Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Goals: 200 meter swim, 2 mile run, eat healthy

Results: 200m swim with 4.25m sprints, 2 mile run in 23:29

Diet setbacks: 1 small bag of chips, 1 oatmeal cookie

Thoughts: First to address the food;  I aalways bring a lunch and two snacks to work. My 2pm snack was a cup of yogurt. I was craving something salty, however. I did have a left over bag of chips in my desk so I at those instead. I justify it with the fact that I have eaten so well lately and considered the intensity of the  workout the night before and I had two workouts coming the same afternoon. The cookie was a hold over until dinner and it was a Kashi  oatmeal cookie, no icing, no frills. I think that one will be ok. All in all a decent diet day.

My swim today was decent. I wanted to do more sprints but I figured first week back on speedwork I should take it easy. My time were 25s, 33s, 29s, and 31s. I can not wait to see these get lower.

The run was a 2 mile recovery run. I had a target pace of 12:00 per mile and ran the first one at 11:50 and the second at 11:23.  although it was a recovery, in my competitive nature I wanted a negative split. I ran one lap around my block and then ran the second lap to my in-laws where I was meeting my wife for dinner. As I passed our house she was loading the dogs in the car to drive over, so I ran up quickly and grabbed my dog (not that I show favorites between the two or anything) and she ran with me. She loves to run! What makes the split more impressive is that the terrain from the second lap is much tougher. Hills the whole way.

Sorry that this post was boring, I was mostly an uneventful day. I enjoy that because I need one of those every once in a while.


Matty O said...

Negative splits count no matter what! Keep it up man, put your time in and all your splits drop.

It is very difficult to cut everything bad out of your diet cold turkey. I did that for 2-3months, lost a ton of weight and did not even crave the crap... until I allowed myself the crap, then it was all over. It is difficult, healthy food just doesn't quench those cravings.

Adam said...

Recovery runs are always a struggle. Always.

RE: The Old Tucson theme park.... Honestly I'm not sure!! Must not be very popular if I had never heard about it :)

Emz said...

Ahhhh man. You rock. That's the worst thing you ate today?! I had burger, fries & custard [yep, I think thats code word for ice cream] for lunch.

I need a diet make over.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Dude, I wouldn't worry about the diet ninjas fast roping in on you today. An oatmeal cookie against 2 work outs? That's a win. I can't even get my butt out the door to bike or run without a bit of something, otherwise I'll only make it 10 mins.... said...

WTG on both the eating and the workouts! Boring days are awesome! Have a great one!