Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello World

First off and very important- for the next 17 days I will be trying to win a Acura TSX Wagon, competing against 1000 (if I recall the email correctly). To win I need my friends, family, followers, and coworkers to vote for me on the Acura Compete Like a Pro- Facebook Page. To vote do the following- (1)click contestant roster and (2) just above the first line is a search box where you can enter my name ***Lucas Tucker*** otherwise Kovas says I am on page 30. (3) click vote on the line by my name, (4) on the next page click the vote graphic. After this please click share and encourage anyone else you know to vote.

Yesterday there were people who only clicked on the vote line next to my name but not the vote graphic on the next page so the votes did not count. As of this afternoon I was about 500 votes behind the leader and not even on the leader board, but not far behind others on the leader board. I think I can pull this out if exploit all of my contacts. I have also started promising taxi service to my coworkers for voting.

Everyone can vote once per day. 17 more days left!! With your help we can make it happen!!!

In a comment yesterday one crazy pengiun said she wanted to hear some good news from me today, not sure if that was in reference to the Acura or not, but since she asked I will share some. If you watched the Ford Ironman World Championship broadcasts in December you may remember an add for a a Ford Ironman Challenge through DailyMile. Well, I entered one of the four challenges and it turns out I am one of the winners. I was contacted this afternoon and their PR firm is sending me a pair of K Swiss running shoes. If I get quality shoes I will be sure to share their performance with my friends.

Another piece of positive yet unsettling news is that my first race for 2011 is only about 16 days away. The Wilmington Athletic Club Sprint Triathlon on April 3rd. CB is looking forward to the time away at the beach, she is more excited than I am. USAT dues paid, registered for the race, hotel booked, dinner plan made. Have a few plans for the trip but I have plenty of time to post about those in the weeks to come. My 70.3 race is also less than 2 months away.

The first week I was sick I still got in a few workouts. I had a few bagged before I admitted I was sick and I snuck out of the house to do a few more (don't tell CB) after I admitted sickness. I was not able to do my long run or long ride, I took an L and admitted being sick. For the first week of march looked like this:

S: 2650.00 M, 1h 02m
B: 22.06 Mi, 1h 30m 54s
R: 2.00 Mi, 16m 54s
Str: 30m

The next week I was not able to start training until mid-week but probably should have waited longer. I worked hard and pushed it all together, even managing to keep my rest day. I did however, short my long run, coach had me doing tempo for part of it and I was not able to handle it. This was also my first week back doing lower body weight training, however it is limited to one set.

S: 3550.00 M, 1h 25m 35s
B: 77.00 Mi, 4h 53m 30s
R: 12.33 Mi, 42h 15m 30s
Str: 40m

So far do good this week, however I have not been able to hold tempo runs, the two weeks out with an injury and two weeks with the flu almost back to back don't help (in my opinion). My coach has my HM pace as 7:55, my fastest mile ever is 7:13.  It is tough to hold onto the speed for too long, but hopefully by May 7th, I will have it with no problems.

More to come this week.


Tri-James said...

I voted and will keep checking back.

Jess @ THIR said...

I voted, I'll try to remember to vote every day :)

Caratunk Girl said...

Hey Luke!! I voted and will check back tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day... Good luck!

One Crazy Penguin said...

I need to ask for good news more often!

I promise to keep voting so hopefully we can get you a bit higher in the rankings :)