Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Up for Discussion...........Give me your thoughts.

I was hoping to dedicate my post today to the Fluid Recovery Drink Review but as I was reading the blogs on my reader I stumbled over one I thought was worth discussion.

Everyman Tri had a post today about making qualifiers for Ironman races or changing times to make it for faster athletes. You can read the whole post HERE.

I posted my response on the blog, but here it is for you:

It seems to me that having to qualify for an ironman series event would make it seem more elite. Isn't that the purpose of Kona, not the rest of the races? Didn't the $1000 preferred triathlete program anger people when they launched it due to being elitist?

On another note, as a fat kid speed is something I lack, however endurance generally is not. If I can train myself to the level of being able to complete a 140.6 race should I not have the chance to race? If I only have a 1986 fixed gear bike and if I would rather put my money into the registration and travel for a race as opposed $3,000 road bike, should that not be my prerogative- so long as I can meet the cut off?

I would live to here the thoughts of others on this post.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

The most interesting part is that he admits that he hasnt done an Iron Distance race. Just someone that likes to argue without know the facts, I bet he will tell that the sky is red just for the sake of arguing

chris mcpeake said...

For sure you should have a chance to race.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

If Ironman were the only races around, this might be a problem. However, there are literally hundres if not thousands of other long course triathlons to choose from. Much like not everyone can run the Boston or NYC marathons, maybe not everyone should be able to do Ironman?