Monday, January 3, 2011

A Lot On My Mind

After a week and a half filled with family stuff and shopping, I am back to work. I remember writing about it how busy the Christmas season is, however I now miss it. As I am back at work with a overwhelming to-do list and can't concentrate. The busyness of the holiday still lent itself tot he occasional nap, while i do not have that luxury here at work.

Normally, I have issues on Mondays, but after a vacation they are always amplified. Today, in my routine fashion my ADHD is on overdrive. I can't seem to get my thought straight enough for a post so here is a list of a few things on my mind, some of them I have planned a dedicated post to-

  • I assembled my "new" bike last night
  • I need to go to the bike shop for a fitting.
  • Aerobars- Jammer GT v. T2, which is best for the road bike?
  • Speedplay v. Look pedals
  • Race supplements confuse me
  • I think about weird things on my long runs
  • I want a coach, but am still trying to figure what I am looking for
  • I think I may dedicate my Friday's posts on how I am doing triathlon frugally
  • I signed up for a BT mentor group and it is "interesting" so far
  • I need to update my 2010 goals
  • I need to formulate my 2011 goals
  • I need to set my race schedule
Although it is 3:30 here, I am going to now take my lunch and lift weights. Hopefully the exercise will increase my thinking abilities, or atleast get me closer to the end of the day.


Kate said...

I'd say thinking about weird things by far beats thinking about how much farther is left to run. :)

I'll be interested to hear those Friday posts. Frugal is the name of the game here. A friend of mine passed on a website to me... You might check it out. It's a combination of people unloading gear they don't use as much and stores selling things that they apparently can't sell as "new" in the store bc it's been returned or something. Anyway, there seem to be some good deals there. I just ordered a pack from it, so I'll have some firsthand knowledge of the site soon.

misszippy said...

It's always hard to get back into the swing of things--by Friday, you'll be good to go (although perhaps you will not have been all that productive!). Happy new year!

Patrick Mahoney said...

"I think about weird things on my long runs"

A little bit creepy...

I think the frugal triathlete posts are a really good idea, especially if you can back it up by kicking the butts off of dudes on $6000 bikes next season.

Jason said...

I am all for Frugal Friday. That would be a great read b/c this sport is expensive and anything we can do to make it slightly cheaper for all is a great idea.

Joel said...

Third vote in favor of the frugal friday posts!