Thursday, August 19, 2010


Goals: 900m swim, eat healthy, hard core club workout.

Results:900 meters in 23:25.

Diet Setbacks: None that I can think of. :\

Thoughts: Remember that comment I made about yesterday being uneventful? Well, aapparently I messed up my karma. I never got the chance to start my Hard Core Club Workout, because right around the time I was going to head down to the weight room there was a fire in our segregation unit. Not a fire drill, an actual fire. My duty in a fire here is to station myself at a certain central location and await further instructions. I am not a first responder within our building because of my full time duties (this ironic because the combinations training from my volunteer fire/rescue work and my duties on our Special Response team give me more knowledge and experience then most, if not all, the first responders). While stationed in my position, they called for all available fire extinguishers to the location of the fire. The location I was standing at has the largest number of extinguishers int eh building, so I grabbed one and ran. The run was about 125 meters. I noticed all the other guys were gassed ad back to walking at around 75 meters. Also, at one point a training class in the front of the prison let out to assist and a wall of blue uniforms cam running, they were another 100 yards from where I started. I made the observation that over half stopped running after the first 100 meters, and only two were left running by the time we got to the location of the fire. This made me think two things: 1- I am glad to have at least the minimal amount of conditioning that I have; and 2- this is evidence that we need a new fitness standard.

On another work note, by partner is on vacation and my boss has gone out on medical again (this is after being gone for the first 7 months of this year and Dollar if you're at home reading this...YOU SUCK!!) this means I am getting swamped at work.

Since today was my late day at work, I was able to do my long swim before work. 900 meters in 23:25 it felt a little awkward but I got it done. The middle 400 meters was done with fins and just legs; I need to build the endurance in my kicking. On another note i realized i will be out of town the day of my long run so I will try to move it to tomorrow afternoon and my make up bike ride to tomorrow morning. Two long workouts on the same day, this may be interesting...If I live to tell about it.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of reading on recovery drinks. I read about a lot of different supplements and hear just as many people say chocolate milk. I read on one forum where someone suggested Ovaltine. I looked into this and it I am going to try it. It is cheaper than most supplements, has less carbs and fat than slimfast, and basically makes vitamin enriched milk. I NEED more vitamins, I don't take any and not sure i get them all.

Lastly, I recently joined the Distance Dreamers group. I am looking forward to keeping up with everyone as they prepare for their events and I prepare for my first half marathon. I will being doing this in order to improve my running for tri season and to prepare for my goal 70.3 next fall. After my last tri in October I will dedicate the rest of the season to running and cross training (i.e. bike and swim) I hope to stick to speed work in the other two events. If you look below i have the Charleston half marathon listed. i put serious thought into this and decided to make a change. I though about coastal winds in South Carolina In January....this sounds too cold for me. Instead I now aiming for the Disney World Half Marathon..Florida sounds a little more pleasant. And why wouldn't I want to go to The Happiest Place on Earth for my longest race ever. Lucas.......What are you going to do after your first half marathon....I'm going to Disney World!!!

Anyways the Distance Dreamers question of the week was "Do you run with other people - who, where, when and why (or why not)?" I run alone, but not out of choice. If I could find a group to run with slightly faster than me who could push me I would love it. I just have not found that yet. I have tried. I have also learned that I do better with a group it gives me a reference point and if the group moves faster i will push harder to not get dropped.

When i sat down to write this I had several questions i wanted to post to try and get feedback from others but as it has taken me 8 hours to type this due to other issues that keep popping up, I can not remember them....oh well, maybe tomorrow. Have a great and boring day everyone!

P.S. I know I am not normally gramatically perfect, but i feel like this post is the worst ever. Please forgive me as I have been running all day and my head hurts.


Patrick said...

I have heard the same about Ovaltine. I drank allot as a kid so I guess I am recovered for a lifetime or two.

As for work, sure seems a fitness standard is in order. Good for you to know though that if a hungry bear ever enters your work place that you can out run them all and someone slower will get eaten.

Andrew Opala said...

yup, I'm a chocolate milk fan. Never liked the flavor of Ovaltine, but I can drink it if I have to. Tastes a little chalky to me.

Welcome to my blog Luke. I like your story so far.