Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Acura Update

As of this afternoon I have 58 votes putting me in 18th place.  #1 is at 1151 votes.

2 more votes ties me for 17th, 3 more for 16th, and 7 more for 15th.

When I entered this I thought it would be easier considering my networks. I was counting contacts including high school friends, undergrad friends, grad school friends, random facebook friends, fraternity brothers, search and rescue team mates, coworkers, and bloggers. By far bloggers have the highest turnout and I thank you all for that.

I did some recon and the number 1 guy has 4,000 freinds to my 117. Maybe I shouldn't have cleaned house removing my random 1900 friends I didn't really know, two years ago.

Again thank you all and please continue to vote everday. http://cot.ag/hvgAuo

-Lucas Tucker


Patrick Mahoney said...

I voted. I also FB friend requested you so you can remind me every day for the rest of the voting period.

Molly said...

okay, I'm going to vote now!

Adam said...

Voted!!! I've tried a few of these on FB before too. It always seems like SOMEONE has like 8,000 friends and wins this type of stuff. Hrmph