Monday, August 9, 2010

Pre-trip post

This is the post fromt he day I left for Guate, Hopefully, I am back to work now and hopefully I can get in a workout tonight and an update post on my trip.

Goals: make it through the day and work out if possible get in a workout.

Exhausted musings: the last few days have been crazy. Its nuts how much extra work I have to do just to take a week off. It almost makes me want to stay. Or not!
I have had to work sun up until after sun down. Wednesday I had a 8 mile ride planned. No go, but I was able to get half the lawn mowed. 1.8 miles per my gps. Thursday I had a 600m swim planned in the am and 6 mile run with a tempo workout. I did 4 mile bike ride in the am and packed. Friday, I had a 8 mile lsd run. I had limited time so I decided to run 4 miles with some 400m repeats. Total time boiled down to the slowest mile paces I have ever ran. I also had a few more workout mixed in, not my plan but I was able to get something in.

This is the first time I have had time to sit down and blog, I am in the air heading to atlanta. I scheduled this week as my rest week, hopefully I will get a few runs in with the Guatemala army. I am not worried about weight this week because I have no control over anything! Its hard for me to relinquish control.

Any how, I look forward to reading up on how everyone is doing when I get back. I hope everyone has safe weeks with their families. Good training and even better races!

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Patrick said...

Luke, hope all goes well in Guatemala - sounds like quite an experience. Look forward to hearing about it when your eturn.