Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Goals: group ride and eat healthy, maybe some sore work.

Results: 5 mile run w/ 4x800

Diet Setbacks:  NONE- pretty ideal day of eating.

Thoughts: Today was another day like the few I had last week. Due to a prison emergency I ended up riding shotgun (literally, two pistols and shotgun) on the prison bus. This meant staying late and missing my group ride. Not feeling like I had enough time go ride my 16 miles, I needed to re-think my workout, with the pool getting ready to close, run was the only option but not enough time for my long run. I went with swapping my speedwork and long ride.

The 4x800 were ok, not as fast as I would have liked, but faster than my normal trot. I wanted to try my new toy so I programmed the workout into the garmin and it took almost as long as the run. I had to walk the rest because my HR was in the 190's to the total 5 miles took me 1:01:01.

I hope this is not another week were I have to adapt a lot. I don't like breaking from my structure. Hopefully this week i will also get back into doing some strength and core training. Anyone have any good strength training workouts for triathletes?  Most of my co-worker lift for size so I usually work out alone, lunchtime is pretty much a muscle man circle jerk in our weight room.

On a front other than training, CB gave me my birthday present last night. It is not my birthday but there was some mail issues with it. She bought me a used Zeagle Ranger BCD from EBAY. I hope to go get it serviced today. It looks pretty used, a lot of sun and water fade on it. Although those sound like gripes, I am happy to have it. For me diving is like triathlon, I get what I can afford. The more I get into these two sports, they seemed to be filled with a lot of people who have more money than sense. I have a lot of used gear for each. For diving I have fins from a yard sale, regulator from the used rack at the shop, and now a bcd from EBAY. in triathlon, I have a gifted 15 year old bike, used cycling shoes, and clearance running shoes. Despite having education, I fail to find jobs that pay what my grad school advisor said I should make, but luckily I grew up without a lot so I am already well adjusted. At least I'm not getting hand me downs, goodwill shoes, and food from school food drives anymore. Considering the amount of time it takes me to save for new shoes, I can't imagine how long it will take me to save for one of those fancy road or tri bikes. I am done with the semi-rant and please know that I am content with the equipment I have.


Molly said...

gotta love a day with no diet setbacks. I have the 305 too, and have loved it since the day I got it!!

Matty O said...

190's for HR woah there man! Smart move to scale it back and relax a bit. You were pushing hard though, proof is in the pudding!

Big Clyde said...

Good for you to have such a solid day. Nice run.

Adam said...

Love the garmin. Love love.

I wish I had more stories that involved me riding on the prison bus with shotguns. Well, I should say that I wish I had more stories that had me in the FRONT of said bus!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Look into trigeeks.com or p90x for weight lifting