Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Triathlon Spouse

Last night my schedule called for a short 8 mile run, 2 mile run brick. The timing of my workouts of my workouts revolves changes constantly due to dinner plans, work schedules, and sun light. Yesterday since I needed to ride I would need to begin my workout as soon as I got home from work in order to take advantage of the little light that was left. This also means me leaving the house before my wife gets home from work.

When I got home from the bike leg I quickly entered the house and started my transition. As I was changing* CB yelled from the bedroom "Are you done with your workout?",  I responded "No, I have a quick 2 mile run and then I'll be done". She then responded "I figured as much, I noticed you set up a transition area out there" and then I was back out the door.

As I ran I thought about how funny it was that she saw shirt*, shorts*, hat, and shoes and did not identify it as a mess I left on the floor, but as a transition area and then inferred I must be in mid-workout. This made me realize that although she is not involved in the sport, she is involved in the sport. She is not a fan of the sport, but a fan of me and therefore a natural supporter of triathlon. I should also note that she did watch and enjoy the Kona broadcast and thinks Macca is an ass; but I still can't get her to workout with me :)

When I got home, we headed out to meet her mom and lil' sister for dinner and had a good laugh about her noticing my "transition area". This got me thinking about how I have seen list like "you know you are dating a triathlete when..." but never have I seen a list about triathlon spouses.

This is something I would like to add as a tab on this blog. I would love to hear anecdotes from you seasoned vets about how to tell you are married to a triathlete. For example, although this is stolen from a "dating a triathlete" list it is still true for me..... You know you are married to a triathlete when he/she says I'm going to run to the store and he/she actually runs to the store.

I would love if anyone who reads this leaves a comment so we can come up with a list!

* I enjoy sharing the lessons I learn in training and in life. A month or two ago I purchased my first pair of bibs. I love them. I think they are great to ride in. Yesterday I put them on before my brick, and then when I grabbed my shoes and hat to stage I realized I was going to have a hard time running in the bibs. So then I grabbed a pair of shorts to change into. At this point I realized I would need to take off my jersey and vest to put on the shorts, so I might as well put on a running shirt so I grabbed one of those to stage too. Lesson Learned: On short brick days , just ride in running shorts or buy some tri shorts.


Kate said...

That's really funny. You're lucky to have such a supportive wife. I don't have any funny anecdotes to add (yet), but I'll be checking back to see what other people contribute.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have a list for reasons not to date a triathlete.

Reasons NOT to date a triathlete:

-beats T2 time... in bed.

-insists on calling it "aero" position

-Gu chocolate stains on sheets won't come out

-it's actually not Gu Chocolate stains

-when the equipment malfunctions, he throws you off the bed like Norman Staedler did his bike.

-your pink razor is always clogged with his thick masses of hair

-orders Gatorade at 3-michelin star restaurant

-blames performance in bed on "nutrition".

-insists on eating cliff bar after foreplay to "top off glycogen reserves"

-keeps asking if your adult toys come in carbon fiber

-says "monocoque" and giggles all the time.

-does it with HRM on. calls out which zone loudly.

-cheers you on and claps while you have to finish yourself off after they're already done. Claims "no outside help" rule to get out of helping.

-when feeling intimate, wakes you up at 4am and says "race time!" and blows an air horn in your ear.

-whines because when "Madame Butterfly" begins, they thought you were taking them to see "Orbea"

-bitches you out when you wear your iPod in your couch and cites it's against USAT rules.

and finally:

-keeps giving you crap from race goodie bags as your Valentine's day present.

Luke said...

But I did love "wakes you up at 4am and says "race time!" and blows an air horn in your ear" I'm going to the store to buy an air horn!!!!

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

OMG, BDD - You're killing me!!! Freaking hilarous! ZONE 4! ZONE 4! Bwahahahaha...

Chris K said...

You crazy triathletes.

I am single and "only" run so I don't have much to add except to say that your wife rocks.

Molly said...

I'm only a runner right now, my husband is not. But for every birthday/christmas he gets me some kind of running gear 'cause he knows I love it.