Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week ??? of ??? training.

After two weeks sick it feels great to be back training, and it's great to have completed a full week. Before, I was numbering the weeks of training toward my HIM but I was using a stock HIM plan. Now I am still working toward that race, but my plan also has workouts that are clearly targeted toward my next sprint 100. With that in mind I wasn't sure how to title this post. But with out much further adieu my week...

S: 4100.00 M, 1h 32m
B: 50.20 Mi, 3h 11m 06s
R: 17.62 Mi ,2h 40m 08s
Str: 30m

Swimming- I am enjoying the drill workout my coach has me doing every week. I recently read that swimmers have such an edge in triathlon because they are used to doing basics at every workout and once they begin training other areas they keep up this practice. For that reason I feel these drill workouts are essential. I have been working on the stroke gold drill as one of the weekly drills. I can now get across the pool in 5 strokes, it was 23 last season. I think this means I am getting a better understanding of body positioning and catch. I still need to work on kicking and not dropping my legs.

Bike- Total this week was shorter than my long ride this week. It was two bricks, tempo and longer (20 miles), and a speed workout. No long ride, but every ride had a purpose.

Run- Highlight of the week was today. Today was my long run. 8 miles at a 9:23 pace, I did it with a pace of 9:22 and 4 miles were on trail. I think this always slows me down. However, this pace was 37 seconds faster per mile than my last long successful long swim. After missing two runs to flu, one to bad pre-run fuel, and two or three to injury, it was nice to get my confidence up and get one in the bag. The down side was my brick Friday night. I am not sure if it was the 80 degrees, the fact I rode 20 miles, or only taking 20 ounces of water on the ride, but I took everything I had to run three miles at a 9:00 pace. I usually average a 8:15 training pace after a 11 mile ride.

Diet has gone great this weak. I have eaten mostly clean and my weight has been  187 for the last two days.

ACURA- As of this evening I was number 19 on the leader board with 43 votes. The leader has 1020. I can still catch up in 13 days if you all keep voting for me and I keep pushing my other networks. With 200 facebook friends, 72 followers, and 100,000 fraternity brothers I should be in lead by my math. VOTE EVERYDAY!!! You no longer need to search for me just click Lucas Tucker on the front page :), Once you vote head over to Wednesday's post and enter to win a prize pack!

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