Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goal Setting Session

When I outlined how I wanted to use this blog I knew that I wanted to give history, goals, updates, and musings. Just last night I realized I have forgotten to declare my goals.

I sat down the last week of December and wrote down my fitness goals for 2010. I also wrote down life goals, but I haven't looked at them since. I then took the list and put it on the fridge! I haven't seen them lately, there maybe donut coupons covering it. I love donuts!! I remember something from my FEMA training that goals should be obtainable, so I think these are.

Drum roll please- In no particular order my 2010 goals are-

1- Get my weight down to 186 pounds.

This is the maximum allowable weight for my height per the US Department of Defense and therefore I am using it as my standard. On 1/1/10 I was 220 pounds therefore it is about 35 pounds to lose and that would mean an average of less than 1 pound per week. I think that is obtainable. I feel I would be pretty lean at this size and am not interested in getting to much smaller, I might look weird with a big neck and little waist.

2- Bench Press 200 Pounds, Squat 200 Pounds, Dead lift 200 pounds

These amounts in these exercises were how you got on the leader board for my high school football team. At the time I could only bench press 95 pounds. At the time I set these goals my most recent max for bench press was 160. As of today, I have not done a 1 rep max, however according to the sign on the wall at the gym since I can lift that becasuse of the weight and reps in my normal work sets (155x10). I did several sets of 200lbs squats last week and dead lifted over 200lbs last weekend. This appears to be coming along well.

3- Compete in a 5k.

At midnight on 1/1/10 I completed this goal in about 33 minutes.

4- Finish a 5k in under 30 minutes.

I have not signed up for another race since. Found several but I had conflicts. I have finished a 5k circuit on a treadmill in 29:50. I will call this done when I do it in a race. It may be slow to you but its my goal damn it!!!

5- Finish a Triathlon.

I originally planned to compete in one a month via trysports with set up events from march until September. However, the money I saved for my road bike was put to use by my wife as a down payment on a house. She says its a better investment but I'm not agreeing yet.

6-  Finish a triathlon in under 2 hours.

I figured for a sprint course 15 minutes on a 300m swim would be more than enough, an hour on the bike and 30 minutes on the run, add transition time and a buffer and viola! I haven't done this yet for the reason above. If you think this is too slow....see #4 and kiss my ass.

7- Finish a triathlon in under 1.5 hours.

Basically motivation to improve. Please see #4 and #6 for questions and then kiss my ass again.

8- The last week I have been considering adding another goal. Either compete a 10k, 5 miler, 10 miler, or half marathon. I would also like to compete in a half century (or even century if I can work up to it) or a MTB endurance race. Lastly, I am also looking to join a running club or group to stay motivated.

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