Wednesday, September 1, 2010

083110 Off Day

Goals: initially- am recovery run; eventually- just make it through the day

[after thought] before I log my day let me say thank you to everyone for the input on the last post. The consensus is to amp up my workouts. I just need to figure out which ones. I want to keep the pace on my long and recovery runs I am pacing those per the mcmillan calculator. I could add intervals to my run and swim speedwork as long as I can maintain quality. My long ride is faster on my own, slower with the group. Although even on my own I am limited by ability and terrain. I do after all live at the base of the blue ridge mountains after all. I long to find some flats to go take a long ride on. I also may start using more hour based training for the bike to make sure I am making the most of things.
_ _ _ _ _

Have you ever had a day when things felt hazy and almost unreal? That's why I titled this post off day, not to imply rest day at all.At 0200 I woke up hot and sweating, not abnormal for me as I sleep very hot. As I was getting up for water cb woke up and said she was hot asked me to lower the air. On the way to the kitchen, I stopped and saw the thermostat was dead. I spent the next hour trouble shooting the thermostat, air handler, and heat pump to no avail.

Very little sleep the rest of the night, so I was to tired for my workout.

When I got to work I spoke to my boss about taking some time at the end of the day in order to run some errands and make up my workout. Very important to get my swim today as the pool will be closed for the next week.

An hour into work I started getting light headed. I figured it was my blood sugar so I had a protein bar and a real coke. That worked for an hour. Then it came back. I decided to skip my salad and go get a bigger lunch, thinking it is still my blood sugar. After lunch I had to sit through a meeting that didn't help me feel better. By three it was time to shove off.

Headed from work to the bike shop for new stem and bars. After an hour of discussing part they realized they didn't have the correct size quill stem adapter. They are going to bring it from their other shop first thing in the morning. I will be back first thing and I'm gonna have a proper bike fitting.

On the way home 3 minutes after getting on the interstate traffic stopped. Turns out two miles ahead of me one of those ultra fancy half million dollar rv's was on fire on the road. After sitting in the same spot for an hour and a half my light headedness was back and came with a headache.

Turns out cb was also having a rough day so we decided to go get dinner and workout after. By the time dinner was over, the pool was closed so I decided to lay down and scrap the day.
_ _ _

I'm now writing this on 09.01.10 sitting in the parking lot at the bike shop for almost two hours. The guy doing the fitting has not gotten to work yet due to a key issue at their other shop. With limited sleep again it feels like another day running from mr. smith in the matrix.

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misszippy said...

Not fun at all! Hope you can recoup your sleep and get back in action tomorrow.

Andrew Opala said...

sounds sorta ho hum ... don't forget to hydrate