Monday, August 16, 2010

081310 and the rest of the weekend

Goals: 8 mile run, make up speedwork run or long bike ride if possible.

Results: AM- 2.5 mile run in 33 minutes, PM 3 mile run in 33 minutes

Diet Setbacks- I ate like a pig one meal everyday all weekend, but ate well the rest of each day.

Thoughts: This was a busy weekend, to the point that I didn't get the chance to write about this until now.
Friday morning I was up and outside at  to make up my long run. I only ran 2.47 miles, the humidity was unbearable! Even with two water bottles it seriously hindered my performance. After work I tired it again, although i was moving at a better pace I couldn't last with the heat.

Saturday was a busy day full of errands and such. So busy I do not remember most of it. What I do remember is that I drove to Charlotte to the REI and bought my new Garmin Forerunner 305. I am excited for my new training tool. I really wanted it for the pace alarm, I hope it meets my expectations.

Sunday was a day full of SCUBA diving drills for my rescue diver certification. I got to Raleigh early and packed my running shoes so I thought I would bag a run while I waited on the rest of the class. I tried out my new toy, I can't figure out how to turn on the pace alarm, but did set it for an interval run. I ran 1 minute with 1 minute rest, 5 times. I ended up with just under 2 miles and ran all my 1 minute repeats at a sub 7 minute mile pace. I did not know I could move that fast. It felt good. The down side of the day was that I was told that I needed to work on my breath holding for diving (actually for diving emergencies). I was told to do intervals on a treadmill and hold my breath while running, work up to being able to hold my breath for 1 minute while running. ONE MORE THING TO ADD TO MY TRAINING!

Anyhow, back to work. If anyone has any tips or tricks for the forerunner please share! And pick out some socks for me if you haven't .


Kovas Palubinskas said...

"work up to being able to hold my breath for 1 minute while running" - I've never heard that. In everything I've read regarding SCUBA, relaxation has always been touted as the way to increase downtime. I'll be interested in hearing how it works.

Jon said...

Just saw your comment about being put down for "just" doing a sprint tri. Doesn't that just burn? I couldn't walk right for a week after my first "sprint" tri! Tell your coworker to go do one and report back on his/her findings and how "hard" it really is.

Patrick said...

Whoa, hold your breath for 1 minute while running... I am not sure I can do 10 seconds. You da man!