Tuesday, August 24, 2010

082310 and the weekend

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Goals: 17 mile bike ride, eat healthy

Results: !7 mile ride in

Diet setbacks: none really

Thoughts: This weekend left me exhausted. I travelled to Raleigh to join up with my team for my PADI  Rescue Diver certification. We did two practical tests each day that took about 15 minutes each. Afterward we made a few dives with another class. I was disappointed that I did not get to make any recreational dives and see anything new. Maybe next time. Water was very murky but 86 degrees down to 20 feet. It was the first time I have ever dove without a wetsuit. That was my favorite part. Although I am not the best diver, I enjoy it because as a child who grew up with respiratory issues and I have to face my fear of not having air every time I dive.


This morning the Prison Emergency Response Team was activated for an escape at another facility. I was given an afternoon reporting time so I wanted to get the cough I have had since I came back from Guatemala checked out. After the Doc listened to my lungs he ordered x-rays and blood tests because he thinks I have pneumonia. He brought the x-rays and said that it was not clearly enough pronounced to diagnose, but was probably there last week. He thinks my exercise/use of my lungs, may have minimized it.

The escapee was caught before I had to go in so I went for my long bike ride, I appear to have been left my group. I rode for a while and a began getting tired. I knew I wasn't going to be able to come back because I was not be going to make the climbs on the way back.  I planned to call my wife ad have her come get me. She was busy and I had to ride back. I felt very proud as I caught a second wind (as I usually do) and made it back easy. My last two climbs were hard but I did them as well or faster than usual. I even made most of the trip back in my big ring. VERY PROUD OF MYSELF!


Andrew Opala said...

Wow man, you've got so many things you are fighting with! It's great you find so much time for exercise.

Patrick said...

So you just completed your padi certification right? Congrats on that accomplishment!

Good job on the ride and good job on your wifes part for being too busy to come get you :-)