Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Harvest Race Report

Due to my intention to run a half marathon, I though it prudent to get some experience pounding pavement on a race longer than a 5k. Late in the week I found a 10k a half an hour away. One of the awards for this race was best costume, late Friday night I decided I should go to wal-mart and find a costume. On second thought, since this is my first 10k how about a try the costume thing next year.

36 degrees at race time.

Out of the house at 6 to make the drive to the venue, but not without having my customary peanut butter and honey toast. When I arrived I was going to do same day registration. This was a sore spot for me due to attempting to pre-register. I waited until pay day to register. I went to to register and the registration was closed, yet the race website said registration was through Friday. I called to see if I could register over the phone or get some assistance and they told me not to worry just register tomorrow. I didn't like that answer (because that costs more) so the attendant went to find someone else. She put me on hold and while she was away I found something on the website that would be confirmed by her momentarily. When she returned she told me the manager said that it said on the website that on-line registration ended the Wednesday. That was the same thing I noticed on the website while I was holding. Except, the sentence I found about when online registration closed was listed under packet pick, not under registration. How much sense does that make?!?!?!?
Too early!
   I could not take their tip about just swinging by to register since the race was over an hour away from where I work. I registered when I got there for the race. As I registered they made fun of me, that's always great. I went to the restroom and started to outside warm up when I realized they never gave  me a chip. I went back inside to address this. Time to warm up, eat a packet of gu, and head to the starting line.

Race Time 7:45 AM
Goal: As this was my first 10k, the goal was to run as hard as I could and do my best. I plan to use this race as my reference point from here on. Ideally, my plan was to finish under an hour meaning I needed a 9:39 pace.

Mile 1- 8:28 I asked myself why I was doing this during this mile. Turned out to be a new PR mile.
Mile 2- 8:31 Then end of this mile was the last time I had water. From here the stations were not ready.
Mile 3- 8:45
Mile 4- 8:51 The end of this mile is when it started hurting.
Mile 5- 8:59 After this mile my abs hurt like never before.
Mile 6- 8:48

OVERALL- 54:44         That's an 8:50 pace!!!!
AG 8 of 10
111 of 207 (oddly, I was 107 at the race and 111 after)

Post Race: Walked for a minute to warm down my muscles and then went to the post race table. They had water and orange slices. This is my first race ever with no bananas! Took the picture, ate a Gu, stretches and got ready for my cool down............

5K Race 9:00 AM
Goal: Feel entirely too exhausted to attempt a go hard and try for a new PR. I decided to go out hard and and try for a new mile PR. If I can do it this tired then I know a mile time trial in the future should be even better.

Mile 2- 9:32
Mile 3- 9:09   Tried my best to sprint it in while letting out a war cry!

Overall- 27:30      8:52 pace
AG 6 of 9
114 of 330

Post Race- I had a bottle of water, sucked the juice from an orange and hit the road. I knew that my time would not lead to an AG podium spot, but that's ok because I ran my first ever 10k prior. MUCH BIGGER VICTORY!!!

On the way home I stopped at a local Fleet Feet Sports (more on it later) and finally gave in to the viral social media pressure and bought a pair of 2XU Compression Calf Sleeves. Actually, I have been trying my best to win a pair online, but finally gave in and bought a pair. 

I wore the calf sleeves out of the store and then put them back on after my post race cold shower (no ice for bath). These are my reward for reaching 205 pounds.

Pros- After wearing them until bed time I could really feel a difference in terms of recovery. There is not doubt in my mind that my legs felt better when compared to the last 5k I ran. I felt like I could run again sooner. Also, I like the calf sleeves because I can wear my own socks with them and I change my type of run depending on my distance.

Cons- at $55 they are more expensive than comparable brands. Also calf sleeves do nothing for my upper legs, but that is obvious.

I look forward to wearing these for my Half Marathon since my calves are the first muscle to get sore on long runs.


Friday, October 29, 2010


Goal: weights, run, low carbs

Results: run

Diet: I don't remember a diet.

Morning weight: 205

Thoughts: today was another one of my " interesting" days. I had to be at the prison for some secret squirrel business at 0430. No hopes in a pre-work workout when I only get 7 hours to be home and need to fit in eating and sleeping. The most positive part about this was I got to go home early since at 1pm I had worked over 8 hours. I had big plans for my off earlyness. I planned to grab a salad, take a 30 minute nap, lift weights, turn my 3 mile run into a 5 or 6 miler to amp up the fat burning, and finish a job application.

Reality played out a little different. I got home and bypassed the salad for my nap. Instead of 30 minutes, I woke up at 5:45. Although I missed out on prime time for my workouts I am not upset, if I spent that long asleep, then my body needed it. Waking up at 5:45 gave me just enough time to wipe the sleep from my eyes (and drool from my face), get the dogs outside, and make treats for dog training. After training, I helped make dinner and then it was time for OUR show and to eat said dinner. This left only 30 minutes left to workout before bed. I had to pick. I went with running. THE PLAN called for a 3 mile run, being that it was cold and I had limited time, I made it two miler but went to one of my favorite hills for a terrain challenge. I AM COMMITTED TO MAKING IT TO THE GYM TO LIFT IN FRIDAY MORNING!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Growing up I often use music to escape from my life. Every part of my life has had a soundtrack and I have listened to a wide variety of music over the years. I have had brief periods of country, rock, punk, swing, oldies, and others. The two longest stretches may have been punk and rap. I still listen to rap the majority of the time. Growing up when tough times were around me and I was very angry I listened to angry music. For some reason  if I wanted to confront someone, listening to aggressive music got me over it, just by listening to someone else being angry helped. I listened to the music that you would probably never want your kids listening to, not the rap you here on the radio.

Today I still use music as a release and mix my music with my mood or my activity. Yard work often is paired with Sublime. Hanging out on the back porch with reggae. Mountain biking with either Pink Floyd or some of my favorite punk bands doing cover songs (for some reason I have a deep love of hearing punk variations of songs that were never intended to be arranged that way).

I also use music as motivation. Case and point, this weekend when my 15 mile run started to lag in the third hour I started my idevil ipod. The first song to play was "Go Hard" by Kanye West. Listening to this song made me feel renewed and my pace improved my a minute per mile.

This morning I heard a song I had never heard before or at least never remembering hearing before. I was listening to Stan's mixtape which is a limited edition bonus disk that came with an Eminem CD years ago. The song was Eminem featuring Jay-Z and entitled "Renegade". A certain set of lines stuck out to me. I do not think that rap today is as artistic and as much like poetry like it was in it's early state, however due to it's context it still gives many people something to relate to by discussing poverty, drugs, violence, etc. The lines I heard today were two-fold. The big picture of the lines is something I related to, but there were a few words that really stuck out to me and I think myself and others can use every day. At the bottom of this post is the exert that has been motivating me today; my favorite parts don't make much sense out of context so I included the entire section but the bold is what I find the most powerful.  (I have edited the song slightly to use less slang).

What is your favorite song you have heard today?

What music has motivated you on a recent workout or through a part of your life recently?

"My pops left me an orphan, my momma wasn't home
(You) could not tell me that I wasn't grown;
'specially on nights I brought something home to quiet the stomach rumblings
My demeanor - thirty years my senior
My childhood didn't mean much, only raisin green (money) up
Raising my fingers to critics; raising my head to the sky
Just know I chose my own fate
I drove to the fork in the road and I went straight"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Goal: Speedwork, low carbs

Results: 5x400, 12 minutes rowing, 20 minutes stationary bike

Morning Weight: 204

Thoughts: Today has been a decent day. I didn't have a chance to log carbs but I do not think I hit my goal, but I think they were still low. No bad foods to report. This morning before work I was able to get in my speedwork run 4x500. Per my plan they were supposed to be 5k speed. That would make them about 2:00 a piece. I actually got each one in 1:40. I tried to slow down several times but I was naturally moving the pace. It was nice because it didn't feel like I was working hard. These are fastest 400's I have pulled and I wasn't even trying. Nice.

After work I had a little time before criminal minds so I jogged over to the gym to pay some extra penance for my bad foods yesterday. I rowed on the concept 2 for 12 minutes and then rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes. I stayed in an easy ?gear? on the bike so that I could spin 100 rpms. I know I have had an increase in fitness level when this didn't even make me sweat and barely made my heart rate rise. It wouldn't have been that easy prior to this summer.

During our long ride home this weekend CB was discussing my bike purchase. She suggested I find a cheaper hobby like fishing and then she asked me why I haven't taken her fishing lately. Ironically, taking her fishing doesn't involve me getting to fish at all. It involves me baiting hooks and retrieving my favorite tackle out of trees.

Today I got to thinking about my hobbies. I have been on and off with fitness since my first weight bench was given to me before seventh grade. I have also had a variety of other hobbies including martial arts, fishing, sound recording, backpacking, kayaking, mountain biking, search and rescue, painting, rock climbing, diving, and probably others. This leads to a lot of stuff stored around here.

Half of my closet is dedicated to search and rescue. Since I can be called at any time and am a technician in various rescue disciplines I have various bags. If I get called I can go to my closet grab the deployment bag and the bag that corresponds to the search. This is all in addition to the basic extrication, medical, and short range search bag that stays in my truck.

My attic is a similar story, a collection of hobbies past. Not pictured is the 14 ft touring kayak in my back yard or my sound gear.The sound gear hasn't been touched since the last play I worked on with my college theatre company in 2004. At one time I had a mobile recording studio with my lap top and box of gear. I have been rock climbing since I was in high school. I have several ropes for both climbing and rappelling, as well as lead climbing gear and enough harnesses to track my weight changes and spares to take friends with me. Although I now live in a location where I could possibly use them again, I haven't used them since 2005 and that was after a lay off from climbing for 3 years. I have had the backpacking and climbing gear (it has changed over time) for over 10 years. I constantly have a desire to walk away from life and thru hike the AT, but I haven't backpacked since 2006 (I do hike several times per year). I have had the kayak for two years and only put it in the water twice. I have collected the martial arts equipment since 2000. I haven't trained since losing my instructor in 2005. I have done a few presentation and clinics since but no serious teaching or training. Around 2004 I went through an artistic streak where I purchased a bunch of painting stuff. Except for one time last year I hadn't touched any of it since 2008.

It seems like I have been collecting hobbies. I guess CB may be worried that triathlon is just another of these hobbies. I did a lot of thinking this today and emailing with cb trying to get feedback on how many hobbies are acceptable. I have resolve to remedy my collection of hobbies, I have also gone through some debate and rationalizing.

I am committed to sell the sound equipment. No problem, maybe I can get enough for some aero bars.

I am giving the paint stuff to lil sis-in law., She will LOVE it, almost as much as beef jerky.

I want to keep all of the outdoor gear under the assumption that as a guide I need it. Sad truth is that I haven't guided a trip in 10 months.

I am going to downsize the backpacking gear. I think much may make the trash or maybe posted on here as a give away.

I am keeping the kayak for at least one more year. Before I had to store it at a friends 45 minutes away. Now I live 15 minutes form the largest lake in the state. I will revisit this topic if I haven't gotten any use of the boat by this time next year.

I want to keep all the karate stuff because if it were up to me I would be teaching for a living. That was the plan when I moved here last year. If nothing else I plan to downsize it and sell my weapons. CB actually SAYS she thinks they are cool and wants me to keep them.

Search and rescue is a no brainer. It will remain. I will continue to collect rescue gear. I will retain my diving gear as I am a rescue and recovery diver.

The last thing is the climbing gear. Again, I want to keep it so I can guide but I haven't used it in some time. I could always down size just to what I would need to go climbing with other people.

With my desk being covered in all the stuff  I use for training frequently, I see a need to down size everything else. Can anyone even see my desk under this?

CB also thinks I am collecting water bottles. Sadly, their are others in our dish drying rack and a few in the attic, and one on my desk.

Do you or have you had any other hobbies in the past?

Has anyone ever collected hobbies?

What do you have a stock pile of us hiding in your house, garage, etc.?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

102410, 102510, 102610

Goal: long run, weights, recovery run

Results: Sunday- 15 mile run, Monday- Weights, Tuesday- 3 mile recovery run.

Morning weights: 208, 204, 206

Diet: Since being back in town my diet has been very well in the day time. It has gotten rough at night. With muffins, brownies, and Oreo blizzards placed in my way I have not fared very well.

Thoughts: With the last three workouts I have had a chance to learn a good deal.

Sunday was a 15 mile run, not a 10% increase in distance but a 10% increase in my total weeks training volume since the week before me taper. I completed the run in 2:50 and my goal was under 3:00.  I am still my 11 mile lolipop and then over to my 3 mile loop and back home.

Since I have never had a run this long I tried some . When running 10 miles I take my go lite pack hydrosprint. I usually run out of water in mile 9. For this run I took my rei waist pack with me with about 40oz's of drink. One bottle of water and one of half Gu drink. I also took 5oz's of hammer gel in a flask. Since I did not have a second flask I took 4 more Gu singles and some cliff shot blocks to try. In addition was my ipod, cell phone, and a flashing red light in case it got dark.

I took one drink every 15 minutes. After an hour I have an ounce of gel every 15 minutes and a drink. I start the gu drink after my second hour. I typically mix 3/4 an ounce of water in a 5oz gel flask. I have gotten so used to it that I was disgusted by the gu singles. I will have to get a second flask. I tried the cliff shot blocks and they were good but I had a hard time chewing them while running. They take longer to get down than gel from the flask. All of the nutrition seemed to work fine, no stomach problems and no bonk (other than just being tired). I was able to make it until the end of mile 12 without the ipod. After this the run was so incredibly lonely that I had to put it on. Oddly, my next two miles were a minute faster per mile.

As all ways, stopping was rough. My knees hurt a little while I cooled down.. Followed the run with a cold shower and tights. No pain after that, just a little sore like any long run.

Monday, per my training plan was rest/weights. For weights I am following a Mark Allen Strength Training Plan. The first phase was adaptation and I was a week and half into it. The plan says stay in the phase 2-4 weeks or until I no soreness the day after. I have not had soreness since I started so I was considering changing before the two week mark. I got to the gym ready to do the phase 1 and when I opened my book it said to change to phase II. Apparently I had already planned to change phases early. This phase, the endurance phase, keeps the same exercises and weight, but just adds one sets. Finally REAL soreness in my legs and every leg exercise made me break out in sweat (leg curls, lunges, squats, calf raises, etc).

Today I woke up and was finally sore. Every muscle I worked yesterday was sore. Odd how all it took was an extra set. This evening was my 3 mile recovery. This was one of the most labored runs of my life. When I started it felt like I was having to force my leg around on every stride. I FORCED myself to keep it slow and I think it will be worth it in the long run. In the end it was the hardest slow run of my career this far.

In three days I learned about nutrition, mental toughness, physical soreness, and recovery.

Lastly, on a random note tonight's junk food was sponsored by my lil' sis'-in-laws Grace's 11 Birthday party. What a neat little girls is exited to get baseball card and beef jerky got her birthday. Don't worry she also got a Miley Cyrus CD and book and was almost as happy to get those too.

Monday, October 25, 2010

One Year in Retrospect- Part 1

As I ran last night I thought of the significance of the day and of the past 12 months. I decided there are three major date of significance that I will review one year from that date. As per the title this is part one.

On September 9th, 2009 I quit my job as a North Carolina Parole Officer and the next day moved from our state's capitol to the rural city of Statesville, NC. A city that for the most part would be void of any major activity if it weren't for the intersection of two major roads US-40 and US-77.

On October 17th, 2009 after dating each other exclusively since 2002, CB and I married. The next morning we left for a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. We could only afford the cruise itself and no airfare so we made the 13 hours drive in my Dodge Ram. That was a long drive.

We returned October 22st and on October 23 I spent the day moving all of CB's stuff from her parents house to our rental. After things slowed down, on October 25th 2009 I stepped on the scale and it read 250 pounds. This was the most it has ever read and this begins where I start reflecting.

It was shortly after this that I decided to make a change. Actually, two time previously the same year I had made "changes" that did not stick. Unemployed, I figured other than searching for a job I could also start working out. I do not know where my little notebook from the gym is so I do not know when I started working out, I vaguely remember going to the gym on Halloween and then going to a friends house for some plinking. My first daily log on is dated November 2nd. I recorded my weight as 248 pounds. My first workout I recorded on the same website was November 15th, 2009. I ran for 15 minutes at 6 mph and noted my weight as 240 pounds.

This morning October 25th, 2010, I weighed in at 204 pounds. My all time low for the year was Saturday at 202 pounds. I ate nothing but crap totaling 6,000 calories in 2 days this weekend.

A sample of things I have learned this year, in no particular order:
  1. Rewards help.
  2. Eating healthy is hard if you are the only one in the house doing it. 
  3. Moderation!
  4. I can meet goals.
  5. I can run 15 miles.
  6. Running is cheap, triathlon is not.
  7. I can revel in the cause of my own vomitting.
  8. Motivition can come in many forms.
  9. Support is essential (thank you everyone)! 
  10. Change is good!
I still have many fitness, professional, and personal goals that are not met yet. I am hoping to meet most of them, but I realize that many of them will not be completed this year. Staying grounded is very important and not expecting instant gratification is even more important. It has not been a year full of work yet, just a year since I realized I needed to start working. I look forward to being able to write about year of work soon (or at least most of the year).

Friday, October 22, 2010


Goals: Run, 35 carbs

Results: 3 mile run

Diet setbacks- NONE- 32 carbs, 1400 calories

Morning Weight: 204 lbs


Like yesterday, this was another uneventful day and the post is for my later reflection.

Today, I woke up with a sore throat and by the end of my work day I had a full blown nose leak and headache.

I at well and skipped all comfort foods. Today's diet consisted of apples, atkin's bars, apples, lean ground beef, salmon, and a potato.

After dinner I took some tylenol, decongestant, and a sigulair. I waited 30 minutes and went for my run. Due to yesterdays missed workout I needed to pick between speedwork and an easy run. I decided since I felt under the weather to go with the easy run and I just won't worry about speedwork this week. Once I got outside I decided to just turn all the pace alerts off and run. Once I got to 1.5 miles I needed to decide where to go next. Checking the distance to make a course adjustment was the only time I looked at it while I was running. I just ran. I moved a comfortable pace that pushed me slightly. After 2 miles I slowed down, and then once I could see my house I slowed down again. Once I got home and checked my garmin again my average pace fell in the faster end of tempo run range. It turns out I got 3 miles and kind of got speedwork too.

This weekend shall be interesting. My anniversery gift from CB was a trip out of town to see my college team, Western Carolina University, play thier long time rival, Appalachian State University. I am not really a football fan and the fairness in the rivalry has been gone since 2006 when ASU won thier first of three consecutive national championships. I do however enjoy live sporting events and am really looking forward to a stay in a hotel, soak in a hot tub, and eating at Hard Rock Cafe. I feel I can eat a little more than usual considering the 15 mile run on sunday. I had planned to run while we were in the mountains (Gatlinburg, TN) but decided to enjoy my time out with CB and take my run when I get home.


Goal: Weights, Run, 35 carbs

Results: Weights, 21 carbs.

Diet setbacks: ONLY 746 calories and 12 carbs. TOO LOW (how often can I say that?)


This post really has no point. All day I thought of not posting, but this is going to be one just to throw up here to have and reflect on later. This one is just for me.

Thoughts: After two days of fun going back to the office sucks. It suck more when the other two elements of my department are out sick. Stayed busy but not bogged down.

Week two of dog training left little time in the afternoon for training. CB has been wanting to workout lately but too busy with her social life and was going to put it off today. After dog training we had an hour to until the Big Bang Theory came on. We watch this together every week (actually every night as CB has bought all three seasons on DVD). We also need to make dinner in this period. I told her I would handle it and I would get in what ever I could. She started making excuses and then small talk. I stopped her and told her "stop talking, go change, get out of this house". I felt like an ass but sometimes I just need to be direct.

I started dinner, RAN to the gym, did one set of all 12 exercises, jogged back. She cam in and by the time she was out of the shower dinner was on plates and ready to eat.

She told me how much she enjoyed the workout and was glad she went.

I planned to get in a 3 mile run after our show, but I was tired. Now I have to decide how to juggle. I have a long run Sunday and I like to rest the day before a long run. I have to decide do I run on Friday and Saturday? If so which day is my easy run and which day is speed work? If I scrap one workout and just run Friday is it the speedwork or the easy run? Time will tell.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Goals: 3 mile run, 40 carbs

Diet setbacks: 66 carbs

Morning Weight: 205

Thoughts: Today I had my monthly training with the Prison Emergency Response Team. Training went well and there was no PT this month so I could still get in my own workout. Today got to use a race track for our training to concentrate on high risk inmate transport and how to take back a prison bus that has been taken over my inmates. It was a day full of firsts. It was my first time being a team leader. I was given an evolution to lead with the scenario that our convoy has taken fire and the vehicle containing the inmate (mine) is no longer operable. I had to decide how to tactically stop the vehicle, regroup, move the inmate, and leave again. I came up with my plan, talked it out with the team, we did walk throughs as if we were the cars and then put into action. We took two laps around the track to get up to speed and then gave the order to stop. It was 9 seconds from the time I gave the command to stop until we had the inmate moved and were on the road again. Fastest of all teams, instructors said it was "flawless".

Today was also the first time for a few other things. The first time I have driven on a race track, first time I have driven a prison transfer bus. First time I have driven a prison bus at high speeds around a race track. AWESOME!!!!!

the down side of training is when plans change. Due to the weather we had to change our lunch plans. i hate when things like this happen. When I am in this phase of a diet I plan everything out for the day. I don't like when kinks are thrown in my plan. We went to a restaurant whose healthiest option was a taco salad. Even considering I had two slices of pizza planned for dinner, lunch is probably what put me over my goal. I planned to order the taco salad and not eat the shell. Unfortunately, it was the smallest taco salad I had ever seen. I ate the guts and was still hungry. I started eating the shell too. I only got half of it down before the waiter took my plate out from under me. (myself and another co-worker who was brought diet soda twice even though he ordered regular, discussed if he was trying to tell us we are too fat)

After work I got in a 2.75 mile run/walk with Holly. It was planned for 3 miles but I had to take it in early for a bathroom break. I also had to walk about .75 in the middle to walk off a cramp. This run was to be slow in order to recover from my long run and it was apparent that my legs were still sore from all the hills. After I got done in the house and changed dogs and went for a .75 walk with Sammy.

In the end the mileage was more than my intended mileage but with less running then planned.  During the second walk I did a few short runs, just to let sam run with me for the first time (after her 6 bathroom breaks in a half mile). She actually seemed to enjoy it, but she collapsed in front of her water bowl as soon as we got home.

Although my goals were not met and I had obstacles, it still felt like a good day.

Do you ever have days that deviate from your plans, but are still good days?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Goals: PM run, 40 Carbs

Result: 10 mile run.

Diet Setbacks: one slice of pizza, but I'm writing it off

Morning Weight: 206

Thoughts: Today was a good day. Very simple. After making (serious) jokes on the comments section of Emz blog yesterday, karma paid off and I ended up having to go do some work; thanks to two stabbing at another prison.

This always messes with my food schedule, but I still did alright. I got home with enough time to get my run in so I ate a grilled chicken sandwich as fuel and waited 30 minutes. The schedule today calls for 3 miles but due to an undisclosed reason (or two) I want to work in some more long runs. So I made it 10 miles, and hopefully I can try my luck at a 15 miler this weekend.

CB brought home a pizza for me to have for dinner (I was going to have a chicken breast), I had one small slice. It brought my carb count to 65 for the day. My goal was 40, but I think I can still count today as a win thanks to my run. In fact, I was 202 when i returned from my run, I burned some sweat and dropped some sweat.

Run went very well except for a few things. My on paper goal was a 12:00 pace, my in my head goal was 11:00, I finished with a 11:30 pace, I held a 10:59 pace through mile three, 11:12 until the last mile, but the last hill killed me.

The problems were these: I ended up with pain on the balls of my feet, I had pain on the top of my feet near the superficial peroneal nerve. I also had on and off knee pain, but I always get this on my first long run. I am going to remedy the pain on the top of my feet by changing my laces. I have no idea about the feeling of bruises on the balls of my feet.

The most important thing I want out of this post is to pose a few questions:

How to fuel during long runs?

Do you have any long run rituals?

Do you eat before long runs, if so what?

Have you had odd pains during long runs?

Any useful advice to lend as my distances grow?


Goal- am spin class, weights, 45 carbs.

Results- weights

Diet- no problems

Morning Weight- 209

Thoughts: this post is brought to you from the back of the NC Prison Emergency Response Team bus. No time to get to a computer today.

Today was the next chapter of my book. I began the intermediate half marathon plan from Hal Higdon today. It calls for weights twice a week and this was the first time. After searching for a good strength program I found a 12 exercise program from mark allen (hopefully I can link tomorrow). It has 4 phases and they will cycle all up to my half marathon at the end of the year. I plan to start it over in time for triathlon season.

Because of my end of the month goal I also am restarting my diet today. I am going back to following the protein power diet until my training volume goes up. Today's goal was 45 carbs and I will taper down to 33 per day. Once the volume goes up and my. Weight down I'll stop worrying about it again and just eat balanced.

The only error today was over sleeping. I talked cb into spin class and then set my alarm for pm. She said shell still go with me later.

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Monday, October 18, 2010


Goal: Long run, eat healthy

Results; 4.5 ish miles

Diet: All the fast food a boy can ask for.

Weight: 207

CEP Giveaway

Thoughts: Today (10/17/10) was one of the worst runs I have ever had, but not really because of the run. After I share this GROSS ordeal, maybe you've had something similar.

Still being in my zero week I planned to go for an unstructured run of 10 miles. If I only got in 7 I would have been happy. First problem- overslept. I got up and had an hour until time to get ready for church, decided to make it 5 miles instead.

I thought about how to make the most out of my five miles. I decided to take advantage of the high school being closed and use their track for some speed work.

I got up and got dressed the temp was between 39-54 degrees, depending on the source. I do not like running in the cold, but it is my intention to run outside as long as possible this season and once I am forced to move inside by the cold temps, I will still make one run outside per week. Not being outside in the cold I am not really prepared to dress for it. I do have long sleeves and an ear warmer, but lack proper attire for my legs. According to "what to wear" on those temps call for shorts, tee, hat, and vest. That's not going to keep me warm. The only technical gear I own for my legs are a pair of Under Armour tights. I bought them for a race last New Year's day, but lately have used them mostly for recovery. I chose those and wore a pair of basketball type shorts, that I use on shorter runs, lifting, and lounging around the house, to wear over them. For some reason the way the shorts hung over the tights made the short look comically oversized.

I ran the 1.25 miles to the high school as a warm up. As I debated what type of intervals to do. 400, 800, ladders, miles? I decided to do two- one mile repeats. As soon as go to the track I went into the first one. It felt very good and spent most of it at a sub 8 minute pace. I slowed down a few times, oddly mostly in the shade, so I did not get any new PR. I jogged for a mile to rest and right before I started again I began feeling a cramp in my stomach. I wanted to push as hard as possible to try for a new PR. I thought this might be possible since the first one went so well.

As I began the second repeat my stomach started to feel worse, but I pushed through it. I finished the repeat, with no PR and started the run home. As I started up the hill on the run home my cramp grew. I stopped to walk and decided I would run again after waiting 60 seconds past when the pain went away. I did this twice. The third time I stopped to walk and the cramp didn't go away. I had to walk the the last .75 of a mile home with worst intestinal cramp I have ever had. I stopped several times to double over in pain, I even thought about going to hide in some bushes but was lacking trail money.

As I continued to walk home and it got to the point I could barely walk. But this pain wasn't the cramp. This time it felt like chaffing on my legs. Despite the flat seems on the tights and having worn them and even raced in them before with no problems, there were burning my skin. Now I had two strikes against me, every step was labored.

It ended up taking me 25 minutes to walk home three quarters of a mile. I barely made it through the door, leaving a trail of clothes and shoes trough the house. When all was said and done, I also had to check my legs. I had wounds, reminiscent  of blisters, with similar proportions to a 12oz drink can.

The rest of the day sucked as I had constant stomach issues and could barely walk. The funny thing is, the portion of the workout that I got done was great and I am very pleased with it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

101510 and 101610

Goals: 10/15 5 mile run. 10/16 weights.

Results: spot on.

Diet: Crap

Thoughts: I felt great Friday, despite starting the day with a McDeath McGriddle. I had some of the most positive energy I have had in some time. I wanted to leave work early, but didn't, because I wanted to run. I just needed to run off the energy, and capture this time in my happy place. After I got home I found that my tri uniform, I ordered three weeks ago had arrived. I tried it on and was off to run. I began and the first two miles were very slow, almost LSD slow. I decided to change the Garmin screen and just get the miles in. By the time I got home I checked my average pace and it was BAD. Not to be mentioned bad! It's ok at least I got in a workout.

As I mention above the tri jersey and shorts I ordered came in. I decided to try out. I ordered them from Aevero. I checked the reviews on and they were all good. The items were customizable by inseam and jersey torso length. Before I ordered them I converse via email with the president, Brent. The website says that the items should be delivered 5-7 business days, but he said that in reality the items should arrive in 3-4 business days. When it arrived the shorts were slightly too long but fit well otherwise, and the jersey was the length of a slutty dress. Also, the fabric is much heavier compares to the Zoot and Sugoi tops I tried on in the store. On top of that, after ordering it 10/01/10 it was 9 business days, excluding the ordering day and Columbus Day, before it arrived. It was mailed 2 day mail, so clearly it was not even mailed until the end of 7 days it was to arrive in. Kind of crappy if you ask me. Aevero has a "No Sweat" return policy. I am now debating returning it to have the shorts shortened and try a smaller jersey, or returning it for a refund since the season is now over. It was SUPPOSED to get here BEFORE my last race.

I did a lot of thinking about racing today. All week I was debating racing in the lungstong 5k/15k in the 5k race in a neighboring town. I wanted to see how I felt first. The constant improvements I have seen over the last months have made deciding to race in a "B/C" race tough. I now feel like if I don't feel like I can go out and get a new PR like I have the last few times then I shouldn't bother. I also looked at last year’s results and was not too sure I would be very competitive. At the end of the day Friday, my coworkers made me privy to a local 5k that was going to be going on with an apple festival. The results from last year would have more my speed. I still wasn't sure.

I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and starting thinking about it. I decided I should run the 15k @ lungstrong. I realized that having never run one before any results would be a PR. I planned to run it at my HM pace for practice. I looked at last year's results and even the Clydesdales were running 7:40 miles. That is insane to me that every runner was running sub 8 minute miles. By the time I was done looking at the results it was 5:50. For me to get to the race on time I needed to get up in 10 minutes. I laid down and thought that if I was still up in 10 minutes I would go and if not I would go to the apple fest 5k. I woke up at 0900 and missed both. OH WELL.

After I got started for the day I went to the Y and got the jump start on the weight training program I was starting Monday. It was nice to do some strength training for a change. I also got in 1850 meters in 8 minutes on the concept 2 rower as I waited for CB to finish her program on the recumbent bike.
Tonight we also had are anniversary dinner. We were married one year ago Sunday. While at dinner we discussed me doing Ironman 70.3 Augusta instead of going to Wilmington for Beach to Battleship. CB seems to be on board. It would be a year earlier than my plan, but I think that would be ok. New Orleans and Florida would be my alternates. I checked Friday and the later two have open registration. Augusta's hasn't opened up yet from what I understand. 2011 may be an interesting year.

Last thing: Questions.

As it has been getting colder I started looking for bib tights or long sleeve jerseys to ride in. Although I generally don't like wearing logo (unless the're paying me), on Ebay I found several tights/jersey combos for a really dirt cheap price. The one's I like the look of are Livestrong, Pearl, Subaru, and Shimano. Since I don't follow pro cycling (except searching for where to find EPO) I don't know anything about these teams. Are there any of them that would make me look like a D-bag?

Question 2: Monday I start my Half marothon training. my training plan includes 5-6 days of running (ver low volume for the first few weeks) and strength training. The plan does not include cross training but the description says that it is ok to do. If I want to get the most out of one cross training session per week, can anyone suggest what activity and type of workout to do?

Friday, October 15, 2010


 Goal: AM 5 mile easy run.

Results: PM 4.22 mile run.

Diet: 2 scrambled eggs, Atkins bar, yogurt, grilled chicken breast, apple, big mac, fries, diet coke (DOH!)

Thoughts: for the next 6 weeks we will have dog training on Thursday nights, so that will throw my schedule off a bit. In order to adapt I woke up at 430 to run 5-6 miles. It was 49 degrees and raining. No go. I went in to work early and packed a running bag so that I could take a long lunch and run. I got to work and realized I forgot a towel. No go. I worked out that I could take my lunch at the end of the day and run. I thought about driving home and running, but I thought the change of scenery would be nice.

At .4 of a mile, the Garmin dies. there went my plan for 6 miles. Instead I ran a loop that I knew and when I mapped it on, it turned out to be 4.22 miles. I have no idea how long it took.  It was nice for the change. The hill were much worse than home. I posted a picture above of my scenery (when I wasn't looking a trailers) Those mountains are the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After doggy training we were too tired to cook, so I opted for McD's I was going to eat a salad. CB wanted a burger, so then i wanted a burger. I felt guilty as I ate it, but I had diet coke and neither of us value sized the meal.

This week has felt odd, no schedule. My half mary training starts next week so I am just making things up as I go. However, after months of triathlon training I am still drawn to jump on my MTB (road bike out of commission) and go do a hill workout just because I have a few minutes. How nuts is that? having a lower volume seems off.

Do you ever have cheat days?

What kind of adaptations do you make when your schedule is off?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Goal: 30 minute tempo run

Results: 2 mile tempo run (8:56 miles, should have been 9:15 miles, but I overslept but needed to get it in)

Diet: lite yogurt, Atkins bar, PB and celery, two grilled chicken breasts, apple.

Ok, so I touched yesterday on the fact that I have been thinking about something lately. This topic has been on my mind for months, but about three weeks ago I began putting pen to paper and trying to begin writing my thoughts down. I have also been putting phone calls out to my fraternity brothers in the business world for advice (with no luck). Not sure how to organize my thoughts, so here goes.......

First and most importantly...

According to a study from the US CDC over 25% of Americans are obese. In addition, obesity complicates other health problems such as:
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon)
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Dyslipidemia (for example, high total cholesterol or high levels of triglycerides)
  • Stroke
  • Liver and Gallbladder disease
  • Sleep apnea and respiratory problems
  • Osteoarthritis (a degeneration of cartilage and its underlying bone within a joint)
  • Gynecological problems (abnormal menses, infertility)
We know that many of these are killers on thier own.

Why is this important to me? First, because as an EMT it should be. Second, because that means 25% of Americans are at a severe risk of ending their lives entirely too short. Third, because I am obese (per BMI) and I can understand, to a point, how this effects one's life, self-esteem, and how it is easy to go down that path.


Two of the things that many people need to break the cycle of an unhealthy life are motivation (first internal and then external) and HELP.

Where is this going......

Who likes pro sports? Who grew up hoping to be a pro athlete one day? Who dreamed of the fame, the attention, the endorsements that go with it? Maybe you dreamed of being a movie or rock star? Same principle.

I have a desire to create a place where those who have internal motivation for change can come and be paired with the external motivators and support to help achieve a healthier lifestyle. The support I have received here has been a large part of my success. I think about how motivating being treated like a rock star while you are trying to become healthier would be. I also think that endurance sports are a very healthy way to lose weight and that endurance athletes can be a very uplifting community as a whole.

Through this summer I have seen half a dozen all female triathlon teams as well as other specialty teams, wheel chairs, etc, but never one for the obese/overweight. Why not?

I do not know what the meduim would be for this local club, national club, website like BT, blog group?

Another major goal would be to gather a group of sponsors from bikes, to clothing, to coaching, to diet (weight watchers, nutrisystem, etc), gyms, or anything else needed to help offset some of the burden of getting started (through substantial discounts or donations for use of giveaways). Why should the pros be the only people with sponsors?

An even more important step would be the tracking of the participants and pairing them with mentors that are established members of the endurance sport they choose (5k's to Ironman).

I think this would build a very positive environment with the equipment and the attention, helping to foster an excitement about the work it takes to make changes. Anyone involved should feel like a Rock Star!

Diet, exercise, motivation, mentorship, and personal attention seem like a recipe for success to me.

To be the ideal way to membership would be a goal and a pledge toward that goal. For instance maybe a goal in pounds or maybe an event as a goal. It would be great to be able to give rewards at each step, such as entries to give aways. Another though of mine was to set up clydesdale only races.

Tell me what you think about the concept. Do you have any suggestions about the execution?

As you can tell it is conceptional at this point and I am not sure which direction to head first. The next step in my opinion would be to start targeting the medium for doing this.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Goal: AM short run (to test legs), PM run (maybe)

Diet: yogurt, atkins bar, salad, ziti, 2 slices of pizza (way too many carbs, but a completely unhealthy day)

Thoughts: Today has been another of those days when my focus is off. Well, I have great focus just not at what my official duties. Most of my day has been filled with thoughts and googling triathlon and running coaches.

I was first approached by a company for coaching a few months ago. I say approached by them because I emailed them when I was researching my local Tri clubs I also emailed them because of a intro program they offered. They informed me they stopped that program for lack of interest and let me know about there other training options. They charge $400 per 12 week calendar for there most basic option plan. This plan involves 0 one on one contact. I also looked at other local running and tri coaches, as well Mark Allen Online with similar prices (some lightly less and some MUCH more).

I am sure that a plan is important, but given budget constraints I would rather use a BT free plan and have face to face interaction with a coach. Plans can not correct technique.

The best I have found are 5 private swim lessons for $125 and 5 private 1 hour running coaching sessions for $175 (from separate sources). These both seem pretty fair.

I was able to find coaches for those two areas and one that might work for an all around tri coach later. Before I look for tri specific coach or bike coach I think a new bike should be priority as my current one is no longer road worthy per the mechanic. Once I have a new bike, a new trainer, and a few spinerval disks, we'll see if I need the coach. No one these will get me a fancy team singlet with  some pro's name on it but I am ok with that.

On top of all this for the last month I have been brainstorming an idea that I think is GREAT. However, I am not sure how to put it in place because it would take a lot of organization and marketing. I am hoping to write about it tomorrow and maybe get some feedback from yous guys. (I've been taking teasing lessons from Adam )

I have been setting some goals for where i would like my performance next season. I started to use the local race at the Statesville Y as my bench mark. It's the Y I am a member of and there bike course is the one i ride for my regular ride (not my group ride), it is also part of the series I want to compete in next year.

I began doing this and when I looked at their times I realized that my times on their course (my neighborhood) would have put me at first place in the clydesdales and 2nd or 3rd in the 25-29 Ag had I competed this year. A sample of their results are below, the bold is the times I can beat-


1. 45 REMI DELILLE RALEIGH NC 1 5:18 0:59 2 34:39 0:43 1 21:33 1:03:10
2. 51 GLENN CARROLL CHARLOTTE NC 2 5:54 0:46 1 0:00 1:07:35
3. 106 KAJ JOHNSON ASHEVILLE NC 3 8:17 2:08 3 44:29 0:32 2 22:42 1:18:06
4. 43 CHRISTOPHER CLARK CONCORD NC 4 11:00 1:51 4 52:59 1:24 3 33:01 1:40:13

This made me feel pretty good about how I am coming along. For next year (or how ever long it takes me to get there) my goals are as follow:
Swim: 300m 5 minutes, 1.2 mile sub 30 minutes, and a 1:30 - 1:40 100m pace I can sustain for an hour.
Bike: Local Tri loop in 35 and hopefully be able to do 10 miles in 30 minutes, 25 minutes if flat
Run: 5k in 24 and then down to 22 (hopefully 21). 10k around 45, 13.1 under 2 hours, then 1:45, then 1:30.

Long term goals:

Finish a Half Marathon
Finish a Marathon (BQ after that)
Finish an Ultra
Finish a Century Ride
Complete a Half Ironman
Complete an Ironman

I am sure these will evolve over time, but these are the goals I have been thinking about lately.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Take Flight Photos

Today was a free day all around. No workouts (even though I was thinking of swimming a few laps but ran out of time) and no diet restrictions. I had Special K for breakfast,  Phillie cheese steak and fries for lunch, chicken quesadillas (can neither spell that nor find it in spell check) for dinner, and Mountain Dew icee for desert. I'll get back on the diet tomorrow (I hope). Season is over but my mind is still on off season training, planning next season's races,  my half-marathon training starting next week, bikes, and other crap. I even called the Y today to get prices for private swim lessons. When I indicated to her that I knew how to swim and wanted an instructor who could help me be for competitive, the aquatics director was surprised and said that no one had ever called and asked for that before. I also found some time trial races about an hour from my house, it could be fun just to practice going fast on level ground. Also, it is at a NASCAR track. That way I can say I've raced on Lowe's Motor Speedway.

Below are some pictures from yesterday (maybe) and captions (MAYBE)

Let's Roll

It's Early!!

# 306


Sighting #305 to pass, had to wait until the next length because she blocked me at this wall.

#304 blocking THIS wall before I pass her on the next length.

First time I've seen a photo of me with body roll and high elbow for recovery

#307 just in front of me and #303 behind me. Oddly #303 beat me by about 12 minutes yet I pass him here,
and never saw him on the bike or run. He must have gone out when I went back for my helmet.

Going out WITH my helmet this time.

Seat still up.

Look- my seat has fallen and I am sitting on the top tube, but my feet are out of the shoes already.

Getting my number on. It only LOOKS like I'm walking.

Watch the curb!

This is one of my favorites. If you look carefully, BOTH of my feet are off the ground!!
I wish she had this one from the front, but they wouldn't let her back there. See the skinny guy on my back?
All photo credits to CB

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Take Flight Triathlon Race Report 10/10/10

I have more pictures but they won't load on the air card.

Up at 0520, BM, shower (just to make me feel good), ate PB and honey toast, grabbed the bag (bike still in car from yesterday), and headed to the car. Went back inside and got CB.

The race started at 07:30 and I was shooting to be there at 06:45. The swim was time trial start and I was number 306 with a start time at 09:00:15. I figured I'd get there and start warming up at 07:00. My warm up strategy is to go through all of the events in reverse order, but I knew I would have to modify that since I wouldn't be able to bike on the course once it started. The closer we got the worse my stomach felt. I needed to use the bathroom again but also could puke at any moment.

We got there I racked my bike, dropped the bag, went to get my timing chip, body marking (still don't know why they wrote my age on my calf), and hit the latrine again. Finished that and had 15 minutes till the race start to get the bike warm up done. Wanted to just run through the gears. Got on the bike and realized that they adjusted my seat at the shop, I could barely reach my pedals.

Got back in and unpacked my bag/set up until I got to my tools. I fixed the seat. Just as I did this the ref came up and told me the race started in 2 minutes and that I needed to clear out because once the race started the area was closed. I RUSHED through setting up and left. This spoiled my run warm-up since I wouldn't be able to put my shoes back. I headed to the pool were CB was sitting and paced sat with her until 08:30. I ate my half PB sandwich snack and hit the warm up pool. Swam a few laps, a few drills, and sat in the WARM water. Swam a few more practicing the lane change and it was time to go. Time to head to the big pool.


Goal: 250m in 5:30 or better (best in practice is 5:45) and pass 2 people. Perfect day- Sub 5:00

First, I put the Garmin in a bag in a ziploc under my swim cap, but the button got pressed during the swim and by the time I was done the Garmin said I was in the bike section. Second, the water was FRIGID. 3.2.1 Go! By the time I got to the end of the first length I was behind #305 by inches. I got to the end of the second length and she (305) got in my way and would let me pass. As soon I got the third length underway I passed her. Moments later I passed 304, then 303, and 302. Just after that 307 got right next to me, I decided to let her pass and slid into her slip stream. I could have pushed it but I decided I would just draft. Out of the pool and out of the door. The cold air hit me and I cussed. Time unknown at this point.


Goal: under 1 minute.

I had a great spot. On the end of a rack pointed out to the bike course, only 15 feet from the exit. This however, meant a long run to the rack. I shorted it at first and ran to the long rack, looked around and went back to running. Got there, jersey on, shoes on, skull cap on, and time to go? hit the exit jumped for the mount and a volunteer yelled "306 HELMET!" . I looked at the volunteer when he yelled and I MISSED the seat. I hit the top tube with 200+ pounds of force into some not so nice body parts. Then my wet shorts slid on tube and as my foot missed the pedal I fell over. Picked the bike up and ran back in (I think I technically never mounted the bike), grabbed a helmet and coached #304 (it was her first race that is what not to do). Ran back out, moved to the side and mounted the bike. SLOW IT DOWN. got on an tried to pedal. NOTHING. Tried again. NOTHING! Another volunteer yelled at me again and informed me when I fell I knocked the chain off. I tried twice to put in on but my hands were SHAKING! A volunteer helped me get it on and told me to relax and make it up on the run.


Goal: 37 minutes (scouted it between 38 and 39). Perfect day Sub 35:00.

Somewhere about .1 of a mile out (garmin off so I don't know how far it was but it was before the first turn) the seat dropped. All the way down. Hmm.... The bike course seemed like it went fast, a lot faster then when I scouted it a few weeks ago. However, all the hill were easier today. I picked about 4 people off. I got passed twice, both by guys with bibs in the 150's which tells me I passed them in transition. On the biggest hill I had to come out of the saddle, and was mashing about 1 RPM a minuted. MASHING AS HARD AS I COULD while keeping my balance. The end came up faster then I realized and I got my feet out of the shoes and coasted in. Jumped off the bike and knocked a shoe out of the pedals. Had to run back for it. Still didn't know what my time was since the Garmin was off.


Goal: under 1 minute.

Lost the helmet and skull cap on the way, racked the bike, stepped into the shoes. Back of right shoe bent and I had to bend over to take it back off, fix it and put it back on. Grabbed visor and race belt and was off again.


Goal: Sub 30, but perfect day sub 27.

Although legs were sore, my normal problem during bricks is waiting for my knees to get used to running. No problem with that today, but the first .1 out of transition was on grass, I haven't run off pavement in 6 month, it was working my core. The first mile was just under 8:35. Not to shabby off the bike. I was actually at 7:16  for most of it but once I got into the hills it came down. Not sure how I liked the run course. Not because of the hills ( I train on hills) but because of the course. It was through a residential neighborhood and we would would run down the a main street down into a cul-de-sac and turn around, go back to main street and to next cul-de-sac. I think this way not be as fast as a out and back or loop course. I crossed through the same intersection 3 times. Slowed on mile 2 to 9:14 and back to 9:04 for mile 3. Just before mile 3 was the biggest hill on the run. I took it slow and most people on the course with me stopped to walk it. I passed a  (lanky runner) guy and after I passed him he started jogging, he walked again, and then jogged. Just enough to keep up with me. At mile 3 some other came back on the course to run with that guy. He I picked up my pace when I saw the finish. I heard the guy behind me's turnover increasing so I sprinted for it. I WAS NOT GOING TO LET SOMEONE WHO I PASSED FINISH BEFORE ME- AND I DIDN'T!!!

Post Race

After I finished I walked to the end of the finish chute and put my hands on my knees I took about a minute and was good. This told me that I may have been able to push harder since I didn't even feel like I had to throw up (CB sayed I recovered a lot faster than my first race in July). I grabbed a water and Powerade zero, a cup of goldfish and sat down. After about 10 minutes I went to wash my face (my skin burns when I sweat) and pack up transition. I after I sat down to pack up and once everything was up I stayed sitting there and I prayed.

They posted the preliminary results of everyone who finished by 10 (not me) there were 6 Clydesdale who had finished and I was around 5th compared to their times. Since I knew there was no podium spot and CB was getting sunburned I decided we should leave. I like to stay and out of respect to all the top finishers, but CB was nice enough to come with me so I should make her suffer anymore.

One the way home CB took me to Chilli's for lunch. Still in bike jersey and body marking.

Home and into compression gear to recover. I actually look forward to putting the tights on tonight. They really do help.


Goal: Under 1:25. 2010 goal is under 1:30.

I finally saw my times when the posted them this evening.

Swim: 5:22 (PR)
T1: 1:30
Bike: 40:24
T2: 1:34
Run: 27:34

OVERALL: 1:16:21

Clydesdale- 6/8 (#4 in the run)
Men's- 137/191 (although 136 had the exact same time to the second)

If I had been in the novice class- 7/15
If I had been in the 25-29 AG- 16/18

I feel solid, but I could feel better. I felt like I didn't leave it all out there, but that maybe because of not working as hard as I could have on the bike with proper saddle height. Today's time was good but could have been better considering the waiting in pool to pass, helmet issue, bike issues, and shoe issue. That could have shaved 3 or more minutes off. Nice considering I was only 4 minutes behind the person in front of me in the division and 10 behind #1. Next year after a little swim coaching, a better bike, and continued running work I hope to be a beast. AND from now on the helmet stays attached to the bike so it is not forgotten.

This started as a race report but turned into it's own pre-race report.

Before I get to the race report I am going to breakdown my days before the race.

After I posted my Thursday post on Friday, I decided not to do my Friday post and take away from a more heart felt post. I had planned to post about goal setting for next season, I'll do that sometime next week.

Friday went decently. I ate very healthy. 206 lbs at the beginning and end of the day. After work I went for a 800m swim with pull drills (forearm and . Then for a planned 90 minute easy spin. With the sun setting I decided to try to cut it down to 60 minutes. Just after leaving the house, the Garmin dies. I have no idea how long I rode. I went for a leisurely ride around town. I kept hearing a ticking noise that sounded like it was in my front wheel but I couldn't figure out what it was. That evening I was in a great mood, feeling happy for getting my feelings off my chest in the earlier post. I started collecting my stuff for my transition bag. I planned to pack it completely, but since my new tri suit wasn't here yet I thought I might want to go for a run and a swim in it once it came. I just gathered most of the stuff. I used to come up with the list. I lubed my chain too. I finished and was checking over the bike and noticed the rear wheel was so out of true it was rubbing brake pad. I adjusted the brakes but to get it not to touch I had to loosen so much they wouldn't engage. I decided to think over my options over night. Knew I didn't have the money to take it to the shop and not sure I had the time.

Saturday morning, feeling strong, confident, and positive. I woke up, grabbed my Park Tools Big Blue Book and decided that I would see if I could true the wheel myself. I followed the directions. It was moving to the left, so I found the center of the problem and looked for the loose right spoke. Found it! Gave it two 90 degree turns, but it was still loose. I looked down and realized it was broken! Is this an OMEN? Called the bike shop and they said it would be $2 to fix. I can do that.

My plan was to clean the house then go for a 800m swim and a 3 mile walk. I decided to go get my pre-race stuff out of the way and clean Saturday night to keep my mind off stuff. Went to Wal-Mart (the devil) and got a runner/welcome mat. This was a tip given to me to use in place of a towel on the ground. Then I went for a head shaving hair cut. Once CB was back from her morning breakfast and shopping with friends errand we headed to the bike shop.

While they replaced the spoke, while they worked I looked at new bikes. I found the Giant Defy 2, compact double, carbon fork, carbon seat post, and Shimano Tiagra shifting. A huge step up in components from the Defy 3 and only 200 more. At 1099 it's not too much of a stretch for me. CB was in a good mood and decided to make some calls to see if she could buy it for me as an early Christmas present. It didn't work out, but that's ok. I am still in a decent mood.

The bike mechanic called me to the back and asked me how old the wheel was. He told me all my spokes will probably start breaking because of age, he said he would trust this wheel to ride on. After he got it put together he told me I needed a new tire. I knew I needed a new tire, it has a red warning track showing. He asked how many miles the race was and told me he wouldn't trust it for more that 10. This hurt my feelings. I knew part of the course had a rough roads.

Since we were out I decided we should save gas and go ahead and go to packet pick up. I had planned to do it at 5:00 to make the pre-race meeting at 5:30. We got to the exit for the race site and were only 7 miles away. It turns out there is a renaissance fair a half mile before the race site. It took us OVER AN HOUR to get 7 miles. Packet pick up took 3 minutes.

On the way home I convinced CB we should stop at REI and pick up a jersey or skinsuit just in case mine didn't get delivered. They were out of everything. They said they clearanced everything last week.

I was so upset I went to the five guys next door and ate fries and drank a diet coke. (ordinarily a five guys and a rei next to each other would be second to Disney World to me).

I got home and my new tri gear was not here. Now I have to replan my strategy. I was really looking forward to not having to swim in running shorts and not have to transition into a jersey.

The combination of this and my my bike put me in a REAL funk. As bad as it may make me look, I was near tears. I was torn up inside. I probably was also a bit of ass to CB. I went to the shower to calm down, it felt like I stood there for hours. I'm not even sure the water was still warm when I got done. I started repeating to myself its ok, its ok, its ok.

I got out, packed my transition bag, and sat down to dinner with CB. She made ziti for me. She kept trying to cheer me up, and I appreciate it but sometimes its better to just say nothing.

After dinner I headed to bed. Try to wake up feeling better given my mental state.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Goals: AM-swim drills Pm- 30 minute Tempo run

Results: PM- 800m drills, 25 minute tempo run.

Diet: egg whites, black tea, celery with peanut peanut butter, grilled chicken breasts, meatballs with small serving of pasta.

Thoughts: I woke up and was way to cold to go walk to the Y and swim, decided to push it into the evening. Hectic day at work kept my mind off the the weekend. Got home and went for my swim. Swam 800m of drills 100m warm up, rhythm drill, 200m one arm swimming, 100m recovery drill, closed fist drill, catch-up, and kicking. 

Out of pool, right into a 30 minute tempo run. At about 17 minutes in I realized I was out of fuel. I kept pushing but as I rounded 20 minutes I was watching my pace drop (hills and no food=bad). I waited until I had 2.5 miles even and decided to walk the last few minutes. I think it is better to conserve now and be stronger later. Two more scheduled workouts in the taper- a 90 minutes easy spin and a slow swim tomorrow. I still think I am going to bag a short jog or swim on Saturday just to keep my mind right. Nothing hard at all, a leisurely pace. Maybe I will run with Holly.

As I said earlier my way of avoiding obsessing this week is to think write about other things. Before I get to that I have one thing I will obsess about today (other than where is my trisuit, should be here any day now). With watching and reading stuff about Kona all week, today I had to step back and take a look at myself. This can easily be called the most important triathlon all year. Kona is such a big deal, not only do you have to earn a place there (mostly), but winning makes you the world champion. That take a lot of work. With that in mind, why am I obsessing about a small local, race? It's not Kona, it's not an Ironman, it's not an Ironman 70.3, it's not an ITU, it's not even part of a circuit. With so many more important races and so many of you I converse with near daily that have done those races, like Emz running 50 miles against horses, Molly recently with a marathon, more of you than I can list finishing Steelhead, Mooseman, Timberman, Rhode Island, etc, etc, etc., or Diesel winning the Aquabike division in his circuit (not official, but you did so good I can't possibly jinx it); this made me think to myself to myself  "self.... knock it the **** off and chill out this isn't that important".

After a few minutes I rethought things. To ME this IS important. This is kind of like my personal Kona (very weak metaphor but it makes more sense to me). It may be a small local race, but like pros who train hard all year for everything to culminate at Kona, this is comes at the end of 50 weeks of trying to make positive life changes and get back in shape (I've actually never been in shape). I keep obsessing because I want to prove myself to ME. Trophies and medals are motivating, but doing my BEST is the MOST important thing to me. That's why I have been obsessing for weeks about bikes, times, splits, and gear. I know what my best is and I want it to come out. This race has the potential to disappoint me and I realize this (I might being crying like I just finished an Ironman), but I am going to push until I have nothing left in hopes that even if I don't like my splits, I have no excuses. I left everything on the course.

I VOW to continue positive changes and an endurance sports lifestyle, and am proud to say that I have gone from barely running to running double digits, not being able to finish 25m pool lengths to swimming more than a mile. As of this morning I have lost 43 pounds in 50 weeks (the longest I have stuck to a healthy lifestyle and I know I fell off a few times). I know I have more to lose, but for the first time in my life I have walked out on my deck without a shirt on and not cared what the neighbors might say about the fat boy.  That is a great feeling. This may be a feeling better understood by my peers who are trying to get in shape or change their lifestyles, but maybe some of the prolific athletes were there once in their lives too.

I often think about what the seasoned athletes that follow my blog must think about what I write. Completing monumental races and victories and reading my whining about wanting to get my pace on the bike up from 12mph to 15mph. Despite that everyone is still always encouraging, but in the end I write this for me. And one thing I KNOW is that this race is a milestone for me. I like the term milestone, because it indicates it is a marker, NOT A DESTINATION. Right now I am traveling the road not knowing how long the road is. It could be 26.2, 70.3, 100, 140.6 or longer, but all I know is that this is just the FIRST milestone!

I apologize now for this post. This has probably been the most emotional posts I have written. It started as one thing and went somewhere else, but it is just what is on my mind. I am not going to go to the top to edit the lead-in of wanting to discuss something else. I leave it as a surprise when you get here, the other stuff can wait. Apparently my subconscious wanted this out and not knowing who to share it with, you guys got it. I left another surprise below :).

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Goals: 10/05/10- PM run and swim. 10/06/10 AM- Ride and Swim. Clean Eating.
Results: 10/05/10- PM 1600m Swim. 10/06/10 AM- 5 mile light spin and 2 mile easy run. PM 800m swim 
Diet setbacks: 10/05- cheeseburger and half of a fountain coke. 10/06- None to note.
Thoughts: Diet so far has this week has been pretty good, except for that cheeseburger. My caloric intake is a little lower since I am working out less. Yesterday was black tea with skim milk and yogurt for breakfasts, various snacks including turkey and cheese roll ups, apple with peanut butter, and at bed time Colby cheese and crackers, dinner was a grilled chicken breast and salad.

Tuesday's workouts were hampered when my wife wanted to go to the her parents for dinner. I only had time for a swim. I didn't have time to run, but I had time to make it a long swim. I did a 400 meter warm up with drills, 8x50 for time (and the splits sucked), and 800m slow for a cool down. Also worked on my turns and my entry. Moved the run to 10/06.

Wednesday I woke up and went for the run and then transitioned to the bike. Coldest bike ride I have ever had. Wanted to ride for 90 minutes, not the 5 miles I did, but i rethought my plan due to traffic. After work swam 2x250 for time (not as good as last weeks) and some. Even though I am stressed this has been a decent week, One reason for this I think is that for 4 days in a row I have had some of the best sleep I have ever had. Each night was 7-8 hours of non-stop sleep. I do not know what has changed, but it has been nice.
Although I DID go into a LONG summary of what I have done for the last few days, I decided a few days back in order to keep from obsessing about this weekend that I would try to write about other things this week. Today I decided to write about how Wednesday I got to do one of my favorite things ever. Run with my dog Holly. Due to the long runs and speed work, and everything else I have not been able to run with her in months. a 2 mile easy run was perfect to get her back out. A while back Laura at Box, Run, Eat asked for pictures so here is a long little bio and a ton of photos on Holly.

I aw searching for a dog in 2007 and wanted to find a dog that would be a good apartment dog, but also a good fit for me. A dog that isn't girly, and I take running, hiking, etc. (no poodles). On Christmas day 2007 CB showed up at my apartment with her. I named her Holly because it was Christmas (I normally call her tater).

PS- I know the formatting sucks. I haven't be able to get Blogger to work with me for the last two days.

She stole ALL of the bows as we opened gifts.

She was tiny.

She tried to sleep in CB's suitcase the 1st night.

She is Pitbull and Greyhound
She kept growing.
And growing.

And growing.

Her general disposition is..... leave no toy undestroyed.

She's been hiking since she could walk and not fall over.

She has a travel bowl but prefers her own bottle.

Sometimes CB comes with. (Holly posed on her own)

But usually that just leaves me with two girls not paying attention.

Holly is MY dog and my best friend. It was just me and her for years until I got married last year. However, I would be remised if I didn't give some honorable mention to the other goober in our house. Last winter Cb knew I was looking for another dog to give some company to Holly come spring. I wanted a male, UKC purple ribbon pitbull. I wanted to find a breeder who's dog's had a body style I liked. At this same time one of Cb's coworkers had found a puppy that ran into the street. She posted adds, asked the neighbors, and even did a commercial on the free cable channel. No one responded and she already had a puppy. She was going to take her to the shelter. But first, they arranged to bring her by my house "to see if I liked her".

She was little and sweet.
And Holly didn't try to eat her.

 I named her Samantha

She grew.
And grew.
 Now I have the hardest time dealing wither her
because she is too damn cute to be mad at.