Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fleet Feet Sports

Have you ever had something that you liked so much you didn't want to keep to yourself? That is exactly how I feel about Fleet Feet Sports.

Fleet Feet Incorporated is a store centered around active people. The company started from one store in 1976 and now has franchises nationwide. They are infamous for their Fitlosophy, it is their way of approaching business and how they assist you with their products.

Growing up in Chapel Hill, NC I shopped at the Carrboro store, for the last year I have shopped at the Hickory, NC store and on the way home from last weekend's race I had the pleasure of shopping at one of their newest stores in Huntersville, NC.

Since they fitted me for my first pair of shoes for the the high school track team up, I have had impeccable customer service at every visit. The store I visited this weekend looked more upscale than others I have visited, but that didn't change the service. From walking through the door I was greeted and offered some of the bananas and bagels they had at the register. This was great considering the race only had orange slices and I really wanted a banana.

After the normal small talk the associate asked if I needed help with finding a pair of shoes. I let the associate know that I was just picking up some odds and ends and I could handle it. I picked up my first few items, and then went to grab the Nuun I wanted. Having never tried it before, I turned for help with flavors, she was able to give me information for all of them. I chose the lemon lime, but she suggested I try the very tri berry and got a sample for me. Then I went to look at gel flasks and wanted a single but they only had belts or bags of 2's and 4's. When they didn't have what I was looking for the associate called around local cycling shops to find one that did. How many stores will send their business to other companies? That shows me that they truly care about their customers happiness.

Once I was done with the odds and ends I decided I wanted to look at compression socks. The associate who had been helping me walked me to another who took measurements of my calves and chose the properly fitting socks. He not only handed me the box but insisted I try them on first.

When I went to check out they again urged me to sample some snacks, and then called the bike shop with the flask I wanted and got directions for me. In the end I left with Bodyglide, Nuun, 2xu calf sleeves, a few gels and my banana. I was disappointed they didn't have the Brook's Nightlife hat. You can't have everything you want. Every time I go to any of their stores I am impressed with the service. This particular day I was so overwhelmed by the level of service, I forgot to grab one of their logo water bottles I came in for (much cheaper than a generic bottle at REI). I also meant to look and see if they had any logo singlets but I forgot about that too. Also notable is that all I spent today works toward getting my a gift certificate for $15 dollars after I spend $150. A few month back this paid for the visor and race number belt I bought myself as a weight loss reward.

I'm sure most of the veterans that follow me have had a proper fitting somewhere. If you haven't, then anyone who is active whether walking, running, or anything else should have one. Once they measure your feet standing and sitting, watch your running and walking gates, they determine what type of shoe you need and bring you multiple pairs to choose from. They even encourage you to go outside and run in them. Fleet Feet even works with me on my limited budget and my strict anti-neon rule. Regardless of where, this is something you should have done if you haven't.

If you have a Fleet Feet Sports in you area I encourage you to check them out. If they are anything like the stores I have shopped at you will not be disappointed.

This "review" was at not solicited and all opinions are my own. They are purely based on my experience as a customer.


Laura said...

Sounds like a great shop, shame they're not in the UK!

misszippy said...

You"re lucky to have them so nearby!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

What I like about Fleet the most, is that they wont sell you a bunch of junk, if they feel you dont need it, they will tell you, that right their, even though they lost out on a sale, is customer loyalty

Patrick said...

Have not heard of Fleet Feet Sports but there are some chi-land locations. Service is what wins the long term customer, sounds from your esperience like they get that.

Have a Great weekend!

Caratunk Girl said...

I don't have one of those stores near me, but I sure wish I did.