Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2 of HIM Training

I completed my second week of training and here are the numbers:

S: 6300.00 M, 2h 24m 45s
B: 66.50 Mi, 4h 15m
R: 12.15 Mi, 2h 10m
Str: 30m

Scheduling was bit hairy with the weather. The Y opened late early and closed late Monday, didn't open Tuesday, and on Friday I got to there to find that they allowed the high school teams come in for some unscheduled swim practice since they were out of school due to the weather.

The above numbers are actually a little too large on the swim. This is because when the Y decided to close early, they made the decision while I was in the pool and came to get me and asked me to leave. I repeated and completed the workout two days later when they reopened.

Next week I am going to jump to week 16 in order to hit my race timed correctly. Swim meterage will increase about 400m in the first workout. Although, I felt overwhelmed at first by the long swims, I am comfortable now. Oddly, when I do long sets (500m) my pace is pretty much the same as my 50m and 100m sprints. I feel speed will come as I continue, if I get some form coaching that will help too I bet.

Cycling will be the area I need to work the hardest on. I was looking at the stats from my October triathlon and although I was near 200 overall, I was only 12:00 behind the 30th ranked athlete. In comparison I was only 30 seconds slower on the swim, 1:30 slower on the run, but 10 minutes slower on the bike. This 10 minutes would have also gave me a top 3 spot in my AG. I need to make the change from riding like I am on just out for fun and riding with speed.

Running this week still feels light after the volume I have been putting in for the last week, I am sure that will change soon.

As always I thought of a few things I found odd during my long run including how come only certain parts of my body are cold during my run, how come the parts changes throughout my run, I think I am bending at the waist when I run since I sometimes have pain where my back meets my hips, I still need to write part 2 of things I've learned post,  I have been almost hit more since I've had a road ID than before, I thought about my friend and old classmate/carpool buddy Dustin Wilson, the fact that Dustin is my first friend with a kid on the way, and the fact that I hope Dustin's child doesn't grow up to look like a hippy (like Dustin).


Joel said...

Congrats on week two! Sort of ironic about the Road ID thing.

RockStarTri said...

Getting stronger on the bike makes you stronger and fresher on the run.

Laura said...

That's an impressive week of training! Good work :-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice work

Jason said...

Nice work and so odd about the RoadID. Thankfully you have it though. Best piece of equipement I own.

Keep up the great work.

JohnP said...

Who baby - impressive numbers for just week 2!? Are you trying to qualif or something?? :)

Anonymous said...

haha. The reason a kid is coming is because I'm so OLD!