Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Terrible Tuesday...back again

As I wrote last week I am dedicating my Tuesdays this month to a workout based on my favorite high school football coaches. The plan during this workout is a variety of exercises for 2 hours while concentrating more on power than on speed. There are three main goals for the workout- activate fat stores, build power, build mental toughness to hard work. I will complete the workout solely on perceived exertion.

As with any goals their is a reason behind each. First, as my goal weight for the year is 186 and this morning my weight was 197 I want to burn some fat to help get closer by the end of the month. Secondly, During the past race season I focused a lot on building speed, I think I should also work to build power to assist in this and there is no time like the present. Last, I complete a lot of long slow workouts and one of the purposes is to build mental toughness to the time it takes to race a long course. I also did a solid amount of short, but hard workouts. These are very good for building speed but do not due much for toughness. Today, we will do both!

The workout for today is as follows:

Warm up-jog to gym
Row- 24 min. pyramid-  4, 2 off, 5 on, 2 off, 6 on, 2 off, 5 on, 2 off, 4 on
Treadmill- 24 minute pyramid @ 12% incline and a good pace
Stationary bike- 24 minute pyramid at level 7 or higher
10 lateral burpees ( 3min)
Row for distance( 12min)
10 lateral (3min)
Stationary bike- 8min w/ tabata @ Level 5 ( 8 rounds of 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest)
Treadmill- 8min w/ tabata @ 12% incline @ maximal pace
Row- 8min w/ tabata
Cool Down- Walk home in the cold

Total- 24+24+24+3+12+3+8+8+8= 1 hour 54 minutes + 6 minutes for transition and water refills.

This week I will remember a water bottle and towel. I will keep a hard pace focusing on sustained power over speed, but make sure it is something I can sustain for the time of the workout. I will also start my stopwatch and end the workout at 2 hours; I also know where the halfway point should leave me and will adjust the middle rowing if transition and water put me behind schedule.

Now to think of next weeks devious workout, if you have any good workout or drills to suggest please send them my way.

After deciding to take an unstructured month, I recorded my thoughts and posted them on my Plans page, but I have been thinking about subing in CrossFit Endurance workouts when the mood strikes me. Hopefully, after the workout tonight I will post a review of Fluid Muscle Recovery Drink.


misszippy said...

that's a hardcore workout! Way to go!

Luke said...
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Luke said...

Should anyone read this later...I'm glad nobody embarressed me by pointing out that my math doesnt workout. a 24 minute pyramid takes 30 minutes to complete. this left only time for the tabatas.