Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Product Review: Cheerios MultiGrain Cereal

Within the mass of emails I get everyday that I end up deleting (not your comments I mean the junk from stores, etc.) I had an email from looking for consumers to review MultiGrain Cheerios, since I love cereal I jumped at the chance.

Tuesday evening I had a package on my front stoop and was very surprised when I opened it and found a box of cereal. It makes me just that much happier that the cereal was sent to me as that requires me to do less work.

Since I was just home from work and starving, plus getting ready to change for an hour on the bike and a thirty minute run, I tore the box open and had a snack. Let me also reiterated that when I say I like cereal, I really really like cereal. I love to sit on the floor, eat cereal and watch cartoons, or eat dry cereal out of the box laying on the couch.

As I poured my bowl I ate a few handfuls dry. I noticed that it was sweet so I checked the box and noticed the titles does say lightly sweetened. As a dry snack, this is delicious.

Once milk was added the cereal was still good but it no longer tasted sweet to me, it tasted like Cheerios. This didn't stop me from eating another bowl.

The next morning I added honey and banana and it was again delicious.

The box also came with a code to use The Biggest Loser at Home interface for seven days. Unfortunately my code didn't work, but according to it would have provided me these tools:

  • A Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator to gauge how much weight you may need to lose or gain to be considered healthy and not at risk for serious health problems
  • An exclusive 7 Day Plan that pairs daily meal plans with cardio and strength-training routines
  • 15 tasty recipes that will give your body the fuel it needs to get through the day
  • Daily workouts that couple cardio with mobility and resistance exercises to hit major muscle groups
Coming from my former fat boy, low carb diet I was alarmed that one bowl of this cereal has 20 net carbs, then I thought about how I am no longer restricting my carbs to that degree because i need them for training. With that in mind I think this could be a healthy breakfast or recovery snack.

Note: This product was given to me free of charge to review by; however, all opinion are my own and I did in fact eat the entire box in one day.

If you had any resolutions this year what have you done to keep them thus far? Leave a comment and one may be chosen at random for a MultiGrain Cheerios Prize Pack.


misszippy said...

I am a cereal lover also--couldn't live without out! You are active enough that you can afford the carbs--mindset change!

Tricia said...

love cereal, and one of the great things about running is we NEED those carbs ;)