Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Terrible Tuesday......and a few thank yous

As it is Tuesday, it is time to think of a diabolical workout for the day. Actually, I really like last weeks workouts because it worked perfect with the time allotted so I am going to keep it. However, this week I will flip it around and put the longer workload last. I originally thought of a time trial to work in, but I forgot how so I'm letting it ride.

Terrible Tuesday Workout
Tabata- Row, Bike, Run
24 min pyramid- Row, Bike, Run

Kanye West has a line in a song where he metaphorically compares admiration to flowers. He goes on to talk about sending real flowers to funerals and how it is too late for the deceased to still enjoy them. He then comes to a good point by stating that you should share metaphoric flowers (admiration) with others while they are around to "smell" them.

I think that this is very true and I myself never take the time to properly let people know what I think of them (positively).  I know that from time to time I comment on others blogs when they have had off days to let them know that their talent, even on an off day, is something I admire and wish for myself, However, I never really come right out and say things directly. Before I move forward with this post I want to mention just a few people who I admire- CB for always putting up with me and the trauma I bring with me into our marriage, Patrick M. for his entrepreneurial, punk rock spirit that motivates me to want to take some of the ideas I have played around with for years and follow my dreams, Patrick (Responsibility 199) for his great attitude as he tries to make some of the changes I want to make, Andrew for his prayers, Miss Zippy and BBD for their technical support, and so many others I can not name for general encouragement.

Yesterday someone else had a post that spoke to me, and that person has been on my mind since. Funny how I start a blog for my own records and to one day be able to be of support to someone else and in turn found a great support system. 

If you recently have started following my blog you know I am looking to switch careers. If you have been following for longer you know that I out right hate my job and have probably seen me dedicate posts to it and have seen me use terms like "retarded monkeys" ( I tried to find my old post in order to put that in context but I couldn't). There are three things that have the most likely hood to depress me and the strongest one is my work. Yesterday was a bad day and I went into a melt down when I got home. I decided I was mentally drained and thought I would put off my workout and lay on the couch for a while. After almost an hour of mellowing out, Mandy's post about the excuse demons kept playing through my mind.

I was not going to let the demons win, in fact, exercise will increase endorphins and help me get over my day. My homemade workout planned called for 30 minutes running and 30 minutes cycling in zone 2 or 3. For some reason I was not able to bear the slow miles. It was boring me, maybe it was because my brain was racing or because I hate working out inside and prefer to see nature and terrain changes. So I mixed in random intervals, tabatas, reverse tabatas, and played around on the bike trying to increase resistance but keep the wattage (this actually makes me want one of those ibike things, but maybe I should get a bike first).

So to that end, a special thanks to that weird girl from Caratunk who runs in the snow.  You never know how even a recycled post might be exactly what someone needs.

This morning beating the demons paid off. I ended up skipping my workout because my hamstrings were killing me and despite the skipped workout my morning weigh-in yielded a 193 pound me. That is my third day at or under 195 and only 7 pounds to go for the year! :D

I challenge anyone who reads this today to send some "flowers" to someone before the day ends!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Every time I see or hear the word Tabata, I literrally get a chill down my spine, more power to you, thats hardcore

Thanks for the shout out, I try to help anyone, anywhere if I can, I strongly feel that paying it forward is the backbone of this sport and community

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Nice post, Luke. This is something that I try to do with m ywife and kids, give them metaphorical flowers before they become hateful teens (my kids at least).

Caratunk Girl said...

Way to kick that little bastard to the curb (I mean the excuse demon) that is awesome. I am so happy that recycling that post helped you battle the demon! Push him into the background I say! Thank you for the shout out, it makes me fall all warm and fuzzy that it helped.

I need to google Tabata. Sounds hellish, I better try it.

Keep kicking butt Luke, you are doing great!