Monday, March 28, 2011

Yoplait Giveaway Results, Volunteering

I used the statistical regression that I learned in grad school known as eanie-meanie-miney-mo and the winner of the Yoplait prize pack giveaway was Katie from super hot mom in a bikini Run for the Bikini!. Send me a shipping address to tucker_lr (@)yahoo(.)com so I can get it over to Yoplait. By the way her post for today is titled "Quickie" and since I have the sense of humor of a 15 year old, the title gave me a chuckle.

Yesterday I volunteered at the Cool Breeze Triathlon in Huntersville, NC. My job was to greet, provide security, and assist in transition. When the transition area opened it was just a degree above freezing and the day only had a high of 47. You could watch some of the athletes turn blue as they raced. It took a lot of guts to race at those temps and with rain on and off. I was hoping to meet LB from My Reason to Run, but did not get the chance. According to the results, she did very well but I won't spoil it for her.

I talked to quite a few people and many came from far away to race. I spoke to one person who drove from Richmond, Virginia and I spoke to several men and women who were racing representing the U.S. Naval Academy Triathlon Team. I asked why so many people came so far for this race. They told me that coming this far is the only way to get races in this early in spring. This makes me glad to live here, although I'd rather be in SoCal or Florida- but the grass is always greener.

While working yesterday here are the top 5 reasons I came up with for volunteering-

5. Free T-Shirt,
4. Chance to spy on the elites and their equipment,
3. Encouraging and cheering for racers who may not have families with them,
2. Watching hot, wet chicks strip without a 2 drink minimum or the need for a stack of ones, and
1. Helping continue the sport by allowing others to race.


LB said...

i was hoping to meet you too!!! i was so frantic and cold!!!! props to all you brave volunteers working in the cold to make the race possible!!! i would like to volunteer for some races too this year! have you decided about valdese? i registered a few weeks ago. i was dreading it, but now i cant wait!!! totally hooked!!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thanks for volunteering, I am a very strong believer in giving back to the sport.

Tricia said...

I like volunteering, its a great way to meet others with similar interests!

and yes, sorry, heavy on the links today. I had to play catch up from the last three weeks. done now :) thanks for suffering through

Katie said...

Yayy :D Glad you liked my post title :)

Nice job volunteering, I def need to do that!!

Good luck in my giveaway!

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

Hilarious post! We share the same sense of humor! Loved your reason #2.... I wondered why there were always so many guys that volunteer for tri's. :)

Adam said...

Best strike through ever. :)

I need to volunteer at more tris. I was at IMAZ but didn't get to see ANYONE naked. Hrmph.