Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 4 of HIM training

S: 7000.00 M, 2h 44m 40s
B: 58.75 Mi, 3h 36m 12s
R: 20.06 Mi, 3h 40m

Overall: WOW! This is time consuming and tiring, but I feel great. I had two different life guards tell me they didn't recognize me because of weight loss. However, I am still at 190. No weight loss since December, I thought that I would see a faster loss now than when I started training last year. hmm..... I hope the weight starts to drop soon. I was 186 after my long run but 190 the rest of the week. I want to start counting calories again, partly to make sure I am not OVER-carbing, but more so because I want to make sure I am getting enough calories. Never thought I would have to make that distinction in my life.
Swim: 7000 meters! That may be more than I swam all of last year. Thursday was my long swim and was 2750 total. Monday was speed work and the first time I have ever wanted to puke while swimming. Not do to the speed, but I didn't eat first and my tank was empty. In the past my long run was the only workout I made an effort to fuel before, TO ME it is a cool place to be where I have to start thinking about things like that. I have come a long way from last year. My shortest workout this week was longer than my long workout last year (3x300m).
Bike: Took my long ride at a business park that people rave about as a great training site. I see how it could be great for interval work. I did like that I saw about 50 other cyclists and probably over 50 runners and walkers, however 2 hours going around a 2 mile loop to tedious. About an hour  into it I rolled up on a group ride that was going much slower than me, I pulled up and talked to the clean up rider and asked if i could Cling on for a few. I rode with them for about 15 minutes and as their group started to spread out I pulled off and left them. It was nice to have the company.
My mileage was a little short for the week. My two non-long rides didn't yield the miles they should have. I did a power test for one,riding harder for short intervals then resting always leaves me short, and on the other I planned to ride a local loop for an hour then turned it into a time trial after 2 miles. The good news is I made a new PR by 16 seconds. However, I thought when I finally time trialed on it I would do better with the lighter bike and improved fitness. OH WELL A PR IS A PR!!
Run: Although it was not my first time running a 15 miler, it was the first one I ever had pain for. I am going to take the advice of Chris K and try the Jeff Galloway run-walk method on the next long run and see how I feel. My shoes also crossed over 400 miles on that run. That is when I typically replace them.
At the end of my first month, although some of my workouts take longer than the plan says they should, I am HAPPY with the fact that I can completed them. In the next month I hope to pick up a new saddle, aero bars, trainer, and start working with a coach.
Numbers for the month FYI-
S: 25175.00 M - 10h 33m 55s

B: 257.61 Mi - 16h 18m 12s

R: 71.08 Mi - 12h 41m 55s

Str: 1h 23m


Patrick Mahoney said...

Amazing swim volume last week, Luke. Really well done. The month looks pretty great too!

Laura said...

Wow those are some amazing numbers! Great work!

Kate said...

Way to go!

Riding on a short loop like that would be an awful lot like running on a treatmill for me. I'm impressed you stuck it out that long.