Thursday, January 6, 2011

Race Schedule Setting

With the goals done, it is time to set my race schedule in order put my plan to action and meet those goals. Basically, I have three different considerations as I set my schedule. First, my goal of competing in the TrySports series will require me to pick quick races I want. Second, wanting to COMPLETE a 70.3 will means having to pick that race. Lastly, wanting to complete a marathon will mean having to find one as well.

After two races last year, what is debatably my largest goal is to complete a series and see how I compare across multiple races. I chose the TrySports Series because it is marketed as a development series for new triathletes. I figured this is a good place for me. According to the site they try to make the races more fun and every race included a clinic by a coach, elite, or pro about some area of triathlon. To me that is a bonus! If I do well in this series after a year or two I will move to the InsideOut Sports Series which is much more cut-throat competitive. It is supposedly the nation's oldest and largest race series and is right here in NC. The organizers for both series are the same and I have done several of their other events and think they do a great job.
In order to help choose my races, I made the above chart. As you can see I listed the swim, run, and bike distance, as well as what type of swim, how far from home, and how the organizers describe the course. The bold races are also the races I wanted to do last year (minus one).  The series rule is that I must compete in at least 4 races to be eligible for series points, and if I complete more than four they take my 4 best standings. Olympic distance races are weighted higher than the sprints (as they should be). Now when it comes time to choose I have a balancing act. I need to try to get the most for my money (hence outlining how far away they are), I have the urge to be competitive and try to place in my AG for the series, and I want to push myself in terms of difficulty. 

My goal is to pick four races and have one (later in the season) as a back up in case I jack up a race. For monetary reason I wanted to do #3 as my first race since it is close and then I can get my first race out of the way. However, #1 was my intended race for last year and CB sayed she wants me to go to it this year. This one is at the beach- Wilmington, NC. It may cost more but since it is a sprint (therefore a short day) we could have a get away. I like that race because it is officially the opening of the series and I hear it is pancake flat. For now #1 is my plan and #3 is my back up. My May race MUST be #5, as it is in the town I live in. The venue is my Y and my house is on the run course. With 3 houses separating me and it, this should be logistical perfection!

For June and July I can't decide. I could do the two races in Charlotte, NC (9,10). They would be easy and maybe good for gaining points, plus they are very close. However, I feel like I should push myself to something harder. Stuck on this one. I want to complete an Olympic and with them both being rated the same. i am going to go with the closer one in August (#13). Lastly, I think #15 is my just in case I need the points back up, and #18 looks like it might also be fun if I get tiem for soem bonus racing.

Ok, the series is more or less picked out so i need to decide on my 70.3. I really wanted to do a "big show" type event a.k.a WTC, so as you may have read before my first thoughts were New Orleans, Augusta, or Florida. Florida was ruled out for heat, especially for my first 70.3, and me and CB decided on New Orleans since we both want to travel there. I still want to go but I decided that it was a little too soon. Since I only have two sprints under my belt I may want more experience, plus the travel costs. Then I thought about REV3, all the reviews tell me they are very family oriented,and two races-Knoxville and SC, are close. Knoxville has the same too early problem in my opinion and while SC is very close and on similar terrain to what I train on; I don't think that terrain would make for a good first race. Two weeks ago I remembered the InsideOut Sports series runs a 70.3 in White Lake, NC two weekends in a row. They are in May and the first one is the weekend before my home town race. Although only a few weeks later than the April races, I think this will be less pressure and therefore a little easier for me, plus it is closer and I can get a NC state employee rate on the hotel.

Lastly, in terms of a marathon There are a long list of ones that sound like fun to run, like Chicago, Phillie, and my most wanted the USMC marathon. not knowing what next fall has in store for me I think I am guiing for the Ellerbe marathon in March. It is a BQ put on by the Track Club I joined a few months ago. I thought it was free for members, but I was wrong. Considering the long runs I will be putting in training for the 70.3, I think being able to COMPLETE this should be feasible. If I do not make my goals time i still have the City of Oaks Marathon in October (or if the stars align the MCM). I hope in 2012 I can run both the Disney World and Disney Land race and get the special medal :)

Here it is-

Ellerbe Marathon 3/12/11
Wilmington Ahtletic Club Triathlon 4/3/11
White Lake Half 05/07/11
Statesville Rotary Triathlon 05/14/11
Enka Triathlon at Biltmore Lake 6/11/11
Ballantyne Triathlon 07/16/11 
Lake Logan International Triathlon 8/6/11

I still may need a 5k, 10k, and half mary to meet my goals for the year. I also have the list below of other stuff I think would be cool, just for fun. AND DOING STUFF TO HAVE FUN IS ONE OF MY GOALS.


JohnP said...

Looks great! That half is already coming up very soon, hope you're training!!! :)

Molly said...

gotta have fun, otherwise, what's the point : )

and hey, if you still want a bumper sticker, shoot me your address...

Charisa said...

Your plan looks good and your goal to HAVE FUN is even better!

Caratunk Girl said...

HEY Luke!! How are ya! Love the plan to have fun, that is KEY. Looks like a great plan.

Emz said...

I love how you added that "to have fun" part at the end. So important. Truly.
Looks like a great 2011 lies ahead of you.