Thursday, August 12, 2010


Goals: get back in my routine, 800m swim, eat healthy

Results: 800m swim with stroke drills in about 20 minutes, 7 mile ride in 33 minutes

Diet Setbacks: A few pieces of brownie...but I'm ok with it

Thoughts: Decent day eating- eggs, low fat yogurt, salad, and special K, had about 3 pieces of brownie but given my activity level I think it was ok.

Weird day overall, I was going to take a trip to Raleigh to begin my rescue Diver course, this involved taking a half day from work. I got in and a supervisor asked why I was there, apparently I requested the entire day off. I worked the half day but a coworker created drama that took up 3 of the 4 hours I was there. I had a few errands to run afterwards so while I was out I called the Chief of my rescue squad to find out what time we were leaving. He said that the other guy coming us wanted to leave at 4:15, this meant that I would need to leave right that minute. My Chief told me that the instructor hadn't put the class on his calendar and wasn't even going to be there. He then told me not to worry about wasting my time with the trip.

Now what to do? I am off work, do I go back? Work is 30 minutes away, so no! Now I have time to finish my errands/yard work before CB's has her church group over for Bible study/garden party and after that I'll go for a long ride. 90% done with my yard work she tells me the bible study has been all that extra work in unecessary.

Work out time, YEAH BOY!! Got in my 800m swim mixing in a different stoke drill every 100 meters. I changed and went for my long ride, I wanted to avoid the hills of my normal route so I decided on an out and back a flatter way 5 miles in and I get stuck in traffic because they are paving the road. New problem, I don't know this side of town and don't really know how to detour, only option is take the one turn I know will take me home. turned the 15 mile ride into 7 miles. I got home and and needed to reassess my training calendar for the week. Friday is a brick workout. I decided I will do my long ride Friday and start my bricks next week. I think this change is a good decision, I can still get in all my workouts, and this will allow me to readjust this week, after being off last week, and be back in my groove when I begin bricks. Seems like a WIN-WIN to me!

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