Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The day off..... by default

Have you ever had something that you needed to do that you couldn't? I did today. Today it was sleep. On Monday and Tuesday I left work early because I was not feeling well, I couldn't keep my eyes open. Yesterday, I got home an hour early and planned to take a forty-five minute nap and ended up sleeping for two hours. Today I am home and can't fall asleep as hard as I try.

Having felt odd since Sunday night I woke up this morning with a tender throat, I went to the pool for a 200m swim and then came home to get ready for work. I debated if I should take the day off and rest but was hedging. I worried that my work and my wife would think I was just skipping for the sake of avoiding work. It is openly known by my wife and some of my coworkers that I do not enjoy work (those same coworkers detest the job as well).

I decided to go to the urgent care, partially to see if I was sick, but mostly to prove to my wife and work that I was not just calling out to avoid work. I was seen by a physician and assess. He then informed me that I am on the tail end of the flu and I have strep throat. He then told me I needed to take a few days off work.

After I left I called CB. She seemed stunned. She then explained that she was so shocked over how well I was handling it considering Sunday I went for a 47 mile ride followed by a recovery swim, Monday I went for a swim and lifted, and yesterday I did a brick. I explained to her that clearly this is the regular flu, not the man flu.

Today I rented The American and Salt. I recommended Salt for a good action movie. It didn't go the way I thought it would but it was good none the less. I found The American slow and anti-climactic. I have also almost watched half of the Sopranos box set.

I am looking forward to tomorrow off too.


Michael said...

Hi there, I just found your sorry you are under the weather. Feel better soon. I really liked Salt too :)

The Turtle said...

Sorry you are sick. I hope you enjoy the rest of your unplanned days off.

JohnP said...

Rest up - get better soon!

Kovas said...

Salt does look good. Amazing you could train with strep!

Adam said...

Hooray no work! Booo sick.

At least you got the long bike ride in!

Big Clyde said...

I liked Salt. Not bad at all. Reminded me of "No Way Out" with Costner.

Hope you are recovering.

Molly said...

yikes, hope you're feeling better now! I think I'm finally over my month-long cold.