Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies

Picture stolen from a random 12
year old girls myspace page. Where
else does one find a picture of
rainbows, sunshine, and butterflies?
Do you ever have one of those day or one of those workouts where everything goes your way? Tuesday's run was one of those . This might be my last great run for the year. All the conditions that needed to be there were present.

It was a long day prior to the run. I had training today to learn to teach inmates how to be good public speakers so they can go give speeches about life in prison to high schoolers. This was a 4 hour training that required being at work several hours early in order to do the six hours of friving toand from the training site. When I got home I was exhausted!

I really didn't feel like running, but I knew I needed to. I remembered the day being decently warm while I was trapped in the car so I decided to go with shorts and a tech tee. I got Holly leashed up, hit start on the garmin, and headed out the door.

Once outside I just started running, no pace alarms, no ipod. It was 69 degrees (according to a bank clock I ran past) and sunny. Perect weather for me, not hot, not cold, no ear warmers needed! I deviated from the neighborhood and ran downtown. This required more traffic and some bigger hills than usual, but the big hills did not phase me and cars even seemed to stop for me to cross. "The Plan" called for 5 miles at a very easy 10:26 pace. I did not set the pace alarm or look at the garmin. I just ran. I did not have a planned route. I just ran. I made a loop around town, cut through a cemetery and headed home. Within 50 feet of my house my distance alert went off letting me know I had reached 5 miles, I looked at my pace and it was just under 10 minute miles. I ran faster than the plan called for and it didn't even feel like I was trying. Within minutes of my going in the house the sun went down, like it was like it was waiting on me to get done.

Perfect run- Perfect weather, perfect doggy, perfect effort, perfect route.

When was the last time the planets and stars aligned for you?


Big Daddy Diesel said...

You make a good point, I can not remember the last time at the stars aligned, I am sure it wasnt that long ago, but I remember every bad workout I have had.

Patrick Mahoney said...

BDD is on to something, I'm the same way. Maybe we need to change our perspective a bit.

Luke said...

I agree! I can recall every bad workout, missed workout, and bad diet day. how often do I remember to celebrate or write about a good workout? I think this makes once!

Moving Mertle said...

Definitely agree with not remembering greatness. My last run was a race on Oct 23rd. The weather was great, met friends there unexpectedly, and a great course. during the race I thought I was doing horribly: my legs hurt and my head wasn't in it. But then I finished with my fastest 5K time!!! Crazy. Makes me wonder what would've happened if I was on my A game.

Great job on under 10min miles!!! Woot you're speedy Gonzales!

Pretend this is real said...

Love it! Some days everything just pans out and the effort is so easy. I can't remember the last day in particular that was like that, but it hasn't been long. But I am hoping I'll have one of those days this weekend!