curve. Preferred bottom and middle the most, but still had pain.
  • Brakes felt like they needed tightening. Is there a fine tuning screw for road/tri bikes like on a mtb?
  • Hard time clipping in. My mountain bike pedals can be entered from both sides. These pedals could not be and if I unclipped I had a hard time getting the pedal rolled back over. They are slippery little devils.
  • I had a harder time climbing on this bike than on my mountain bike I have using. I thought this was supposed to be more efficient.
  • What is the best way to shift with down tube shifter. I was damn near scared when I would take one hand off the bars to reach below me for the shifter when I was already wobbling.
  • Popped my chain off twice, I chock once up to bad shifting while climbing, but still aggravating when I have to get off the bike to put me chain back on track and then restart mid-hill with no momentum.
It seems like there were more problems than that, but this is all I can think of. It almost seems like I have bitched about every part of cycling. Could there be anything else? I would greatly appreciate any help you guys can give me and please share this with anyone who might be helpful as well. I may also post this on some forums later. I am planning to find a group ride to get some pointers in person and please don't give me the advice of getting a new bike, I need tangible information.


Daily Report 062210

Goals: get sleep, PM bike ride, eat healthy

Results: Pm bike ride for 5.87 miles in 30 minutes. This sucked but more on it in my next post.

Diet setbacks: struggling to stay at work today and i ended up with two cokes and a honey bun for sugar rushes. I need to get back to taking CLA.

Thoughts: I skipped my am workout so that I could get 3 hours of sleep (total). By time to get up I was sleeping very well. The day was rough so I kept getting sugar for snacks to keep from falling asleep. I also read blogs for 3 hours for the same reason. Got home and after I ate dinner I took a 30 minute nap, and then made my ride. It was very squirrely and I felt discouraged afterwards.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Generosity and the gift that keeps giving.

I have discussed in the past that I had planned to start competing in one sprint tri per month starting last march, but life got in the way of buying the bike I saved for.  Last week sometime my boss, Mr. Dollar, was discussing some of the things that have effected his health over the years. He mentioned that when he was competing in triathlons he was in top shape and had no problems. I was very excited because I have only known one person in the past who did them. I told him about how I thought I was going to begin with them this year, but had the bike issue. On Friday he took me and my partner out too lunch and afterwards he needed to stop by his house to pick up his meds. when we got there there was an old road bike sitting outside. He told me that although did need his meds, he wanted to pick up the bike so that I could have it with the condition that I not turn around and sell it and maybe someday give it to someone else who wants to break in the sport. I was happy.

Saturday I dropped it off at a LBS, not the one I wrote about earlier, I'm not going back there. Yesterday after the doctor's office I went to pick it up. After having the the wheels trued, tubes replace, cables replaced, and fixing a stripped screw on the rear de It was time to take it home for a ride.  Just then I thought to myself "self, do I need different cleats?", So I asked and in fact I do. So I bought those too considering the other option was to put my crankbrothers pedals on it and the mechanic advised against it. Then I sought advice for putting them on my shoe since they looked so different. I had no idea that tri, road, and mtb shoes were so different. The cheapest set of road shoes were $80 which is out of my price range after having the bike worked on (and buying some dive equipment last weekend and driving out of town to this bike shop). I am now excited but need some shoes.

This is my bike a 1998 Kona with a custom paint job, (because dollar thought the colors were too girly), mavic wheels, specialized tires, shimano 105 cranks, and look pedals. The mechanics were impressed by the non adjustable stem and shifters on the down tube. They looked at me and said "exactly how old is this bike"

After I had my nap, I had an ingenious idea. Check craigslist for shoes!! As luck would have it there was a guy listing a bazillion road bike parts and about 10 various size shoes, someone of them NIB. I wanted them bad, so I emailed to see if he would meet me ASAP. At 9:15PM I left home to drive over an hour to go get the shoes. I arrived around 10:30, he brought two pairs and I tried on the closest to my size and paid $20 for a pair of  Specialized road bike shoes. Now I am very excited.

I can not wait to get out and rider her (and she needs a name). There are a few point of concerns first, I have spent about the equivalent between the tune up, cleats, shoes, and gas of two race entry fees. Also in order to go get the shoes last night I had to make the concession of driving my wife's car for the rest of the month since mine takes so much gas. For the eco-freaks mad at the pictures of my bike in a gas guzzling truck, I am all for preserving the environment since I moonlight as a guide, I farm, and spend a huge amount of time outside. When your kid is in the back country with a broken leg and they call me to find him, you will be glad I can drive to the top of mountain and hike down, not park my prius at the bottom and walk up. I digress. I am also concerned about the change in geometry and taking my hands off the bars to shift. I have never ridden a real road bike before, only spin class bikes and my mtb. I can't wait to get outside with her today and see if I can shave some time off my ride. I am very very excited

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Report 062110

Goals: AM workout, PM Swim and bike, eat healthy

Results: PM swim 21 minutes around 750m - 900m. I lost count. first 100m crawl and then 25m breast after every 75m crawl.

Diet setbacks: Lots of coke and lots of McD's

Thoughts: I missed my AM workout which is my weight loss workout due to sleeping through my alarm. my body often does this when it needs sleep. I proceeded to work to do the payroll and turn in my timesheet and then to the doctor because I think I have pink eye and ringworm. Needed comfort food since I was miserable so I ate the McD's. Good news, I do not have pink eye, the Dr. thinks I am allergic to my sunglasses that I have worn for years. I have circles under my eyes for years too. I also do not have ringworm just a rash from sweating so much during workouts. change soap and stop wearing my glasses. Solved. Next came my nap and my swim. I felt great afterwards. I still haven't done my bike but this is my one chance to tough a computer tonight. Forgive any errors within I am in a hurry again.

Monday Morning and Back to Training.

My normal schedule for training is Monday - Sunday with Saturday as my rest day mostly for errands and house/yard work. However, for last week I moved my Sunday run to Saturday for a much needed day of R&R where I drove across NC to do some SCUBA diving. It is another sport I love, despite that my body doesn't perform as well as I like, but I enjoy the silence underwater. Nothing but my bubbles and my thoughts.

Today is back to training and I am very excited. I have been following the run focused, 16 week training plan from beginner ( I have posted a copy on an adjacent page). I am in week 3 of month 3;  with only 1 real work week left in the plan I have been thinking about new training plans. I have been thinking about skipping the end with the taper since I do not have an event at this time, so I may be done sooner.

As I finish my first training plan and am searching  I have a few thoughts about what I do and don't need.

  • I do not need to move to intermediate level plans because I am still slow.  
  • I do not need a race specific plan since I have no race.
  • I need more structure. My current plan says swim 25 minutes, I need more planning than that. The running plan I have followed int he past from have always had more details such as distance, description of workouts on speed work days, etc.
I do think that this plan has gotten me comfortable in the water and gotten me moving on my bike and I am happy, but I look forward to finding a more tailored plan.

On another note, I am looking for a 5k to run in so I can measure my progress since December. I am hoping to have cut 3+ minutes off my time. I have found a 3rd of July race an hour away but i can't find any info about it. I also have found a fun series triathlon. It is "non-competitive", not chip times (just stop watch and time are not posted), and only has a 200 meter swim (shorter than i have been training for). The entrance fee is only $20 and I this might be a good way to gauge my training. Lastly, there is also a tri on my birthday(8/15) and I though this might be a good present to myself. I was not planing to actually compete until next year but I think I will do the fun tri and am giving serious thought to the 8/15 event. In the meantime, back to work.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daily Report 061910

Since my PC is down and I am borrowing at my in-laws, this will be short. Today my goal was a 5k time trial. I completed in 30:10 this is almost my goal. I feel it could have been better. I was feeling burn in my calf and legs around the first .5 mile, I think this is due to too much time from my warm until I started or not stretching. The course was also very hilly with almost the first mile uphill and I did have to stop at 2 intersections (probably for longer than the 10 seconds I was over) the last mile felt good so I pushed harder. I look forward to trying again. Diving tomorrow for my rest day and looking forward to being back on the computer at work Monday. Note- All of these give aways have put me in a giving mood and I think I may give away some thorlo socks soon. Seems like a fitting give away for me since they are from the town I live in!

Editing note- Sorry for all of the grammatical errors, I was in a hurry and I swear I am not illiterate.

A Few Words on Motivation and Focus

After posting a comment on someone else's blog this week about how I found that when I was competing in martial arts that all the training improved my productivity at school; this has been my worst and most unproductive week in my work life.

This week I have had a problem sleeping and have only been grabbing a few hours per night. Once at work, I work as correctional case manager. My job is to give guidance, encouragement, support, and program referrals (NA, AA, GED, ETC) to maximum security inmates. I have 80 inmates I am responsible for. The other portion of my job consists of coordinating a program we call incentive wage. This means that I am responsible for all the inmate jobs in my prison. I do not do the direct hiring or supervision, but I maintain lists of eligible inmates, coordinate training, OSHA paperwork, and audit the payroll. 

Last week, I was able to see all of my inmates but had not put their case notes in the computer. This week I have only put in 5 of the case notes Every morning I assign new inmates to jobs, but it took me until today to file their paperwork. I have no drive to anything but keep my office door closed and stare on my monitor. I can not figure out if this is burn out, if my give a damn is broken, lack of sleep, lack of challenge, or what. I feel it is not laziness because I have made all of my core workouts this week. Yes, I have missed some workouts but I have hit all my main runs, bikes, and swims for the week, I consider most everything else extra. Except for maybe 2 weight workouts.  I clocked 36 hours this week and have only worked for about 4 of them.

Since I can't figure out what I need to get back in gear, I will send a salute to the people who have helped me pass the other 32 hours by. First to the blogs with giveaways, AMBP at Dangle the Carrot, a ROAD ID at My Reason to Run, and the camera at Tech-Tri. I also salute fat cyclisti'm a sleeper baker, Tri Diesel, ,Dirt Rag,,,, and If I can't convince you..... Although you were not able to make me more productive at the things that I get paid to do, you gave me things to think about other than stabbing myself in the eye with a plastic spork.

Daily Report 061810

Goal: Am workout. PM Swim, eat healthy.

Results: Swam 750m in 26 minutes. (before you call it slow see below, and kiss my ass)

Diet Setbacks: two cokes, hamburger and fires.

Thoughts: Another night of no sleep so ate comfort food and missed my am workout. My swim after work started at a crossfitt WOD. I swam 200m doing resistance drills to warm up. This whore me out so when I started my work sets I was a little slow. Swam a four minute set and then a two minute break. Swam a five minute set and then took a two minute break. I started the six minute set and then the lifeguard announced they would be closing early my time was about 19 minutes at this time so I just swam non-stop until they told me to get out. I really only had  21 minutes of actual swimming and that included my resistance drills. Now I hope that sounds a little better.

Friday, June 18, 2010

MTB Crash and Backcountry First Aid

This morning I found a video from dirt rag that I found interesting. It is of a downhill rider coming up on another cyclist that has crashed. I smiled when they splinted him with an innertube. This is something I have heard of before but never seen someone actually do.

I had two thoughts after watching this. First, although this is a decent way to treat the injury. It justifies why due to being a boy scout and an EMT I am always overpacked. I have first aid kits of varying sizes in every vehicle, bag, room, etc. I eve have a c-collar and stethoscope in my truck, just in case. An accident like this when I am with you will probably lead to me pulling out a sam splint and a padded sling. I may even call for air support since I have training in this. After that I will sweep the area for secondary IED's, not that this is necessary since we were mountain biking but it is a perishable skill and I need practice.

My second thought was as much as I use running, road cycling, swimming, and lifting to get in a better shape, my true loves are still mountain biking, rock climbing, backpacking, SCUBA, and kicking people in the chest (see here). Now with the awesomeness of those trails on my mind I need to plan a trip to go ride some downhill trails. Hopefully I will get to dive this weekend and that will cover my adrenaline fix for a while.

Daily Report 061710

Goals: Am run, lunchtime weights, PM bike ride, Healthy eating

Results: 4pm- 6-400m repeats at 116s, 110s, 112s, 110s, 98s, 94s. 7pm- 6.08 mile bike ride in 35 minutes.

Diet setbacks: whopper meal with medium fries and coke.

Thoughts: not sure how productive my workouts were that close together. I did not get any sleep last night so I didn't do my morning workout. I left work early because I was exhausted, took a nap, and then went for my am run at 4pm. I still wanted to get my bike ride in so I spaced it out three hours and completed it. It was a very nice ride, two major hills, but I took them easy. I got to my out and back point faster than I had planned. That is a good feeling. Also, once I have a bike with a bike ring I know I will go faster because there were sections when my cranks could not keep up with my downhill coasting speed so I kept pedaling although there was little tension. Diet wise, I stopped for the burger king on the way home I didn't feel well and it is comfort food. I am not sure I did enough activity to support having it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goal Setting Session

When I outlined how I wanted to use this blog I knew that I wanted to give history, goals, updates, and musings. Just last night I realized I have forgotten to declare my goals.

I sat down the last week of December and wrote down my fitness goals for 2010. I also wrote down life goals, but I haven't looked at them since. I then took the list and put it on the fridge! I haven't seen them lately, there maybe donut coupons covering it. I love donuts!! I remember something from my FEMA training that goals should be obtainable, so I think these are.

Drum roll please- In no particular order my 2010 goals are-

1- Get my weight down to 186 pounds.

This is the maximum allowable weight for my height per the US Department of Defense and therefore I am using it as my standard. On 1/1/10 I was 220 pounds therefore it is about 35 pounds to lose and that would mean an average of less than 1 pound per week. I think that is obtainable. I feel I would be pretty lean at this size and am not interested in getting to much smaller, I might look weird with a big neck and little waist.

2- Bench Press 200 Pounds, Squat 200 Pounds, Dead lift 200 pounds

These amounts in these exercises were how you got on the leader board for my high school football team. At the time I could only bench press 95 pounds. At the time I set these goals my most recent max for bench press was 160. As of today, I have not done a 1 rep max, however according to the sign on the wall at the gym since I can lift that becasuse of the weight and reps in my normal work sets (155x10). I did several sets of 200lbs squats last week and dead lifted over 200lbs last weekend. This appears to be coming along well.

3- Compete in a 5k.

At midnight on 1/1/10 I completed this goal in about 33 minutes.

4- Finish a 5k in under 30 minutes.

I have not signed up for another race since. Found several but I had conflicts. I have finished a 5k circuit on a treadmill in 29:50. I will call this done when I do it in a race. It may be slow to you but its my goal damn it!!!

5- Finish a Triathlon.

I originally planned to compete in one a month via trysports with set up events from march until September. However, the money I saved for my road bike was put to use by my wife as a down payment on a house. She says its a better investment but I'm not agreeing yet.

6-  Finish a triathlon in under 2 hours.

I figured for a sprint course 15 minutes on a 300m swim would be more than enough, an hour on the bike and 30 minutes on the run, add transition time and a buffer and viola! I haven't done this yet for the reason above. If you think this is too slow....see #4 and kiss my ass.

7- Finish a triathlon in under 1.5 hours.

Basically motivation to improve. Please see #4 and #6 for questions and then kiss my ass again.

8- The last week I have been considering adding another goal. Either compete a 10k, 5 miler, 10 miler, or half marathon. I would also like to compete in a half century (or even century if I can work up to it) or a MTB endurance race. Lastly, I am also looking to join a running club or group to stay motivated.

Daily Report 061610

Goals: Am Run, Lunchtime workout, healthy eating

Results: Although I planned for a long run (1 hour) I was sore from yesterday so I completed a 2.65 mile run in 30 minutes (includes warm up cool down and a tempo portion). PM completed 30 Sumo dead lift things, 25 db thrusters, 20 sumo things, 15 thrusters, 15 sumo things, and 10 thrusters in 7 minutes. Added 30 push ups to the end to draw the workout out a little longer.

Diet setbacks: 877 cals, 48g fat, 35g carbs, 75g protein

Thoughts: Diet was not bad but could have had more calories. It will even it self out with bad diet days earlier this week. The Pm workout was a crossfit workout with rowing, and wallball throws but without the equipment I had to use the substitutes. They were new exercises to me and were a struggle. I think the workout would have been easier with the correct equipment. Overall a decent day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PoolMate from

Ever since two days after I started this blog I have been having trouble keeping up due to my computer catching a virus and going into the shop. Now I am blogging from work and have very limited options such as pictures etc., Despite this speed bump in my routine, I have a personal love for technology incorporated with fitness.

There are a few pieces I even find essential. My personal favorite item is my ipod. I have heard the debate that you should find your own motivation while running and not need music, well I disagree. I have used it for motivations, breaks in boredom and even put it on shuffle and made myself run to the beats of various songs. I even have been using an MP3 player since before ipods.  I also love using my Polar heart rate monitor. great for zone training. Granted I have a 2005 model but it still works. I also use various websites for tracking progress with diet and exercises, including this one and I won't even get into great technology like carbon.

Today while reading an article I stumbled over an link for the Poolmate. I though to myself it could be kind of useful for swim workouts. I often time laps, total time, etc. It even counts your laps! Although not usually racking up more than say 15 laps during a swim, I still often get lost in my count. this would resolve that. On the otherhand, on top of being $99, it reminds me too much of the first (and only!!!) pedometer I ever purchases. This thing would give me extra steps for my backpack moving, going up and down stairs, moving in a rolling chair, etc. It is something I would give a try but not for that price.  I am not sure I faith that it is worth it. Does it work with all strokes? For now I think I will keep track in my head and save my $99 bucks for a race registration.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Report 061510

Goals: AM workout, Lunchtime Workout, PM swim and cycle brick.

Results: Lunchtime crossfit workout of 5 pull ups (assisted), 10 push ups, 15 squats. 15 rounds for time. Completed in 19:29. PM Swim- 100m warm up, 10x25m sprints with 60 seconds rest, and 100m cool down completed in 21 minutes. Followed by a 4.2 mile bike ride that took 51 minutes.

Diet Setbacks: daily total 1,657 calories, 88 grams of fat, 164 net carbs, 85g protein.

Thoughts: Diet: Overall satisfied with my totals but I know I had too much fat and carbs for my preference. This is probably a little more forgivable with the amount of exercises I did. I ate 5 times but one of my snacks was a little too large, a bagel and a quesadilla. Get that back under control and I should be ok. Workouts were good but I feel I should have gotten more bike accomplished in an hour. It was a hilly course, however I was lost for most of it because my mapping software directed me to roads that did not exist. Therefore I did not take my intended route. Today was a decent day.

Daily Report 061410

Goals: AM Run, PM workout (unknown at this time), Healthy Eating

Results: morning run was 3 minute warm up, 30 second sprints and 30 seconds rest, 3 minute cool down. Completed 1.4 miles in 12 minutes. PM 19 minutes of circuit train that I will explain below.

Diet Setbacks: Ate lunch with "the team" (explained below) at a Chinese restaurant  but tried to stay away from fried things. I at pepper chicken and grilled chicken. I don't think that I did too bad.

Thoughts: For those of you who do not know (which would be my two enrolled followers, my silent followers already know) I am a member of the North Carolina Department of Correction Western Region Prison Emergency Response Team. Western Region Pert if you are Company Commander Williams, or just PERT to anyone else in DOC. Once a month we come together for company wide training. This month was our obligatory legal reviews (who you can shoot, who you can't, who you can search, who you can't), Security Threat Group training (prison term for gangs), riot formations, and physical training (PT!).

After a full day of training we completed what the commander called a circle course. I think we should call it around the world. This was a circuit training workout put together in a circle around a cafeteria type room. We spent 60 seconds at a station, ran two laps around the room (about another minute) and proceeded to the next station. There were 10 stations in all; they included mountain climbers, flutter kicks, steam engine (similar to a standing oblique crunch), speed squats, standard push ups, crunches, wide grip push ups, calf raises,  close grip push ups, bicycles, and side straddle hop (jumping jacks). The workout took about 19 minutes per group. It also worked up a very good sweat for the fat kid.

However, it did hit a pet peeve of mine. I am not the least fit guy on the team but I am not the most fit. This is also an organization that should be made of people who are a cut above the rest since we deal with prison emergencies like escapes and riots. I was not impressed with my of my peers who were horse playing or faking the exercises by completing them only when being watched. I may not be able to a minute of every exercises, although I can do for a minute of some, but I at least kept working. For every station I set  goal of reps to complete. If I got tired with an exercises, for instance push ups, I would maintain the up position and then take 5 breaths, I would then complete 5 more reps, and repaeat till the whistle blew. If I am fat and can take this seriously so can the fit guys. I do say thank you to my partner Officer Jeffrey's who gave it 110% and like me kept encouraging others to keep pushing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Daily Report 061310

Goal: Long Run, Healthy Eating.

Results: Ran 5.4 miles in 60 minutes.

Diet Setbacks: Dunkin Donuts for breaskfast, Mountain Dew and Baskin Robins Brownie Sunday for post workout snack.

Thoughts: Had a great run, although I developed a runny nose 40 minutes in. Donuts were a set back but the wife wanted them because she had a coupon. I am fat and do love donuts. After my workout I felt so good that I needed sunday and a soda. Felt huge and bloated so I decided I wuld be adding a run tommorow to my schedule.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daily Report

Daily Report 061210

Goal: AM workout, Mow lawn, healthy eating

Results: Completed a crossfit workout from a few days back first thing in the morning. Five sets of 5 reps deadlift. 225 lbs, 200 lbs, 150 lbs, 150 lbs, 150 lbs.After that I did 35 sit ups on a declined bench. Mowed lawn. In the late afternoon I also swam 3- 7 minute intervals for distance a crossfit endurance workout from a few days back. 350m, 275m, 375m.

Diet Setbacks: McDonald's bacon egg and cheese biscuit.

Thoughts: Mowing the lawn at my house is no easy feat. Per my calculations if I mow my entire lawn with the 22 inch push mower that I use, then I have walked 2.5 miles. Also consider that this isn't just walking it is also pushing the mower on un-level ground. In today's case I think I worked off my biscuit.

First Bad LBS Expereince

    Today after my workout I made a trip to my local bike shop, First Flight Bicycles of Statesville, NC. With a little bit of money I have saved I was excited to go see what I might be able to fix on my bike. Over time and due to all of my moves I have frequented 11 different local bike shops and 2 large chain bike shops (Performance Cary and Chapel Hill), to date I can not think of a bad experience at an LBS. I guess there is a first time for everything.
    I went to the store today with my biggest priority being fine-tuning my cleats, handle bars, and seat in order to have a more comfortable ride. I have also wanted to check on used road bikes since I do want to compete in a Tri and would like to ride more often, as well as a new wheels set. When I came in to the store I spoke with the one full time employ who I have spoken to many times since 2006 when I began shopping at this store. I asked for advise and assistance getting the bike to fit better. I was informed that since I did not buy the bike or shoes there and since time is money (note: he was on the computer when I came in doing clearly more important things) there was little he could do for me. He then gave me quick notes on the seat and bars but told me that the original bike shop should have done this for me. HE also said it is part of the package of buying a bike from them before you ever leave with it. He then went on to insult my shoes and my crank brother pedals.
    Next, I asked that since I was unable at this time to buy the road bike that I want ( I want a Trek 1.2), how much would it cost to build a wheel set with slick tires. I prefaced this answer with the fact I am on a tight budget and and am trying to optimize performance and efficiency while minimizing cost and would like to find the median between the two. He rolled his eyes and smirked when I said this. He told me that with wheels, tubes, and tires it would cost $250 - $300 and that probably would not be good for me since this was clearly more than my bike is worth.  He also added there would be some mechanical issues that would also make it hard like chain wear, etc. These problems I understand. He suggested that I buy a set of slicks and new tubes and get practice at changing tires. This is exactly what I did, I purchased the Bontrager H2 tires and standard tubes.
     I pushed my bike out and and loaded it in my truck. As I drove away is then the buyer's remorse hit me, not for the $60 dollars but for the way I was left feeling. I felt bad about my bike and not having money. I bought this bike when I was in graduate school and after saving up all winter for a snow board. By the time I had the money winter was over, so I went to a bike shop and bought the best bike I could afford. I have the pedals I have because all of my friends and my first two bike shops swore by this brand. It led me to ask: When did mountain biking become so elitist? When I first started cycling a guy I worked with named Jeff talked shit to me about my bike and about how only Giant bikes were good and specialized is crap, blah blah, blah. Jeff was a spoiled brat who had never had to work for anything in his life to the point that he even killed someone in a car accident in high school and his family paid his way out of it. On the other hand, a good friend who I did my first few cross country rides with, Dustin Wilson, was kind a of hippie and was a part time national park ranger. Dustin was very mellow, never talked down about brands, just here and there giving me advice about good equipment or additions I could make like a bike computer, clipless peddles, or lighter saddle.  This is what I think of when I think of mountain bikers. This was a sport started by outsiders that could turn a wrench themselves, grunge guys that were on the fringe and didn't care. Has the pretentious road cycling attitude taken over? It sure feels like it! If I don't have the best gear then I should stick to running, oh wait runners don't want to be seen with me because I am too fat. As someone who grew up on food stamps and medicaid, put himself through undergrad and grad school, and then turned around and went to work making barely more than minimum wage because I work for state government I buy, serving and Protecting or at least that what the patch on my uniform says, so due to limited income I buy the best I can afford, I often save for parts. In the past I have had to go months without riding because I needed new cranks and bottom bracket that I could not afford. I had to wait until Christmas and asked for one part as a gift and buy the other myself.
I leave these questions to ponder:
1- When, why and how did elitism make its way into mountain biking?
2- Since you can't be a cyclist if you have a budget, what hobbies should poor people have?
3- What hobbies should fat people have since outdoor sports get you an awkward eye?

Note: If you are curious what I ride I have a  2006 Specialized Hard Rock, Bontrager Big Earl Cranks, Bontrager Howitzer Bottom Brackets, Bontrager Saddle, Crank Brothers Mallet Pedals, and Forte Shoes (got them on sale at performance and sales items are probably looked down on). Although most if this is down hill or free ride designed I like how it stands up to big boy weight and fun with technical obstacles.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Daily Report

Goal: AM- High Intensity Strength Training. Lunch- Strength. PM- Swim or bike ride. Healthy Eating.

Results: PM- 500m swim in t-shirt and 2 pairs of shorts, yesterdays Crossfit Endurance WOD. followed by 1 mile hill run 9:59.

Diet Setbacks: what diet? Burger King for breakfast, Diner for lunch, KFC for dinner. About 2 Mountain Dews.

Thoughts: My diet sucked today. I feel bloated and weighed out at 228 lbs. Disgusting. Overslept this morning so I had to stop for breakfast, therefore no workout either. Alarm clock never went off. Planned salad and workout for lunch but my boss decided to take me out to lunch. I could have ordered a salad or egg whites but I went with a poor choice. On the way home from work I was informed by wife that we were going to KFC for buffet with her family. Nothing other than crap on the buffet. Although I missed two workouts I came home before dinner and swam. The shirt slowed me down enough that it made working on my breathing easier. I was again motivated so I decided to run to my in-laws house instead of driving. It sucked, I was barely moving but I got there, it is an interesting run as it is mostly up hill.

Background: College and Beyond

My last few background entries have shown my interest in fitness since I was a child. This one should sum up how I got big. After this I will have real posts about current shit.

After graduating high school I continued on to Western Carolina University (Go CATS!). Once in college I continued my all day eating habits. Not in a good way though. Many days I had chick-fil-a three times a day, and often a three thousand calories dinners. In addition to about 2000 liquid calories via Coca Cola per day, I continued this habit for four years though undergrad. Many students gain the freshmen 10 or 15 from beer, I gained mine in chicken nuggets. I ate them until I was sick of them. I still feel like a larger part of abusing them was because growing up Chick-fil-a was so expensive we could only have it on special occasions.

Although I was not as active as in high school, I still wasn't sedentary in undergrad. I worked out religiously on and off, usually for the first few weeks of every semester. Spring of freshman and fall of sophomore years I practiced with the rugby team, it was a lot like football practice but not quite as hard a practice. I also suck at this, a lot. I learned I can't run and catch a ball. For some reason I have to stop, this makes me easier to hit by the way and I don't like being hit; I like being the one who hits. I must also note that I still think rugby is a great sport and if you aren't familiar with it you should learn about the game. You can really tell it is the root of football, but I like rugby better. Freshmen year I also joined the WCU karate club and made the karate team. Junior year a found another instructor, one I feel was a little less political and began getting private lessons. With both instructors I was working out at least once a week and often more. I competed in many local and regional tournaments and never placed less than 4th and took home several 1st place titles. I also competed in 1 international circuit tournament and placed 8th in the world in sparring for my age (under 39) and weight (heavyweight). I even took the school over for a while when my instructor became ill. When I first started school I managed to lose weight back down to 140 pounds but didn't keep it off and ballooned up.

Grad School brought on another unique set of problems. I decided to complete a masters of public affairs (political science), a two year program that I was going to complete in 13 months. This meant taking twice the class load. I didn't mention I was also working a full time job. I was so busy that I would go days without eating and once I finally got hungry enough I would eat 10 tacos, or 2 pizzas, or a bucket of chicken. I was too busy to train in martial arts at the time. In December I got up to 220 pounds. from 140 pounds to 220 in five years that is 16 pounds a year ( granted I did fill out some, shoulders. etc. but it was mostly fat) A friend of mine was having the same issue so we pledged to get up and meet each other at the campus gym at 0530 every morning. He made it for 3 days. I however continued for the rest of the fall semester and through out the spring. I also changed my diet slightly and several days a weeks ate healthier. this was hard but I stuck too it may typically day schedule was int he gym at 0530, work at 0800, leave for school (an hour away) at 1600, get home at 2230,and then back to work or do homework until 0230. Go to sleep, get up, and do it again.By the end of semester I celebrated 199 pounds. This was done purely through hard work.

Shortly after reaching this goal I finished school and went into the workforce. While I looked for a job in the criminal justice or political science fields I worked construction as I have many times since I was 11 years old. We worked sun up to sun down 6 days a week and usually didn't stop for meal breaks. Everyday I packed bags full of rabbit food and grazed through out the day. Many days I even lifted or went for mountain bike rides when I got home. OnSeptember 21st I got my first real job and went to work for the North Carolina Department of Corrections at Central Prison.I was placed on third shift 11pm to 7am. My diet was so-so, at the beginning of every month I would go shopping and get healthy foods. toward the middle of the month when I was out of food and money I tended to just picked up fast food when and where I could. I also got into the bad habit of many Correctional Officers on 3rd shift: eating to stay awake. Nothing like sitting in a tower for 8 hours and eating an entire pizza and an order of sesame chicken. It was good and bad that Central Prison is so close to NC State University, being that close meant numerous options of all night delivery. After a few years I was promoted to a Parole and Probation Officer and started working out and dieting like I tend to do when I have a change in life I dropped 20 pounds from 140 to 120. This too was short lived as I got into the trap of going out with the team for all you can eat beer, wings, and the like.

After weight gain, problems sleeping, an unusually high amount of stress, and an upcoming wedding, on September 24, 2009 I quit my job and moved to Statesville, NC. Of the first few weeks I spent my days looking for work and doing repairs on the house we were renting (landlord was a slumlord). On October 17th, 2009 I was married and went on cruise to the Bahamas. Upon my return I got back on the scale and was 255 pounds!!! This was my breaking point. Honestly, I already hated the way I looked, I had 2 chins in my wedding photos and looked pregnant in my honeymoon photo's. enough is enough!

At this point I went back to the diet that I had attempted the previous spring. I should mention that due to my BMI, in  the spring of 2009 I went to a doctor seeking weight loss help since I was Obese. He did not feel I needed assistance because I was too fit (compared to most obese people). But suggested the Protein Power Diet. I read up on the structure of this diet plan and began a diet of 33 carbs per day. Hard at first but once the headaches pass and you learn what you can eat it becomes pretty easy. I then tried to trim calories and fat from the diet as well. I also set another goal. I needed a motivator, so I sign up for I 5k for new years eve. This wasn't just any 5k it was a run at midnight on new year's eve/new year's day through the Christmas light display that back traffic up for miles starting in November. I even got my mother in law to run it with me, she also fights to stay healthy. In preparation I was running from a plan from runners world and lifting weights. In November I ran 22.5 miles and in December I ran 93 miles, these included regular runs, long runs up to 7 miles, and speed work. When it was all said and done I ran the race and completed in just over 33 minutes and lost 35 pounds making me 220 pounds. This is big but was still a victory, I finally felt good about something. Tt has been long time since the last time I felt good about myself.

So that brings us up to this year, 26 years in 3 entries and about 12 paragraphs. Seemed long to me but I guess that is pretty short in the long run. Long run......that sounds like a fun thing to do tonight.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daily Report

Goals: AM workout and after-work bike ride, healthy eating.

Results: AM- treadmill run 2.6 miles at 3% incline in 28 minutes. PM- 7.75 mile bike ride and streets and bike trail. I followed this with an 18 minute 1.75 mile run.

Diet Setbacks- 1 Dr. Pepper, 1 Mountain Dew Slush, 1 plate of fried giant shrimp and fries.

Thoughts. Exercises first. AM- run good. PM- Happy to be back on my bike! Had a hill climb that was one of the hardest I have ever done. I used an easy gear and went slow but I didn't stop and pushed myself through it. I was very proud of myself. I was so motivated I decided to make it a brick and do an extra run. It was going to be a 23 minutes run but my calfs were killing me on the hills so  called it off at a8 minutes. OK so the diet. The Dr.pepper has no excuse. The shrimp plate was due to going out to eat with the Superintendent today after a meeting. They decided on seafood and since it is something I never have I indulged. The mountain dew was because at 9pm after having done nearly 2 hours of cardio today I felt I had earned. None of these are good excuses in my opinion, just so you know.

Background: High School

NOTE: I promise this blog will not be an autobiography of my childhood but this series of entries are my hopes to explain my love of an active life and what took me to my breaking point. Basically, what built a fatlete.

    In the spring of 9th grade, after being a chubby introvert for a few years I got my first piece of motivation. After my third high school change of the year I landed with my step-grand parents for the rest of the school year and was enrolled in Air Force JROTC at Fike High School in Wilson, NC. As a part of the program there was a monthly Physical Fitness Test. It was at this time I learned some weaknesses and some strengths. The PFT consisted of max pull ups, max push ups, 2 minute sit ups, broad jump, and something like a 550 meter run. I learned I sucked at the run and jump. I didn't know how to fix it at the time. I struggled to do push ups and pulls ups, but I worked at it and improved them by doing them daily. I never had good results during the test because I didn't realize that maxing out in the exercises the day before the test was not a good idea. However, sit ups were my bread and butter with 80 in 2 minutes. The max score. After the school year ended, I went back to live with my mom and step-dad and was given my first issue of men's health which began a love of fitness knowledge. I started following a boot camp workout, running and doing push ups and I took myself from 140lbs of lard to 140lbs of half muscle, half love handles but I had visible abs.
    The next year I landed at Chapel hill High School and in the winter of that year started competitive fencing although not too strenuous (or at least not our program) half the team was made up of cross country runners so we ran several miles a day as a warm up. It was at this point, the first time I ran in the woods that I realized I loved running. I realized it clears my mind and makes me feel happier when I am done. At the end of the season many of the XC runners were also Pole vaulters on the track team. They hyped it up so much that I had to try it. I sucked, a lot. Despite that, I competed in both sports sophomore and junior year. Personal bests included attending the North Carolina High School Championships, U.S. High School championships, and the Junior Olympic Qualifiers in fencing. My PR in track was clearing 13 feet one time, only time I made it over 8 feet. At the end of junior year I made friends with the kicker from the football team and started kicking with him after school twice a week. Fall of senior year I went out for the football team and made the team as a kicker. The next day I went to the coach and told I didn't want to be a kicker I wanted to play line. He told me pick a position and go out for it. I picked center, that day the offensive line coach told me I was too small and moved me to tight end. In an entire season I only played in a 1 game. For the majority of high school I was 140 pounds with love handles but not huge being active probably helped me from getting too fat despite not being any good. Football was a big change. The most work I had ever had to put into athletics. I got into the the habit of eating all day in order to have enough energy to finish the day. Thanks to that I was 160 by the end of the season. Unfortunately I kept the habit but didn't play anymore sports and graduate at 180 lbs. I still wasn't big though. This started a eating trend that continued and I will discuss more in depth in my next entry.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today's Workouts

Goal: morning workout, lunch time workout, healthy eating

Results: Am- rode 4.58 miles in 20 minutes. Lunch (4pm/2nd shift today)- cross fit WOD 150lbs squat, 10 pull ups, 20 double-unders (I substituted box jumps) as many circuits in 12 minutes. i completed 4.

Diet Setbacks: 1 Dr.Pepper, 1 mountain dew, 1 Danish, 1 bag of chips.

Thoughts: Dieting sucked today. The guy at the bike shop pissed me off and I resort to comfort foods when I am upset. On a positive note, I drank 32 ounces of water across my 2 workouts today.

Background: The Early Years

   One of my first memories is riding my bike. At the time I lived in the desert outside of Phoenix, AZ. My loves for that time were running outside, riding my bike outside, and climbing the rope ties to the only tree that we had. At the time I was so skinny that the school system wanted to know if my mother was feeding me and then they made sure I was eating my free lunch meals.
   Move on to North Carolina and years later my love of running and riding my bike continued, but due to the NC climates allergies began. In third grade I began my first rec. sport league playing baseball, which is still my favorite sport to this day. The next fall I began soccer which I always enjoyed and in the winter I started basketball. At my first basketball game i got very sick and had to go home after the first quarter. I was sick for several days until having to go see a specialist and at that time I was diagnosed with asthma and given both steroid and rescue inhalers. For nearly 20 years I have been given different cocktails of these drugs to help my breathing. I continued playing baseball and soccer until the end of elementary school due to family reasons that i won't get into here, but never played basketball again and still do not know how to play. Baseball was always fun for me because I did decent, although I could not catch well I could hit and run very very well. Every time I changed leagues I was a poor player but the next year would be one of the strongest on the team. Soccer was also fun for me although in fourth grade I was moved to goalkeeper. I always like to think it was because I was too aggressive but I probably wasn't a very good or confident ball handler. throughout this whole time I was average to tall height and weighed 60 pounds.
    Sometime between 5th and 6th grade my weight doubled from 60lbs to 120lbs. Apparently, I had a horizontal growth spurt that we later were given information that it may have been caused by the steroid inhalers (many articles like this one exist). I did not play any sports while in 6th grade and in 7th grade was signed up for football but only attended my first practice, again due to the family reasons stated earlier. During the uniform fittings and my first practice the coaches raved that they were glad to have me because of my size. How often do you get to here people want you around because you are fat? Middle school only got worse due to my size and asthma I stopped being active and played inside a lot losing the little athletic abilities I had. I cycle then began and because I of limited abilities I was always picked last in gym which did nothing to encourage me to be active, it just depressed me and drove me inside more often. The only positive thing going for this time was that I found skateboarding in 7th grade and although not very coordinated or very lanky like most skateboarders, I believe it gave me something to do outside again and led to me to some of the things I do now, but more in that later.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Welcome to my new blog. If you are reading this you are probably lost but maybe you'll stick around and have some fun. Maybe even leave a comment. I have created this new blog for several reasons, the first and most important is to hopefully give other overweight/obese men a source of motivation and resources in their fight to become healthy. I also hope to use this as another source of documentation of my workouts and thoughts in order to continue to motivate my change. In addition to listing my workouts I hope to share interesting fitness articles, motivational writing, enter into a variety of competitions and right about a variety of non-traditional sports, personal insights and feelings, and in time gain a decent amount of user feedback.

Now that my purpose is clearly stated I feel I should explain the name. The Super Fatlete is a combination of several concepts. It should be noted that it should not be taken as me seeing myself as a Super Athlete since I am in no way that. I am competitive by nature in almost all things that I do. I have always had a love for sports, but rarely spectator sports, and enjoy competing in order to gauge my abilities against others, to measure areas I can improve, and motivate myself to beat personal records. I rarely enter into a competition thinking I have a chance at winning, but my goal is to finish strong and beat my own expectations. I do this all while being 225 pounds (today), in this body I feel huge but my doctor and and many of my friends disagree. This weight for my height makes me obese per BMI but my doctor thinks I am not Super Fat. Coupling the competitiveness, with love of sports, and 225 pounds of fatty tissue I thought the name Super Fatlete was appropriate (and i couldn't find anyone else using it while fat runner, fat athlete, fat triathlete, and fat cyclist were all taken).

Since I know that I do not have any readers I feel that the next few days will be a great time to discuss my past.  This way one day if I do get readers and they are bored, they can read back to beginning an find out more about me. My plan is to share my growing up over a few installments but before I write the first one I am going to go workout.......