Friday, August 20, 2010


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Goal: Morning Ride (speedwork or Hill Work), PM Modified Brick, Eat Healthy

Results: PM brick

Diet Setbacks: We'll talk about this later

Thoughts: This is going to be short and lacking depth, my apologies. It was another one of those days. I woke up this morning (after only being able to sleep a few hours) and I was still feeling sore from last night's run. So I decided to put the kybosh on the morning ride.

Work was a full day and left very little time for goofing off, although I did work in a little goofing off.

One short note about the food. I did have a hamburger, fries, and diet coke today. I could not get enough food to stay full today ,so at lunch I hit McDonalds. Not part of my diet, however I think considering my long run and upcoming brick it was justified. I will see when I step on the scale tommorow morning.

After work was my modified brick. I call it a modified brick because I planned to walk instead of run afterwards. Two reasons for this. First, as this is the first brick in a month or so I wanted to start easy. Secondly I will be gone for the weekend and I was able to convince CB to walk with me.

I originally planned for a 16 mile ride but rode 14 mile with warm and cool in 59:59.  I attempted 6x1 mile intervals trying to keep above 15 miles per hour (trying to get back into it) with 1 mile rests. If someone has some good workouts on the bike please let me know, I want to increase my sustained speed, not so worried about my top end sprinting. This was an awkward workout because my planned routes kept being changed due to construction and traffic. This lead to unplanned stoplights, hills, and turns, messing with my splits. In fact, I have not even looked at the splits yet. When I returned home I met CB and we walked 2 miles in the neighborhood. I forgot about the two pain I was having last night until we were walking. Next week I will move to three miles with running around/or slightly slower than race pace but with rest in between. I plan to work up to running four miles after my ride. Hopefully at race pace.

That's pretty much it for my Friday night. The next two days I will be out of town and away from the computer as I complete my rescue diver certification. I can't say I am looking forward to it. I haven't had a weekend at home since July.


Patrick Mahoney said...

Good workout, man. God luck on the certification.

Patrick said...

McD's sucks but no doubt you burned that off andthen some. Enjoy the certification process, kick its butt, and hopefully you will get some family time soon. Oh and thanks for your question yesterday which I answered back on that post. OORAH! said...

No hints on the bike except to ride, ride, ride. Just put the miles in, you will get faster before you know it! Do you have a trail where you can avoid all of the traffic, road work, etc? It makes it much easier when you don't have to stop so much. Good luck on your certification!

Molly said...

good luck with the certification!

Andrew Opala said...

RD cert! Woohoo.

Too bad your biking was broken up.

how often to you drink artificially sweetened drinks?