Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Warrior

Have you ever had a day that didn't go your way but still turned out well? I have had a weekend full of them.
Friday night I got home from work and after a few minutes of debreifing headed to the gym. After I got there I found a hand written sign that said "the Y is closing at 6 tonight". It was 6! Instead of scrapping the workout I decided to jog home, grab the garmin and a longsleeve shirt for a 3 mile road run.

I just ran at comfortable pace. Near the end of the 1st mile I checked my pace and was faster than I thought. Not fast, just faster than I thought. I decided since I hadn't time trialed since October and the run was feeling good I'd go for it.

I ran mile 2 in 7:45 this included a stop for traffic. New PR! It makes me feel great when I PR on the road since it make me feel like I'd go even faster on a flat course. Mile 3 was slower than #1 but I was recovering.

When I was home I was feeling extra motivated so I went to the pull up bar. I haven't done any in over 3 months and my max was 1. I did 3 non-stop! I guess the increase general fitness, the weights, and the weightloss have paid off!

Saturday I got up for spin class and even convinced cb to go. It was hard for her but the instructor was very nice to her and singled her out for a round of applause for her 1st class. She also stuck around for yoga with me. It was the weirdest most hippie yoga class I have ever been to. It was even worse when cb giggled the whole way through!

I missed my PM workout because I started making a spreadsheet with my projected racing costs for next year. I also prioritized them. While I was doing this the Ford Ironman World Championship and I lost track of time. I thought it was neat that alexander does not wear an aero helmet and I learned Macca is a dick.

Due to the lure of the commercials I signed up @ daily mile and joined the indoor ironman challenge. I will be over halfway to 140.6 at the end of the day.

This motivated me to want to host something to keep my motivation for the hardest (or second hardest) week of the season. Here is my idea-


Monday through Friday to complete 70.3 miles at your own pace (broken down by discipline of course), in whatever intervals meet your schedule. The winner will receive a surpise gift from me valued close to $50. It could include recovery drinks, socks, and a few of my other favorite things.


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misszippy said...

Hmmm...may have to try this challenge out. Tough week for it, but maybe!

Love when you get the giggles in yoga class. I think it's inevitable at some point, especially when you get a funny instructor!