Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 8 of HIM Training

I can not believe it has already been two full months of training. It all seems to be running together at this point. My leg is feeling better so I am picking up distance on the run again. I am stretching my hamstrings and IT band twice a day.

S: 2450.00 M, 56m 15s
B: 88.87 Mi, 6h 28m 35s
R: 5.01 Mi, 46m 12s
Str: 20m

Swim: This week I did my first long swim in three weeks. It felt awkward. My plan has me doing one to two short swim concentrating on drills and  one long swim. This week it only had one short swim, during this swim I did drills for 350m. I alternated stroke golf and a face down kicking drill(as opposed to on  my back or side). The 200m cool down I swam after the drills was the most fluid feeling swim I think I have ever had. I even worked up the nerve for my first flip turn during this. BTW, I also started working on flip turns this week.

Bike: One long ride, two trainer rides, and a very short ride as part of a brick. One of the trainer rides was an bonus that I threw in to make up for shorting a run. The long ride ended up longer than planned because I stopped my garmin at a stop light and forgot to turn it back on. I spent the first half of the long ride in aero. My parts that sit on the tip of the saddle hurt by the time I was half way through the ride, so I didn't spend much time in aero on the way home. By the time I was home my butt hurt. I say it every week but I need a new saddle. I also want a Profile Designs Fast Forward seatpost.

Run: The highlight of the week was my brick. On Tuesday I rode a short 8 miles and then a 2 mile run. I got a weird feeling when I started. It felt labored similar to the start of all of my brick runs, like it is taking a minute for my legs to change sports, but it also felt fast. I looked at my GPS and was in the 7:45 range. i made myself slow down to 9:00. I finished the first mile at 8:40. I made myself slow down again, but I ended up finishing the second mile in 8:30. The coolest part about this run was that it did not feel hard, I was not winded. A third mile at that pace would top my run leg of either of my races last year. It would almost top my 5k PR. It makes me feel like it is going to be a good year!

Working my mileage back up, my long run this week was to be 6 miles. Unfortunately I did not finish. It wasn't because of my knee or IT band it was because the whopper and onion rings I had eaten an hour earlier made me want to puke.

Weight: I hate to admit this but I am going to put it out here in an effort to remain accountable- my weight is back up to 195. That is a 5 pound gain in a week and a half. I had 5 consecutive days during that time frame when my nutrition was completely out off the reservation. As of today I am going back on the protein power diet. I plan to stick to it for at least 2 weeks in order to get my system back in check. I may stick to it until I hit my goal weight.

Random Stuff

Watched a movie for the first time while on the trainer. I watched SWAT and did a pyramid workout.

Finally bought new shoes. I bought the Saucony Mirage, I will post a review soon.

For V-day CB bought me the book  "The Perfect Distance" I will also give you my thoughts on this soon.

I am looking for a good movie to rent, any suggestions? May even rent something today if I leave work early.


Kovas said...

I'm a total believer in the Adamo saddles now, definitely check them out.

misszippy said...

You are tearing it up! Nice work.

I wish I watched movies these days--always fall asleep, so I've just given up!

Laura said...

Great week of training! Well done :-)