Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Goals: 2 mile recovery run, 500m speedwork swim, eat healthy

Results: 2 mile run in 19:27, 500m in 22 minutes

Diet Setbacks: BBQ sauce, one small bowl of baked beans and one small brownie

Thoughts: Today I headed to Marion, NC for some work related training. One of the highlights of going to Marion is heading to countryside BBQ. In general, I do not like BBQ pork, but whatever they do to theirs I love. I have only ever found two BBQ places that I like- Countryside in Marion, NC and Dan's BBQ in Cary, NC. Unfortunately, They do not have very many healthy options for sides,so I had green beans and baked beans. the baked beans may not be in tune with my diet but the serving is about 5 or 6 spoonfuls so I am just not going to worry about it. In addition, it is not a regular habit, just a one time treat.

After work I headed straight to the pool. I swam 500 meters via 50 meter warm and cool, 8x50meter sprints with 1:00 minute breaks between. This is my first week of 50 meters repeats, moving up from 25's. this was tough. I only did two or three completely using crawl, for the others I had to sub in some breast stroke. I am not happy with my splits, but I am still gaining experience. The splits were 1:05, 1:11, 1:15, 1:12, 1:19, 1:16, 1:12, and 1:16. Considering that my splits were over one minute, I should probably change my breaks to 1:30 or 2:00 minutes because as it is my rests are shorter than my work sessions.

After dinner back to the street for my run. This was to be my recovery run with a pace of 12 minutes per mile. I started out at a comfortable pace but when I looked at the garmin I was running at a 10:00 pace. I kept pushing it and I finished my first mile at 8:49. This is the fastest mile I have recorded OUTSIDE since high school. I am VERY ecstatic and it is encouraging and make me feel like I am doing something right. I had to slow down for the second mile because the last quarter mile is uphill, oh yeah this run wasn't flat my any means, but after slowing down to a 16:00 pace and dry heaving a little I pushed on finishing my second mile in 10:38. The overall time of 19:27. This is also my fastest 2 mile since I started training outside. It feels great to see progress, even if I didn't hit the goal for my workout. If I can keep this average pace up for a third mile I will can break my 5k PR at my next race.

Between my workouts I picked up the the July issue of triathlete. This one has a special on off road tri's. Oddly, in my last post I said this mag is over my head, this month has a lot of stuff I get. I scanned it last night, but can't wait to sit down and read it in depth tonight.


Andrew Opala said...

Congrats on the fast "outside" miles.

Have you checked out ?

Patrick said...

Ah you had Carolina style BBQ. Good stuff, I prefer KC style, but Carolina is all good too.

Congrats are in order for that fastest record since High School... an awesome athletic feat that any Nascar driver would be proud of :-)

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Congrats on the current PR! Triathlete Magazine is all over the place, some issues are great, some I just shake my head at.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Cool on the run. I may not increase the rest breaks on the swim laps, they should be shorter. I am not a fast swimmer AT ALL so I usually do 50's on 2. Gives me about a 45 second break.

64 CLASSIC said...

Blog surfing this evening--great job on the P.R.'s. Its ALWAYS great to pr at any distance at any time. Love it. Would like to do it again myself or at least approach it.

Also--love a great BBQ post. Go to my blog and look back a ways to see a good rib pic. 17th Street Bar and Grill--Murphysboro, IL.

You were a little kinder to your diet than I was.

64 CLASSIC said...

Oh-and hate I missed the sock challenge. Could have gotten creative with that one!!!!

skilegap said...

Great blog I am planning to do the Mudder as well, I did the Spartan Race in Boston last week nice warm up for Mudder