Saturday, December 25, 2010



Christmas Eve was a very busy day here. I intended to post yesterday to remind everyone to return their results for the Iron Christmas Challenge. The day started with a 0700 trip to Lowe's to look at carpet and pick up contractor bags, drop off clothes at Goodwill, and pick up my Lil' SIL for help with a project at the house. When I got home we met with the painters, then me and SIL cleaned out the shed (after a year it was still full of the previous owners crap), and once the painters were done I went to take SIL home and unload some stuff into her parents shed. Once back cb and I straightened up the house and I went for an 8 miler. Once back it was time to shower go to the in laws for gifts and then to church. That was a jammed pack 12 hours.

With that, my apologies for not posting a reminder or even getting to the computer to reply to the emails. Thank you every one who participated in my challenge. I plan to post the results within a few days after everything slows down a bit. I am shooting for Monday, but it may be Tuesday.

As I finished getting ready for church I had my first Christmas present. I put on my dress clothes belt and found that it no longer fit. I had to use my sewing scissors to puncture a new hole- TWO INCHES from the last one.

Before the night was over, I we partook in my favorite holiday tradition. Growing up my families Christmas Eve was chaos on speed. With everything that had to be done like cleaning, present wrapping and church; we never had the time to sit and have dinner and always had some sort of appetizers after church. CB and I have continued this tradition and now after church we came home and get our wings, cheese sticks, potato skins, and more. Unlike my family who ran around and ate while we did other things, CB and sit in the living room with the dogs and watch the Polar Express.

When I originally planned this post, I was going to mention the challenge and ask for help guessing my "big present" from CB. It was so busy that I never intended to write about the above. However, I am still going to finish the post the way I intended, asking for a little help. Below is a picture of a gift that has been wrapped and under my tree for two weeks. Originally I thought it might be a Cycleops trainer, but CB did let it leak that it is from walmart. So if you have a guess at what it is, please share. (ironicly, since this post is a day after I planned, I know what it is now)

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like the sweater...argyle is cool.