Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little bit of Everything.

I am somewhat overwhelmed right now. I have several things going on that I almost think deserve their own posts, however that requires time to write separate posts and having to wait to get them out. Instead of waiting and doing separate posts I am going to attempt to touch on each one with the brevity of a journal article summary. Not sure where to start but here goes....

Build Period- This week and last week have had some tough workouts, I feel like I am earning my taper week.

Race Prep- The hardest thing about getting ready for my first race is mental preparation. Lately I have been feeling like I have lost my speed. In fact, I am probably faster than last year. I train very hard and am hitting speeds I couldn't touch last year. They take a lot out of me, making me think I am not doing as well I actually am. I went slower last year but didn't feel as gassed, now I work harder and go faster- I don't think my mind hasn't caught up yet. It's like the evil dimwit in the Jimmy Dean commercial going "you can't do it, you can't run that fast!" Oh....., but I can!

Two workouts remain for the week a long ride of 55 miles, today, and a super hard brick at race tempo on Sunday. That workout will be a confidence builder I am sure. Then it will be on to taper!

CB'S race prep- No CB is not racing, but she is very excited about our trip to the beach for this race. She has been sending me links and making itineraries daily. She has a folder where she is organizing the trip. She loves the beach and is happy to get out of town. I am focused on racing, she is focused on a fun trip. I am glad I have her to keep me balanced next weekend!

Long run- After last week being the first successful long run since my knee injury, yesterday was another long run with an increase in mileage from 8 to 9 miles. Ran some good hills, but around 8.5 miles my knee started to hurt. I stopped right there, walked home and stretched. No pain after the run. I am not going to risk it. I noticed that when I look over my shoulder to check traffic, etc I twist on my knee. I think that is part of this.

Diet- Three times this year so far I have said I was going to go back to my diet and start writing things down again because my weight loss was stalling. I like writing down what I eat for a few weeks because it gets me back on the right track. Since 3/14 I have stuck to it and had positive results-

Weight- I have had slow loss while sticking to my diet but I am happy. I do not count a new weight until I see it for three days in a row. The last three days have been 186, 186, 185. I HAVE ARRIVED! I may be fashionable late, but I have met my 2010 goal. I was hoping to be at 180 by this time in 2011, but I. AM. EXCITED.

Shooting- My 2011 goals included wanting to try out a few IDPA shooting tournaments. I have to keep a high degree of proficiency with firearms for my job so I have thought about doing these for a little extra training. With most of the big ticket items on my 2011 budget handled I am probably only a few months away from buying a quality pistol I can use for these tournaments. I am also looking at buying an entry level .22 to teach CB to shoot. She has always wanted me to take her to the range. This is something we can do together.

Acura- YES AGAIN!!!! You can still go here-, click on Lucas Tucker,and then click vote. I am holding fast at #15 of 1522 athletes, but need 1200 votes to pass the leader; I am not sure how to market to get those votes. Remember after you vote go to my 3/16 post and leave a comment for a chance to win a prize pack from Yoplait.



Kovas said...

Lots going on! So great that CB is excited about the trip!

Laura said...

Wow, you've been working hard, enjoy the race!