Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 3 of HIM Training

I can't  believe it has only been three weeks. I completed week 5 of my training plan this week, which is the first week of the build phase.

The numbers for the week were:

S: 5475.00 M, 2h 23m 30s
B: 64.45 Mi, 4h 17m
R: 15.96 Mi, 2h 50m

Swim- I am short about 800m (or it might be 400m) I was running short of time on my long swim day so I dropped the warm up and cool down and went right into the main set- 1x2000. This is my longest non-stop swim ever. Didn't even get tiring until the last 300m or so, I think it became more mentally draining than physical. To me that is great. I would rather feel that way now and work through it then feel that way 4 weeks out and wonder if I can make it. It will also be cool when I get to me first sprint and the 400m swim will be like a warm up set compared to my normal schedule.

Run- Running was interesting this week. Of the three runs, two were 30 minute recovery runs (one for the long swim and the other after the long run). I like when the plan calls for short runs because then i can take Holly to run with me, she needs it! The long run is still only an hour per plan, but I bumped it to 13 miles as part of my marathon training. unfortunately, my route planning was off and I only got in 11. I am not worried.

Bike- As I posted early this week I got my first chance to HTFU on Monday. My hard workout for the week was hill work, but due to rain I took it inside to the Y's trainer. It was not the one with the wattage meter. The workout called for 4 minute intervals at 50-60 rpms, I maxed out the resistance on the bike and was still slightly over spinning. On my short ride, I did 2:30 intervals to keep it interesting. Max wattage was 311 on the last set, AVG was 120. I felt good about the increased average until I found a ride from 3 weeks ago where my average for a ride the same distance was 130 (it was 115 in December). However, I was doing constant workload at the first one and intervals with rest on the one this week. Anyone know what the cheapest power meter available is? How about the cheapest magnetic trainer (don't like wind trainers,  the noise makes my dogs bark)?

Did my long ride today and had cold feet but the rest of me was fine. I am still learning what to wear for winter riding.

Strength- no workouts all together this week. I had the hardest time getting out of bed. Some days it was the cold, some days I had not gotten any sleep, and some days I opted out because I was just plain sore and decided I needed rest.

Long run thoughts- I didn't have any weird thoughts to note this week. However, I did note that down town still has lights up on the trees and it looks very pretty. I also noted that I hate getting passed by drivers who are smoking (tobacco or marijuana).


Jess @ THIR said...

I don't know about power meter, but I got my magnetic trainer off ebay, and it's been awesome :) Cost me $50!

Anonymous said...

Luke-I just got a mag trainer for xmas to replace my 10-year old wind trainer. The difference is night and day in terms of how quiet the mag trainer is. I think they're around $100 new, but CL prices are way cheaper.

Molly said...

I still miss Christmas decor and lights, it really added something to my runs.