Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 7 of HIM

This week was not as slow as last week, but not the high volume I had seen for the first 5 weeks.

S: 1800.00 M, 1h 05m
B: 11.00 Mi, 37m 28s
R: 3.00 Mi, 30m
Str: 50m

Swim: This week spent more time on drills than laps or speed. Always good to work on form, however when Sundays swim rolled around with 600-800m (my choice) I only did 600m because I could not find my rhythm.

Bike: Only one bike ride this week it was a time trial. Coach wanted Flat, but since I don't have that we used the local tri course. This is good since I have used it for all my time trials in my own training. I finished my 10 mile TT in under 25 minutes. This is the fastest ever for me. I finished the whole course in under 40 also a PR. I am very happy with this. I went hard without it feeling like I was going too hard. It almost feels wrong but it was Garmin timed. Either the rest, the spinervals (all two weeks worth), or the long rides have been paying off. My goal for the Statesville Rotary Tri would be 30 minutes on the bike leg. Just over 1mph more on my avg speed and I will be there. These kind of gains make me happy- I can almost touch a goal.

Run: Only 1 run this week. A recovery run on friday- 3 miles. I was told not to run any faster that 10 minute miles.It was perfect weather at 50+ and sunny at 09:00. I warmed up at a very low jog. I had a little pain on the outside and below my knee cap but after a half mile warm up it was gone. I did not push my pace, just enjoyed the weather. Even without pushing time flew by. I love when the weather is so nice.

Strength: One of the funny things to me is that last when I started training with Coach Chris he gave me the strength workout he wanted me doing and it was the same routine I have been doing since October. However, in the last few weeks I had fallen off out of time constraints. Now, he has it as part of my schedule which means I have the time. As a safety measure he had me do it without the lower body moves.

Weight: After two months I am still stuck at 190. Since I am still only 4 pounds from my 2010 goal it is starting to piss me off. Like I said before I started logging calories to make sure I was eating enough. This week I am going to start using the calculator for nutrients. If you know of a better website to figure out how many calories I need to lose weight and how to break down the nutrients please share. I feel so close, but although my weight hasn't changing I feel like I am getting father away. I also have the goal of below 180 by my first race. I want to buy the Racing Weight book but haven't got around to it as I have been buying gear instead.

Life: Work has been full of drama lately and this week has been a full load of duties. It has made me feel disconnected from my blog friends. For the last few weeks I have averaged 2 posts per week and only had about two days where I have been able to read others. I enjoy sharing and reading so I hope that I can up my free time sometime soon.


Andrew Opala said...

HIM =? High Intensity Masochism?

Chris K said...

Alright, I'll bite.....what's up with the German documentary? I guess that's a rhetorical question.

Molly said...

get Racing Weight out of the library : )

oh, and your last couple of comments on my blog cracked me UP.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Luke, you still doing that marathon on March? If so you better get some long runs in hombre - or that bitch is gonna hurt (-: