Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is not a true post, this is just a bitch session.

I have had a tough morning workout and aggravated and need to vent somewhere to that I can let it go.

I usually have my long swim on Wednesdays (my late day at work) and my long run or long ride on Sunday. This week in an effort to have be to a long brick at tempo/race pace after a scheduled day of rest (which won't happen), my coach moved my long run yesterday and my long swim today. Although I do workout int he morning sometimes, I prefer to workout after work when I have more time. That is not an option today so I was up at 5 am to eat and dress and get tot he pool by 5:30 when the doors opened.

The workout called for 2900 meters, my longest swim ever. It was also my worst swim ever. I was supposed to get it done in 1:06 but it took me 1:22. I usually get my swims done faster then expected, but at the worst a minute or two late. Today sucked.

It felt like I was swimming through jello a few times. I was tired after the first 300m and exhausted by the end of the first 500m. Someone once told be that a good technique for long distance swimming if you are feeling tired is to save energy by doing catch up freestyle. I did this until about 1000m. My knee, aggravated a little from yesterdays run, was even starting to hurt but I was determined to finish. The rest of the swim was a mix of breaststroke (about a third of the time), kicking drills, a few sprints and a little actual freestyle. I also had to rest a few times by walking for a few steps to reset my rhythm.

I am disgruntle, it gives my self doubt about my next race.

That is all, just needed to get that off my chest so i could concentrate on my work.

Also, here is a link to a decent article about nutrition I liked pages 3-19, I ignored all the branding.


Kate said...

We all have those days. Good to get it out in a workout rather than a race. Hopefully your next one is a confidence builder!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

oh boy! i feel ya ...been there many times. Thankfully, those frustrating days are far and few between. I will say that doing the catch up drill (i have 2 versions) definitely helps you "reset" physically and mentally. Good call on your part. Also, I just started working 1 on 1 with a swimming coach who recommended fins. He said he recommends them for swimmers who don't have a swiming background b/c we tend to abuse our knees by the way we kick and we don't have the ankle flexibility like a swimmer who has been swimming since they were tots. Just ordered my fins this week, can't wait to get them. Keep plugging away!!!

Tri-James said...

You can't be on every day - it is humbling. Cross it off on the calendar. Let it go. Embrace tomorrow.