Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who is the boss of Social Media? or The World's Worst Post EVER!

What is the purpose of social media? What is the purpose of facebook? What is the purpose of Twitter? What is the purpose blogging? What is the proper usage? Who is in charge of moderating them?

Yesterday I listened to someone rant had a conversation regarding how you should not tie up facebook with whining about personal issues because no one cares. And later there was a second rant conversation about how too many people are using twitter to post stupid details of their lives that no one needs to care about.

I kind of listen to people rant for a living so it doesn't phase me much. On the drive home it hit me- Why did this person keep saying "No offense Tucker" REPEATEDLY!

That made me think about if the real point of the rant was to infer that I post details that no one cares about and do too much whining. This got me thinking about social media as a whole and about what it's purpose is. I thought about how all three of my main social medias are voluntary. With twitter, blogger, and facebook other users CHOOSE to follow you. My message are not spammed to you.

If the comment were intended toward me I thought that while one person may not care some of the 120 face book friends that I trimmed down from 2,000, the 75 twitter followers, and 73 blog followers must give some credence to my inner thoughts. Not to mention those that read my articles on Examiner.com or Run Addicts, or the few companies that have agreed to sponsor my multi-sport life.
Just in case anyone was unsure, I thought I would share a few things:

This is the button to use to manage your reading list, click it, find my blog, and then follow directions to unfollow if you would like.

This is the unfollow button on twitter.

This is the remove friend icon on facebook. 

With that little bit of aggravation out of the way, I though today I would post one of the most mundane things I could think of since no one cares..... a day in the life of me (typical Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday.)

05:15 Alarms goes off, might hit snooze. If it is cold outside or raining and I have a run or bike planned I go back to sleep. If it is a swim, I go.

05:17 Peeing, scratching, changing to swim suit and sweats.
05:25 Leave for Y.

05:26 Go back in house for towel.

05:27 Walk to Y

05:32 Swim (today)

06:05 - 06:30 Get home from Y, take dogs out, shower, dress, talk to CB, make whinnie noises while saying "Mom, I don't wanna go to school today", feed dogs, make and eat breakfast or if I am running late grab fat free yogurt and fruit.

07:10 -07:20 leave for work. On time is 07:10.

07:45 Get to work and undress to go through security. Be happy that the person working isn't the officerwho  used to touch all of your lunch. (the airport doesn't phase me anymore)

08:00 Get to office, open work email and look for emergencies, open real personal email, open blogger. Eat breakfast if I was running late.

08:15 Call inmates to office for "correctional counselling", i.e. listening to them talk about they are innocent and their sentence is too long. Then I try to get them into substance abuse programs or GED. OR I might spend the morning assigning inmates to jobs like cook, clothes sorter, janitor, etc. OR I might inventory and order barber supplies.

10:00 Snack: Today it is apple and peanut butter and a diet soda (pop, if you will). Open four blogs. Try to read all four while I eat.

10:10 Take 2 at doing the work from above.

10:45 Start paperwork associated with the above tasks. If it isn't documented it didn't happen.

12:00 Eat Lunch- Today it is spinnach salad with grilled chicken.Read blogs while I eat. Today I will also go to the fitness center to lift weights.

1:00 Repeat 08:15

3:00 Eat snack. Today it is tuna with brown mustard. Try to read blogs of those who posted at lunch time.

3:10 Round two for the afternoon, similiar to 10:10.

3:45 paperwork.

4:45 start winding down.

5:00 Leave office, walk through prison, try not to get stopped by inmates in the dining hall, leave prison, walk to gatehouse, wait outside of gatehouse, get through gatehouse and find car.

5:12 Drive home.

5:45 Arrive home. 

5:46 If I have a swim or bike planned, change and leave. If I have a run it can wait and I start dinner and take dogs out.

7:00 Eat dinner and talk to CB

8:00 try to wind down, odd and ends, bitch about the pain cave not being complete, do bills, etc.

9:30 Get in bed and wait for CB to get off the phone with mom, or to get done reading or to stop doing WHATEVER so I can go to sleep- All while I ponder the thought of separate bedrooms.

In a more perfect world, I would be hanging in a hammock on the uninhabited beach in the keys where me and my friends paddled out to and camped  the summer after we finished high school.


Tricia said...


Kovas said...

So what happens Wednesday?

LB said...

I can't believe you clogged up my google feed reader with such a mundane post JK! :)

Luke said...


Wednesday is what we at my work call "working your late night"

My schedule shifts to 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Lately that has been my long swim day, and in that case I sleep in 30 minutes and go swim in hopes of getting it done before they kick me out for the hospital's aqua rehab class.

If it is a swim or run I sleep in a few hours and then workout. This is also they day i will run errands like trips to good will, library, haircut, etc, if i have time. I also have a date with Rachel Ray on this day.

I get home just in time to wind down and get in bed to watch criminal minds (my favorite show on network tv).

Kate said...

I am so jealous of your proximity to your Y.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Ugh, worst post ever. You realize those are minutes that I will never get back, right?

JK :p That is one jam packed schedule though. And feel free to whine as much as you would like. I'll always listen :)

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

I choose to follow you! :)

Adam said...

IT IS POP people.. POP!!!!! :)

I think you hit my thoughts on the voluntary aspect of it all. People don't HAVE to do anything. I choose to pop by here every so often and see what is new. Apparently, you like to eat apples. See?? Brilliant!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, just wow

Molly said...

I'm not even going to tell you what time I go to bed and wake up.