Saturday, April 2, 2011

checking in

It has been a busy three days. Leaving no time for goofing off. Wednesday we had a. Bomb dropped on us at work leaving me working from the time I walked in until after 8pm. It left me so exhausted that I went straight home didn't eat and got in bed. unfortunately I didn't fall asleep until 3 am.

Despite the lack of sleep I still made it to swim in the morning. It was speed work and it was bad. the rest of the day was a blur. Half day at work and then home to do lawn work and other odds in ends to get ready for our trip.

Friday was more of the same. Up to get an oil change and new tire, and then finishing packing. Everything done and then in the car to make the cross state drive to Wilmington. We got here, I went to the race site for an easy, short brick and then dinner.

After three busy days all I plan to do is hang out on the beach and go to packet pick up. Rest today and race tomorrow.
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