Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Back!!

After over a week I am back at last. I got home and to bed about 0300 Monday morning and back to work at 1100am the same day. I am still not caught up on my rest.

I spent from 08/01/10 until 08/08/10 in Guatemala City teaching rescue and fire fight skill to the Guatemalan Army Rescate (rescue), Fire fighters, and USAR.  Guatemala is a very poor country that receives most of its aid from volunteers and missionaries. Being faced with storms from the gulf and pacific, volcanoes, earthquakes, sinkholes, and floods on top of normal traffic and other emergencies it is important they have the skills to respond. We trained them in Helicopter rescue, rope rescue, fire fighting, and vehicle stabilization/extrication. In addition to the training we also donated a stocked fire truck and ambulance, this will be coupled with the stocked rescue truck we donated last year. I participated as member of my rescue squad- Rescue, Extrication, and delivery Specialists or better known as the REDS Team and the trip was arranged my the organization Paramedics for Children.

Picked up at the airport by the army in a Deuce and a half truck

The 11 of us stayed in a bay styled barracks. This was hard for me because I am on the verge of being a neat freak, and I I don't get along with other men.

Don't let the shower fool you, no hot water (it was about 50 degrees), no water pressure, and if someone flushes or turns on a sink it stops.

The Entire Team and Soldier 2nd Class Douglas Godoy (our handler/gopher)

Our student, some of the hardest working, well motivated people I have ever met, I will miss a lot of them

I got traveler's stomach the second night and was up all night, I think I am considering barfing right here.

I taught stabilization. this is the skills needed to keep a car safe so the extrication team can cut aways the doors and roof as well as how to lift a car to free victims trapped under it. We had a new group everyday, but by the last day you could tell they were tired.

Me and the VP of Paramedics for Children and one of the next Congresswomen for Guatemala

Up to six armed soldiers went with us everywhere we went, usually with atleast two plain clothed soldiers as well. When I say everywhere I mean, to the an estate we visited in the mountains, the Presidential Palace, Antigua, Wal-Mart, and Hooters

We were surprised on the last day and taken to one of the palaces where a ceremony was held awarding us the title of Ambassador of Peace to Guatemala. We were told this is not an award usually given to outsiders.

By the end of the trip I was ready to get home, ready assault all of my team mates but one (hows that for a peace ambassador), and sick of the black beans we ate for at least two meals a day. I did however, enjoy not eating no processed foods for the week, except for Hooter.

Now that I am trying to get into my routine, I am looking towards my tri in October as my motivation to train. I also am supposed to have a 5k Friday night, but we will see if I feel rested enough. I skipped my long ride Monday and rested, I hope to make it up Saturday, I got in some stoke golf in the pol yesterday for 400m, and ran a slow 2.1 miles. It was slow but did not feel hard at all. Nice run to start back with. I am taking a half day at work today in order to drive to Raleigh to begin my PADI Rescue Diver course. I am going to try to get in a half mile swim before I leave though.

I am trying to find my motivation at work and don't feel like doing anything. Today I will finish catching up, I could have had everything done Monday but I have been taking easy.


Matty O said...

Cool post man! Crazy seeing how different the countries are. I have always wanted to travel to some countries and see if I could help in some way shape or form. I think it would be a life changing experience.

Bummer on the stomach, nothing good comes from that.

Keep up the good work!

Patrick said...

Awesome experience you had there. Barf or not, I am sure you will be able to look back on that trip fondly for a lifetime. Best wished to you on the PADI Rescue Diver pursuit.