Thursday, December 23, 2010

Iron Christmas 70.3- redemption

I apologize for the lateness of the hour, this post was intended for first thing in the morning. However things have not gone my way today and this day can be summed up in three words- busy, Busy, BUSY! If any of you read the Christmas list I posted in November, you may remember the #2 thing I wanted. Being that it is two days to Christmas I realized that the spare bedroom being cleaned, or painted, or carpeted was not going to come to fruition.

Last night I decided to at least get it cleaned out and painted. I put an add on craigslist and started cleaning it out. CB helped for a few minutes. I got to a stopping point and got ready for bed; by this time I had over 75 responses to my add ranging from $75 to $300. I thought the $300 was a bit nuts since I posted I was providing paint and tools and the room is small. I found a guy who owns a remodelling company and he had a good price. Aside from the price, I decided I wanted to go with him because I have a few other odd jobs in the house I want to get done over time and he can do them all, as opposed to hiring someone who only paints. I was going to do the carpet too, but I miscalculated the price and it will be more expensive than I budgeted. I haven't sold enough dog cookies yet.

I couldn't sleep with the room not cleaned yet so I got up for a little and cleaned more. There was a ton of sorting, moving, and more sorting to do. I went back to bed and woke up early to get started. I went to Home Depot for paint, Wal-Mart to get Cb's stocking stuffers, the post office to mail some stuff I sold on eBay, the bank to deposit dog treat money into my triathlon account, met with the painter guy for a walk through, and then the gym. Then I returned home to finish moving all of the boxes out of the room so he can come paint tomorrow.

Ok, ok, ok, back to the challenge. How many cookies did you eat? Equal to the weight of a killer whale? There may be a chance to redeem yourself. I originally intended to put together the $50 prize box out my own pocket. I planned for some gels, a bike tool, socks, and Fluid recovery drink. I have never been one for too much commercialism (it doesn't help that every time I've tried I have been shut down), but just for good measure I sent a few emails to see if I could find some sponsors for prizes. I was surprised and overwhelmed by the response. So here is your road to bake goodies redemption-

Although I have penalties like the USAT, unlike them I have bonuses. Everyone of the below links has a place on their web page for you to like them on the Facebook or follow them on the Twitter. Please help me support them for supporting me. For every follow or like you can remove 1 minute from your total time. Just leave a comment and update your spreadsheet. And if you still don't know what to get me for Christmas I left some hints with the links.

Fluid- I like chocolate

Everyday Endurance- I like the "The Chase" Tee

Gu- I like the sampler pack

Ryders Eyewear- think interchangeable

RoadID- just can't go wrong

Outside PR- because they rock!

I got in 20 miles on the stationary bike today I have 20 left and a seven mile run, how are you coming along?


Kate said...

OK, I liked all 6 on facebook. Now I can eat an additional 4 cookies! :)

Kate said...

Oh, and I finished my swim today, so all I have left for tomorrow is 3.1 to run and 15 on the bike. I'm absolutely shocked that I'm actually going to finish this thing. I'd have bet money against that when I signed on.

Patrick said...

Cookie free so far this holiday season, but the weekend is nearly here... Have a great holiday weekend!

Patrick Mahoney said...

I'll knock out the bike tomorrow and be done. No cookies, but since my swim was so poor I'm taking those bonuses...clicking on them all now.

Karen said...

Home improvements and a 70.3 this week? Impressive! I follow all six on twitter - more cake for me!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am going to have to take the 2/3's penalty, I did the swim and the bike, never got around to the run (in true aquabiker fashion)

KC said...

Thanks for your comment over at my blog. I like your iron christmas triathlon. I didn't discover your blog till it was too late for me to even attempt it. But it's a great idea.

TRI714 said...

I linked to 4 of the 6.I was already following GU and ROAD ID. They all rock.finished up the bike this morning, needed 16.9 DID 23.8.
I have 4.6 run left and will do that around 12:30 today. Halh IM done by before 1:30 fo sho. It was fun thanks.

wendy said...

Hi Luke! I ate too many cookies to mention... I was up all night last night with another sick kiddo. There will be no more running for me today : (

I hope you have a very, very Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Tucker said...

Just to redeem myself... what the Superfatlete FORGOT to mention is that Cb is currently working on her National Board For Professional Teaching Standards Certification and is also responsible for all of the Christmas shopping and wrapping outside of our household. She has NOT just been sitting around over Christmas Break!

I was going to start in the spare room... AFTER Christmas. Getting all of this done on Christmas Eve was NOT my plan!!

It does look really good though and I appreciate you handling it.

mackenzie said...

Finished the last 4 miles of the run this morning! All done.

Also "liked" all the pages on FB.

Excited to see the results!