Thursday, September 2, 2010



Goals: 2 mile recovery run

Diet Setbacks: Were not going there.

Thoughts: Another off day. I  feel as Andrew worded it "Ho Hum", still not feeling 100%, the lack of sleep probably is not helping. For this reason I took it easy today and I filled my day with comfort foods. The only thing healthy I ate was an apple.

In the morning I made my recovery run. I did it a little differently today. I ran naked. No garmin, no watch, no HR monitor, no ipod; in fact, I didn't even run my normal route. The goal for my recovery is 2 miles at about a 12:15 pace. Not sure if I ran 2 miles or not, I know I ran at least 1. Truly not worried about it. I just ran, that's all that matters.

Spent some time at the bike shop for some new components and then work. Still feeling a bit odd, making sure to hydrate and make it through the day. It felt better today though. Hopefully I can kick this feeling and get in some great training tomorrow.


Andrew Opala said...

Sorry on the apple, you could have easily made it a candied apple or a caramel-covered apple on a stick!

Good to hear about the naked run. These are good once every month or so - like telling the running demons you don't give a sh*t about schedules, times, routes - you just love running. It scares the crap out of the buggars and you end up running a lot better!

Mike Russell said...

I love to run without wires connected to me, but only from time to time. I do love the data you get...

River said...

Hey there! It's not your usual thing but you've been tagged on my blog. Go check it out :)