Sunday, April 3, 2011

Great Weekend, Great Race

I am home. With happiness and sorrow. This was an amazing weekend.

After the stressful week and the trip down Saturday turned out GREAT.

On Saturday, after sleeping in until about 9:30 and then going to Sonic for breakfast we made our way to Wrightsville Beach. In 20 plus years living in NC I have been to multiple different beaches, but this is my favorite. There was a period if several years while my mom was between husbands when Johnny Mercer Pier at Wrightsville Beach is where we went. I would play in the surf, swim out as bar as I could, and fish from the pier all day long, no worries. CB got direction to the main strip in Wrightville and assumed we would find beach access from there. It was funny, we pulled onto the road before she could tell me where to go to find access I pulled into the pier. Without being here in 15 years I automatically knew where I was. we got out and I showed CB around. Oddly, I even knew where I was despite that the pier is completely different since it was destroyed by a hurricane years ago and had to be rebuilt.

We spent four hours on the beach and listening to the surf crash. It was wind 30-40mph gusts, but when you never get to the beach you take what you can get. We spent 3 hours of the time laying their. i forgot a book or music so I dug a hole with a seashell (yes I'm 4) while CB read one of those crappy twilight books, then we walked for an hour.

Afterwards we got lunch and made it to packet pick up at TrySports. I walked around and touched everything since I never get to go to real triathlon stores. CB found a tech tee she wanted so I bought it for her and since it was $40 bucks they through in a gel flask for me. Which was great since I realized I forgot mine.

We headed to the hotel, showered, napped, I packed my transition bag, we went to Olive Garden for dinner, down to Historic Downtown Wilmington to get ice cream at Kilwins and then back to the hotel for bed. CB said she likes race weekend because its the only time I eat "normal".

Woke up this morning, showered and was off to the race. GREAT.RACE. Review to come tomorrow.

We stuck around until they did awards for my age group and then started the ride home. CB let me stop for cheese steaks since the restaurant I love is primarily on the eastern part of the state. I was in and out of sleep.

I had a great ride home. I listened to CB singing the songs of our middle school years like Bush, Off Spring, Green Day, and a few others. She was so cute. I tried to tape it but she was afraid it would make it here (because it was going to) so she kept stopping. We aslo stopped at an outlet mall to do a little shopping. i still need new clothes from all the weight loss. I was wearing size 42 waist pants before I started training. I bought 38's in December of 2009, 36's this past December, and today was 34's. This weekend was also the first time I saw myself in a full length mirror, since we don't have on in the house. I had no idea how different I look.

Overall it was a great weekend. I had the most fun with CB. She was adorable, it reminded me how much i love her. It reminded me of the silly 18 year old I started dating 10 years ago. Amazing what happens when you remove the day to day stresses of life. i hope we can make it out of town again sometime this year.


misszippy said...

Glad you had a great race! Can't wait to hear about it. And love how you sing your wife's praises--good man!

Mrs. Tucker said...


Luke said...

YES, MRS. TUCKER- A trip to the Marine Corps Marathon would be a GREAT road trip!!!

Joel said...

Reading what you wrote about Wrightsville Beach brings back so many memories - growing up in Chapel Hill, this is the beach I went to. It was way closer than going out to Morehead and closer than Myrtle Beach. I can't think of how much time I spent at Mercer's pier. Glad you got to experience that. And Kilwins! Oh man. Awesome!

Can't wait to read the reace recap.

Joel said...

And another thing. Major, major props on the weight loss! That's got to be a great feeling!