Friday, August 27, 2010


Goals: PM brick

Results: Brick

Diet Setback: lots of Mexican food, fruit loops, chicken club sandwich

Thoughts: This is gonna be a quick one as I am ready for bed. Today was another one of those days at the office. On the way out I got reamed by a member of management who is mad because I won't do his job for him. I don't even work in the same department. He doesn't know what he is doing so he wants others to do his work for him.

The whole day had that theme so I went out for lunch and gorged on Mexican food. It didn't help that I couldn't bring lunch because I ran out of lunch food. I am sure I will pay for this as last nights over eating left me 2 pounds heavy.

After work I got in my brick. I started with a hill workout riding one of the hardest hills in the area four times. I rode 5.25 miles in 27 minutes. Afterword I changed shoes and CB and I completed by brick. I ran at an easy pace (12:15), then we walked for about 1.5 miles and I did 4 100m sprints with 1:30 breaks. Completed 2.5 miles in 34 minutes.

Tomorrow is my off day, but I have a desire to get something in just to burn calories. Once my lawn work is don I hope I can get my kayak or mtb out. Maybe hit a trail.

I wish everyone good training, better races and a fun, safe weekends with your loved ones.


Patrick said...

Mexican food is heavy. But, it passes through fairly fast, which is good & bad. Have a good weekend.

Andrew Opala said...

a well-placed bacterium can offer Montezuma's revenge, and you'll be back to your old weight in no time ... in fact you need to find a cork to keep the weight on

wait a minute ... what am I saying ... how about work it off with some enjoyable weekend activities!

Big Clyde said...

I have massively overindulged on Mexican food in the past, but it is so tasty. As Patrick said, it passes fast too.

Good job on the brick workout.