Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Goal: Lunchtime Hard Core Club Workout, PM- 18 mile ride

Results: 16 mile group ride

Diet setbacks: few midnight snacks when I couldn't sleep (goldfish and peperoni's)

Thoughts: Another day in paradise at work so I am glad I have training to take my mind off things.

I made it home in time for the group ride today. Last week I missed it and rode by myself. The only downside to the group ride is I can not control the mileage. I planned for an 18 mile ride, but we only road 16 miles. I really enjoy when I can get out and exercise with others so I suck up the mileage because I had fun.

I still worked hard. I stayed with the group the entire time, not getting left on any hills. I actually rode 2nd for a few miles, not sure if that person helps pull the group or not, but we had to slow down for the others to catch up at one point. A little through two thirds of the ride I kept have to slow down to stay with my group so I made a sprint for the faster pack ahead of us and stayed with them for the rest of the ride. Of course it is possible that they were having an off day but it sure makes me feel like I am making progress.

Oddly, the average pace speed for the ride was 11.4 mph, I usually ride faster than that on my own. The big difference that I found is that the group does a lot of coasting that I don't do. I pedal though almost everything the entire time I ride alone.

I looked at the numbers for the my training last week and can't believe I trained 6 hours and 45 minutes for a total of  43 miles. The week previous week was 5.5 hours and 19 miles. I still feel I can do more. I am getting in three runs, two swims, one ride, and one ride/run brick. I feel like I can do more but don't want to over train. Any suggestions?

I am thinking for the month of September in preparation for my October tri I may add an extra run, maybe speedwork or a hill run. I also plan to add a little more pool time n the last two or three weeks before the race. This way I am not having any feelings of being off come race day. I would like to add an extra bike workout but since these are a longer workout I ma not sure I can fit it in anywhere.


Kenley said...

Group rides and runs I guess can be a bit tricky. I use group runs as a whatever day, because you rely on the others around you, unless the group is doing specific sessions that day. You feel like doing more? Incorporate more targeted sessions into your training perhaps or strength training. Other than that, put more riding miles in the bank.

Patrick said...

If I take up biking i will need to have a group to go with, otherwise I fear I may not push it the way a good ride ought to be pushed.

I Tagged you today, enjoy...

Molly said...

maybe you can up the intensity of your workouts, or make them a bit longer, that way you dont' have to worry about fitting an extra training day into your busy schedule?

Andrew Opala said...

You eat goldfish?

Caratunk Girl said...

Yeah, what Molly said!

Keep up the great work!

wendy_kresha@charter.net said...

I have to agree with Molly as well. 11 mph is really, really slow! We considered 17 mph slow on our training rides...

Otherwise, I think your training looks great! Make sure you plan to taper as you get closer to your race. 2 weeks before, do less milage, but the same intensity and then even less the week before the race. You'll be glad you did!

Have a great day : )

Patrick Mahoney said...

Definitely agree your best bet is to up the length and intensity of what you are already doing. Squeezing in some extra pool time just before the race makes sense too.