Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Iron Christmas 70.3- The catch

Now that registration is closed and the race is underway it is time for my catch. This can't be straight forward, that would be too easy! Since I have never raced a WTC I am not familiar with their rules, however I have read the USAT rules over and over. Since they have penalties, so will I!

The penalty for this race is desserts. 3 cookies, 2 brownies, or one piece of cake/pie equals a one minute penalty. Starting 12:00am 12/20 until when the race is completed, tally up all of your holiday delights, enter how many penalties and calculate your penalty time accordingly. It will be added to your race time.

How is your progress going so far? Me, mine has been slow but steady. Monday I ran some intervals and walked for rest totaling two miles. Tuesday I biked 8 miles, ran 3.1, and biked another 8. This took the place of my normal terrible Tuesday. Wednesday morning is speed work for a few miles and I will follow it with my 1.2 mile swim.

Also, now that BDD is officially in I am going to need a sacrificial lamb. Since he won my last and only contest it would be a shame if you guys let him win again. If you see him out on the course bite the bullet and take him out (if you can catch him during his hammerfest)

Now back to your regular scheduled broadcast......

Yesterday I wrote about my need for extra income. While I was making my expenditures list I googled fundraising ideas. and came with a long list, many I could not do and a few I could. I gave serious thought about how to hold a virtual date auction. Legitimate, not the prostitution I was trying to use Adam for.

What I did decided on was considering my love of dogs,I will try to make a few dog treats and try to sell them. I figured at my work their is a staff member who has a great dane rescue, a poodle breeder, and a pet photographer. I should be able to peddle at least a few of these.

I pick a recipe and went to the store to pick up my secret ingredients. I spent $5 total, thought was good for low overhead.

I mixed the wet and dry ingredient separately and then mixed them together. These particular treats are flavored with natural peanut butter.

It made enough for two pans, so I wrapped up the second and put it in the fridge. I then rolled out the dough and cut them into seasonable gingerbread men.

I realized that I had never made any kind of treat that involved being rolled and cut. I had the hardest time picking them up to get to the cookie sheet.  After they baked, they looked better but a little rough.

 I rolled out and cut the 2nd batch. They were much easier to cut out than the first batch. I think it was because the dough was cold. While they baked I had a puppet show with my wife's pot holder. I don't know when it became stylish for gingerbread men to wear berets. I think he might be french. Hmm....

This batch looked much better and were thicker. I gave one to holly and one to sammy and they didn't even leave crumbs. The recipe ended up yielding 36 total and used half the ingredients. Doing the math that means I should be able to get 72 from all of the ingredients.

I decided to sell them 2 for $1 and trying to appeal to the holidays I put them in plastic bags and and tied them closed with ribbon. Cellophane would have been nicer but I was trying to go cheap. Doing the math again, if use the ingredients until empty I should gross $36 and net $31 after price of the ingredients. I feel like I should be charging more but am not sure I would have any response if I raise the price.

I took them to work yesterday to see how I could do. I sold a dozen off the bat to the poodle breeder. I then sold another two to one of my department's supervisors. She was really just buying them because she feels bad for me taking a pay cut to work there. One of my coworkers suggested I put them on ebay. I though that would be a good idea but I do not know how to make them stand out from the other 5,000 gourmet dog treats for sale.


Karen said...

impressive dog treats! Great idea for a fundraiser. On the "catch"... Maybe I am now rethinking the cupcake I have had my eye on for the last couple of hours. Ha ha. Hoping to get the biking done after work tonight - or maybe at least half of it. Thanks for doing this, it was just the push I needed this week.

Jason said...

Ahhh....the catch. So happy I have been ignoring the banana nut bread in front of me. But wait it is not a cookie, brownie, cake or penalty?

Great idea for raising funds.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

wow, just slap that bulleye on my back!!!

TRI714 said...

You bastard with the cookies !

Patrick Mahoney said...

you didn't say anything about ice cream either.

Luke said...

use your discretion in assigning the penalty points for anything i didn't list. I am assigning myself 1 point for eating a handful of chocolates.

Kate said...

Awww, man...and I just whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Sigh. On the other hand, I have no chance of winning anyway, so I can probably handle a few cookie penalties.

You are my hero, cookie penalty or not. All summer I toted with the idea of starting to train for a tri, but the whole swimming thing got in the way. The most I ever swam was 100 yards. Well, today I swam 1,250!! =) Turns out all I needed was a challenge I'm completely not up to (and one less day to complete it since I wasn't in til yesterday afternoon) to motivate me. So far, I've run 6 miles, swum .77 miles, and ridden 20. It's entirely possible that I won't have my first DNF after all. So thanks!

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

So sad about this, but I am out. I have a sick little girl at home and not feeling so good myself, so I am going to have to post a DNF. I did get in twice the distance of the swim and 1/2 the run. I'll look for some serious bike time next week. Good luck ya'all and Merry Christmas!