Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Goal: easy run, eat healthy

Results: 4.8 miles.

Diet setbacks: I tried to figure out how many marshmallow and chocolate chips I could fit in my mouth at the same time.

Morning Weight: 204

Thoughts: Today was an uneventful day, but it I was reminded how quickly one event cane ruin a day. Weeks ago I had thought about how I would like to fire myself after Christmas, just to give myself the real motivation to get my own business together. Today was the nail in the coffin that tells me it is time to go, by any mean necessary, anywhere.

Due to aggravation after work I just wanted to take a nap and I ended up binge eating bugles, marshmallows and chocolate chips. Or as CB calls them witches fingers, bat eyes, and ghost toes.

After dinner I decided I need to run not just to stick to the plan but to de-stress. When I was a teenager I ran to escape. I needed one of those tonight. I started my run, but my quads, hamstrings and knees were struggling to turnover. My pace was slower than my LSD pace. Somewhere around mile three either my mind cleared or this weekends lactic acid was flushed and I took off. Before I knew it I was running at tempo pace and had to force myself to slow down. The plan was to run 5 miles but I ran out of space. I ended up running 4.8 because if I added another lap around the neighborhood I would have ran closer to 6 miles.

Toward the middle of the run I was thinking about how I look forward to running the 5k I ran last New Year's eve. I hope I can blast my time from last year. I think after the half mary I will follow the Hal Higdon advanced 5k plan until New Years. I will see what happens after that. I think running that race at midnight after the ball drops is a tradition I want to continue. Last year I also ran on thanksgiving and Christmas nights with my mom-in-law. Another tradition I hope to keep. I also went hiking to a brand new place the day after thanksgiving and Christmas last year. Again, a tradition I hope to keep.

When was the last time you had to just run, just cycle, just swim, or just box to escape something?

Have you started any tradition that you want to keep?


Patrick Mahoney said...

Today's ride was particularly well timed, it came just after a super long and boring conference call.

As far as traditions, there seems to be a couple races that I've done that I'd like to do every year.

Laura said...

I can't think of a particular time but I definately run and box as stress relief sometimes, it lets off so much steam doesn't it!

Patrick said...

LOL, well if you are going to have a diet set back it may as well be by challenging yourself to how many marshmallow and chocolate chips you can shove in at once. So, how many did you get in there?