Thursday, August 19, 2010

081910 or Another long post.

Hmm....start with..........Hmm.....

Lets go with my first ever give away....

Since my birthday was last weekend I decided I wanted to give a gift to a follower.

This is my way of giving back because of your feedback and blogs I received training and nutrition tips, inspiration, and hours of entertainment (I have watched the video from Jeff @ dangle the carrot a dozen times this week, I laugh every time).

It may not be much but I am going to giveaway two pairs of  Thorlo CoolMax Socks.

With all the brands out there smartwool, sockguy, defeet, nike, etc., etc., why Thorlo?

I currently reside in Statesville, NC. Thorlo is a local company. The socks are made here, the grandchildren of the owner go to my wife's school and they have pledged  the the socks will always be made here. I enjoy supporting local business!

So with that in mind 1 entry for following me and leaving me a comment that you like socks.

That's all. No facebook, no twitter, no poems. If you want to do any of those, feel free, but no extra entries for it.


I posed my question last week about socks because bike socks are my reward for breaking (and staying under) 219 lbs. I have been under since the 9th. (I may even get my next reward soon if all goes well through the weekend). I decided to pick up one crowd favorite and one pick for me.

The sharks won overwhelmingly. I chose the Gorillas as my pick. Although I may buy all of them over time. And as luck would have it, a promoter I raced with earlier this year did an E-expo including a 30% off coupon on Sock Guy Channel Air socks the coupon code is SetUpChlAir if anyone else wants to use it. daily report

Goal: 16 mile ride, 9 mile run, Eat healthy.

Results: 9 miles in 2:03.

Diet Setbacks: 1 pack Nutty Buddy bars

Thoughts: Today was a day from hell. I messed up my alarm clock so I missed my morning workout and overslept in general. Luckily my wife helping me with some morning chores so I got to work on time. With my partner on vacation and my boss sick (Dollar you still suck), I got a lot of extra work dumped on me and ended up with more work than I could finish in 8 hours. Plus, I had to lead a tour and attend a staff meeting, about 4 hours total. Do that math- 8+ hours work and 4 available hours. I ended up staying over 30 minutes, bit eventually just had to walk away.

This day just made my run feel that much better. I was actually looking forward to it, to let the days stress melt off. My goal was 1:45 and even though it took 2:03 I am ok with it. My goal was for a negative split and that didn't happen either. The gamin said my first mile was around 11 minutes and the second was 12 minutes. Oddly, everytime I looked at my speed it run sub 10 minutes. I think there were some hills that threw my time off. The next mile was slower, but then they got faster (still slow, but this was LSD so I deal). At mile 8 it all fell apart. Mile 8 was a around 18 minutes and mile 9 was around 16 minutes. My goal for Disney is 2:45, this is not too far off, but I may need more hill work and endurance

Even though I am not happy with my times why am I so accepting because this is my longest run since summer 2003. This was HARD. I even realized my 7 miler was substituted for my first tri and I skipped my 8 miler. I jumped straight from 6 miles to 9.

I have discussed speed but there was more to it.  My first three miles were in the rain and felt very cool despite the rain jacket. At mile 5 my left knee started hurting. Mile 6 my right knee started hurting. Mile 7 my back started hurting and I ran out of water. Hip pain throughout as well (in an odd place  on both legs). I also learned a few things. This was my first run with my new GoLite Hydroswift (thank you  Endurance Isn't Only Physical). I learned that adding an ounce of water to your hammer gel is for the full bottle, not just 2 oz's. Also make sure it is closed tightly before holstering, because its carried upside down, or in your next few steps it will spray ALL over your legs. Around 7.5 miles I was running past my house so I called my wife and she put a fresh bottle of water in the mailbox for a bottle exchange. Best mail order bride EVER.

I had so many questions about long runs during my run but I can't remember now. I still feel off, time for a snack and more water.


Patrick Mahoney said...

I am a follower and I like socks. A lot.

BTW what the heck is a Nutty Buddy bar? Sounds kinda awesome.

Laura said...

Good job on even doing your run after such a stressful day at work! I'm so jealous you're running Disney, I'd love to do a Disney race! I need to find out if they do any at Eurodisney :-)

Meggan said...

I am a follower and I will only wear Thorlo socks when running! I wear orthotics and other socks aren't cushiony enough and I get blisters.

Matty O said...

Man way to stick through that run! The garmin can get interference once in awhile. Keep in mind that the satellites typically are located south of you... so if you don't have southern exposure it will be hard for them to triangulate your position.

Keep up the good work. Make sure you are accounting for your exercise calories too... your body needs a daily amount of calories and then your exercise calories, if you don't put enough calories in then your body will create fat storage and start hording crap... just saying, I made this mistake in the past.

Keep up the good work!

Moving Mertle said...

Wow right now I could never imagine running 9 miles! Great job especially since your longest previous was only 6mi. You finished and that's important work on speed later.

Luke I LOVE socks! It's my favorite stocking stuffer cuz I always need them.

Adam said...

That is really cool that they are a hometown company.

That is really frustrating about the work stuff - and sleeping in. Why is it that whenever you oversleep you never feel rested...only rushed and tired?

Andrew Opala said...

I like socks, but I have two left feet - so no need to put me into the competition. [I once dreamed of finding a girl with two right feet, but then I realized she would also have to be the same size as me!]

I haven't reviewed your site much, but what's your training plan look like. You post a lot of stuff you do on each day, but not the overall plan ... am I missing it?

Emz said...

I am completely loyal to thorlo's -- pick me. Pick me.
Why do your diet set backs always make me hungry?! said...

I follow and yep, I like socks (preferably my hubby's, he gets really upset that I steal all of them, lol!)

abbi said...

I'm a follower and love new socks!

Caratunk Girl said...

OH I am a follower and I LOVE SOCKS!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Never can have enough socks, I follow