Monday, November 8, 2010

So, maybe I'm a jerk.

This is the post I meant to write Saturday, but the day kind of got away from me. Then I was going to write it Sunday, but that wasn't a good do for me, so here goes take three for this post.

All thought I am not fan of dieting, I am a huge fan of all the training i have done this year. More so last year when i started I decided to sign of that first 5k as motivation to train. More than training, I love racing, whether it be a triathlon, 5k, 10k, or whatever. I really enjoy the energy of the day and pushing myself to the limit.

This weekend in Statesville was the annual pumpkin festival and 5k. I had it on my schedule as an "A" race but down graded it to a "B" as I thought the 10k last weekend was more important when building up to a Half Marathon. Given that my Sunday long run is very important this late in training (especially with the skipped weeks) I felt if I ran the 5k hard I knew I would be too sore for my long run. i decided this was reason enough to skip the race. Late Friday afternoon I decided since the raise was so close, there is no reason to skip it altogether. I SHOULD VOLUNTEER! I decided I would do that and write a post called life on the other side. It didn't go as planned.

I spoke to my local Y to sign up a volunteer and hey told me to show up at 06:15 Saturday morning, being that this race was being held about a mile away I decided I could just jog there. I got there at about 06:10  morning of and went over to the awards table and talked to the only other people who were there. I asked who do I checked in with to volunteer. They said "XXXX has gone to help set up the finish line, hang out here and he will be back". So I stood in the dark parking lot while it was 39 degrees and waited. As people began to gather a man with a clip board showed up and started greeting people by name and telling them where to go. This was about 06:50. After waiting a few more minutes there was an announcement for all volunteers to stand in a line by the YMCA van and we would be given our assignment.

We formed a line in front of the clipboarded man and waited some more. Instead of the line moving toward the man, he came down the line, again greeting the people he knew and giving them assignments, and then he walked away. A waited a few more minutes to see if he would come back and at 07:05 with the racing starting at 07:30 I made a decision. With the other two volunteers asking where should we go? I said I know where I am going, HOME!

So, maybe I am a jerk. Maybe since this was my first attempt at volunteering I am unfamiliar with race day disorganization. I understand that things are hectic to a degree. However, I feel that telling me when to be there and making me wait outside in the cold for almost an hour while you figure out what to do is unacceptable. I understand that you need to treat your runners well because they are paying to race, but on the same principle your volunteers are coming for free on their own time, you should not abuse them.

I look forward to trying to volunteer again some time, maybe it will go better on my next go round.

On my training side- Thursday i got my weights in but only 1 mile of the recovery run due to cramps. Friday I made up the 3 mile recovery run and did a 30 minute spin on a stationary. Saturday I got in a 60 minute spin, and my big 10 miler for Sunday....I got into a "funk" and didn't do it. Instead I repaired sheetrock, squared a door, and caulked a tub. At the same time during my funk my diet fell apart and I ate a ton of food. Round 3 this week. Now I have to figure out when to get in the long run.


Katie said...

No, you're not a jerk at least you attempted, I've never volunteered for a rac so I don't know how chaotic it usually is, but they should give everyone direction whether they know them or not. Good Luck on your half marathon! I need to do one, maybe the LI half marathon in May, we will see.

abbi said...

Nope, not a jerk at all, I probably would've done the same thing. You tried!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Your only other option would have been to just turn up at an aid station in a superman costume and start giving out water. Probably best to go home - you can't make that guy be more organized so there is nothing you could have done about it.

Laura said...

Well that guy sounds ignorant! Hopefully your next volunteering experience will be much better!

Pretend this is real said...

Wow! What a mess and such a shame. We all REALLY appreciate the work of volunteers. They usually have to be out there much longer than runners and while we can run to stay warm in the cold, they have to just stand there. I would hope that other race directors treat them better!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Nice attempt to volunteer, always good to give back. Also good to get work done around the house. Bummer about the training and diet difficulties, but I know you'll get back on those horses soon.

Molly said...

I count housework as a workout sometimes, all that stuff you did around the house sounds like cross training! : )

Mrs. Tucker said...

I'm glad you left. Chick Fil A was delicious!